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Name: Briseis ‘Bri’ Young


Gender: Female

God Parent: Hebe, Harmonia or Demeter

Current Age: 14

Mortal Parent: Derrick Young

Appearance: (See image)

Personality: Briseis is very bubbly, talkative and loves to be the centre of attention. She’s outgoing and an extrovert, but can be serious when needed. She also loves music and she’s a good singer and piano player.

History: Derrick Young was a fashion designer he loved what he did especially when it brought in the models. Though one day a woman walked in that he thought was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. It was love at first sight and they started dating. Then a few weeks later she disappeared and Derrick was heartbroken. Nine months had passed when a baby girl was delivered to his doorstep in a basket with a note that read, “Here’s our daughter” and she looked exactly like her mother. As a result of Derrick’s love of Greek mythology he named her Briseis or Bri for short.

Briseis had a pretty great childhood, she was popular at school mostly for her looks and musical skill and her father loved her to bits, but everything went downhill after she turned fourteen. She was sitting under her favourite tree with her best friend, Matthew Roots and having a great time talking and laughing, but it was short lived. A huge shadow came over them and they both looked up to see a hideous creature! A thing that had the top half of a woman, but the bottom half where there were supposed to be legs were twin serpent tails! Briseis instantly recognized the creature from her Dad's stories and illustrations, this was ironically her Dad's favourite Greek monster, a Scythian Dracanae! Matthew jumped to his feet which was weird to Briseis because he needed crutches and pulled out a reed pipe and began to play a tune. As he did this plants started erupting from the ground and wrapping themselves around the monster. "Run to your father quick! I'll hold this thing off and be right behind you!" Matthew ordered over his back. Briseis not needing to be told twice ran for her home. When she got there she told her father everything, but he didn't believe her and even laughed thinking it was some sort joke. Then just as he had finished laughing the Snake Woman burst through the door. Derrick just stood there dumbfounded for a second then when he came back to his senses he yelled, "She has a gun! Get down Bri!"</p>

"A gun?" Briseis thought, "Why can't he see the sword she's wielding?" Though before she could voice this the monster lunged at her! Briseis didn't know what her father was seeing, but the look in her eye told him everything ... his beloved daughter was in danger! So he jumped in the middle and with a sickening noise the sword came through his chest. Briseis was stunned as the lifeless body of her father hit the floor. Suddenly Matthew appeared at the door, but he was all cut and bruised and much to Briseis' shock his pants were off and instead of human legs they were the legs of a goat! He took in the sight and threw a bronze knife toward Briseis just as the monster lunged. Briseis caught it, pointed it at the monster, closed her eyes and prayed to every god she could think of. Either by luck or some divine help she didn't know, but when she opened her eyes she saw that the knife had found its way into a fatal chink in the monster's armour. The Dracanae stood there for a second with its sword above its head, then without warning it burst into golden dust and all that was left was its sword. Matthew walked up to her, picked up the sword and presented it to her. "I don't want it!" Briseis frantically said. "But it's yours, you deserve it. It's a spoil of war," Matthew explained. She hesitantly took it, but they couldn't stay there for very long. So Briseis quickly packed and with her best friend headed off to the place that Matthew called, Camp Half Blood. On the way he told her all about how Greek mythology was real and that he was obviously a satyr. When they had eventually reached the camp she was instantly claimed and not completely ready for a new life. Weapons: The Scythian Dracanae sword, the bronze knife Matthew had given her and a shield Legolas Sig 4 I'm here, I will stay with you...'till you are sleeping... - Marius (Legolas) 09:56, February 26, 2013 (UTC)


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