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Name: Bridget Ruth Jacobsen

Age: 18

Mortal Parent: Charlie Jacobsen

God/Titan: Demeter

Appearance (optional): Emilie de Ravin

Personality (at least a sentence or two): Bridget's strongest characteristic is her practicality. She grew up on a farm, and is always looking for the easiest, most practical way to do things. She grew up valuing tradition, and has a bit of an old-world way of seeing things. She can adopt innovation where it seems to make things better, but she's got a bit of an "if it ain't broke..." sort of mentality. Bridget has a soft-spot for her father, and is a big Daddy's girl. She has the biggest heart, and is very extroverted-- easily making friends, and trusting people easily.

History (more than a paragraph): Charlie Jacobsen grew up in a large family with six kids, on a farm in the midwest United States. He was the youngest in his family, and also the unluckiest in love. His six older siblings had grown up, moved off the farm and started their own families. With no significant other, and no real reason to leave the farm, Charlie stayed to help his parents. It seemed that this was how life would be for Charlie, until the economy took a hit and it seemed that the Jacobsen family might lose their farm.
Demeter saw this... and tried to do something to save the Jacobsen family. She visited the farm, helping the crops along so that they'd become premium crops to sell, knowing it would earn them more money. It was on one of this visit that she encountered Charlie. Unaccustomed to seeing a woman around... and Demeter taking pity on Charlie's loneliness... the two had sex.
The farm got back on its feet... and roughly five months later Charlie found himself with something he never expected-- a little baby girl left on his doorstep. The girl shared his blond hair... but this blonde-haired beauty had blue eyes that Charlie knew weren't his own. Since he'd only been with one in his lifetime... the timeline didn't make much sense for his human understanding, but Charlie just had the feeling when he held the baby that it was his.
Charlie told his parents it must have been an accident... some silly teenaged girl who didn't know how to raise a child who had dumped the baby on his doorstep. The Jacobsens didn't quite buy it, but they wanted to see their son happy, and it seemed that the baby, who Charlie named Bridget, would make him happy.

Bridget grew up as a typical farm girl. She found it strange that English didn't seem to come well to her, but it was something that was written off by different adults as dyslexia, and since Bridget didn't need words to work with the crops, and animals, on the farm... she didn't mind much.
When Bridget was thirteen, she encountered her first monster. A jet-black horse appeared in the cow pen. Bridget was confused until she saw the red eyes, and became alarmed when the horse breathed fire. The fire-breathing horse didn't seem interested in the cattle, however... and was going right for Bridget. Accustomed to horses, but not knowing much else, Bridget grabbed one of the cattle prods nearby. She used her instincts to dodge much of the fire, working her way closer and closer to the horse until she was close enough to aim the prod more carefully. Using the prod like a spear, she threw it at the horse, piercing its side, before quickly running out of the pen. She could deal with the cows later. She didn't tell her Dad about it. She knew the creature... could not be of this world, and she knew how she'd sound if she told Charlie about the incident.
When the monsters turned up more frequently... Bridget felt she had to ask her father. When she turned fourteen, she fought off Myrmekes, halfway through her sophomore year of high school, a few harpies came to "play". Stymphalian Birds attacked her just before the start of her senior year. Charlie had been waiting for Bridget to turn eighteen before telling her the story.... and on her eighteenth birthday... he did.
Bridget, who had grown up her Daddy's little girl, had the response her father most dreaded. She'd been looking for a concrete explanation for the story... and instead he'd told her she was the daughter of Demeter? It was ridiculous. It didn't explain enough. Bridget went to bed frustrated and angry, and that night... had one of the most vivid dreams she could recall in her eighteen years. Demeter appeared to Bridget in this dream, informing Bridget of who her mother really was... and explaining all of the strange encounters with the monsters. Demeter showed Bridget flashes of the way Charlie and Demeter had met... When Bridget woke up the next morning, she apologized to Charlie.
Bridget was out in the cornfields, nearing the end of her senior year, when she saw yet another creature, lured there by her scent, appeared. Bridget had taken to carrying around that cattle prod and was about to use it when the creature revealed itself to be a satyr, and explained to her about Camp. After a tearful good-bye with her father, Bridget was on her way.

Weapon(s) (optional): None at this time.


  • I'm assuming (it's implied, I believe) that she fought off the rest of the monsters with the cattle prod. Thing is, only Celestial bronze and Stygian iron can kill monsters, but mortal weapons can still stun/injure/impede them. She'll have to have hit and run.
  • When did she arrive at camp? Has she just arrived, or has she been here for the allotted max of two weeks?
  • There's a Callie typo (probably left over from the first draft?), not really a problem, but thought you should know. :D

Everything else seems to be in order.

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  • Yeah, she hit and ran: she threw it at the horse, piercing its side, before quickly running out of the pen. And yeah, there was kind of that implication. I kind of like to think she just started carrying the cattle prod with her, xD
  • Yeah, I kind of assumed she just arrived??? That's like the one bit I still don't quite understand.
  • Fixed the one typo. And yes, that was left over. xD I couldn't find a middle name that I liked with Callie. :P

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