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Name: Brook-Lynne "Lynne" Clovis

Gender: Female

God Parent: Boreas, Apollo, Astraeus


Mortal Parent: Christabella Clovis

Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, tan, Beautiful

Personality: She is a nice girl, to people she doesn't know. When you get to know her she shows her true self. She really is a prep, and is very spoiled. She can be nice at some times, but most of the time she is like this. She has OCD and everything has to be clean. She is bi-polar too. She hates Artemis and the hunters.

History: Lynne's story starts in 487 in France. Clovis I was the King of the Salian Franks at the time. Aphrodite fell in love with him. She would visit him every night and they would have an affair. Eventually she got pregnant. Clovis didn't want his wife, Clotilde, to find out. So when the baby was born he named her Christabella, and hid her in a secret room guarded by five men. The only people that knew about the child was Clovis and the guards.

Chistabella grew up in her room never coming out and hiding. She only saw her father 5 times a year. She was feed everyday but by her guards. Every year the guards would start to flirt and touch Christabella. In 504, when she was 17, the guards tried to force themselves upon her. They made the mistake of leaving the door open and she escaped. She was running through the woods for the castle when she was tackled by a guard. They told her that she better do what or she will pay. the next thin Christabella an arrow was through the guards head and his body was on her right. She got up a d saw 3 girls with bows. One irlngrabbed Christabella and took off with her. When Christabella looked back only one of the girls was running towards them, the other one had died. When they stopped running they were in a group of girls with one in the middle that looked 12. She said she was Artemis and these were her Hunters. She asked Christabella if she wanted to join. She accepted. Christabella followed Artemis and the hunters for many hundred years.

Then in 1996, she met him. He was a man who was handsome, generous, caring, smart, and nice. He was perfect. His name was Jacob Arwall. Christabella Soon fell in love with him. She didn't tell any of the hunters because she would be kicked out. So she dated him secretly. After months of the secret they had an affair. Christabella had gotten pregnant. Artemis soon caught them together when Christabella told Jacob that she was pregnant. Artemis was very mad. Jacob quickly told Hristabella that he was a god, he didn't get the chance to tell who though because he was scared what Artemis might do. She then stripped Christabella of her immortality. Artemis then walked off not caring. Because Christabella was born without a last name, she made her dad's name, Clovis, her last name.

9 months later she gave birth to Brook-Lynne on September 16. Lynne grew up hearing stories about her mothers adventures. She was so fascinated with them. When she was 8 her mom got to the day she lost her immortality. That's the day that Lynne found out about her curse, her father, and when she grew a hatred for Artemis and her hunters. She wanted them all dead.

Besides the stories, she grew up normal. She went to school, had friends, and had homework. She wasn't very good in school and couldn't stay in one school. Almost every year she was put in a new school. When she was 7 she was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia. Her mom never let her date.

When she was 11 she had a huge crush on a boy named Brendon Narmer. She of course couldn't date him because of her mom's rle, but she couldn't help herself. She went and asked him out. He said yes. She didn't tell her mom about brendon because she wold be so mad. She dated him for 2 weeks when things started to go wrong. Brendon started to become distant. She kept trying to talk to him, but he would ignore her. Then one day he started to yell at her. He told her she was worthless and a brat. He said she didn't deserve him and that he was to good for her. She went off a cried in a janitors closet till the end of the day. She went home and her mom knew she had been cring. She asked Lynne what was the matter and Lynne told her. Christabella it ver

Ice Scythe

y mad at Lynne. She told Lynne that she was not supposed to date.

When she was 12 she had her first monster attack. An Empusa came into their house and tried to kill Lynne. But instead it killed her mother. When it tried to kill Lynne, she ran away from the house. She ran into a nearbye forest and was found by another man. He said his name was Joseph and asked her why she was running and she told him. He asked if one of her parents was a god. She answered yes. He told her about a place called the BC. He made it sound so nice that she let him take her there.

She was there for a year before she realized their true intentions. She heard of a camp that was The BC's enemy. Lynne packed the things she had, and took of for the gate at 4 in the mornin. It was actually easy to exit. She ran through the woods and finally she was put of their territory. She took a train to New York, where this camp was located. She then walked to Long Island and entered camp. There she was claimed bye ?. From her dad she got a Scythe as a present.

Star Scythe

Sun Scythe

Weapons:If Boreas: Ice Scythe

If Apollo: Sun Scythe If Astraeus: Star Sythe

Sonofboreas16 23:30, June 15, 2012 (UTC)


I don't think Artemis could put a curse on someone like that, and why did Chrisabella not lose her immortality right then when Artemis found her? It wouldn't be when Brook was 8. Who was the man and how's she escape the BC? Where'd she get the weapons from? "I need you to teach me How to trust you. ღ" 16:39, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

So you want me to take the curse off. And she took her immortality away earlier, christabella was tellin Lynne the story when she was 8. I fixed the escape, and she got the weapon as a present. Sonofboreas16 17:38, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

It would probably be better without the curse, it doesn't seem like Artemis to do that, it's not like it's Brook's fault. "I need you to teach me How to trust you. ღ" 20:58, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

Okay I'll take it off. I'll just say that boy just broke up with her.Sonofboreas16 21:08, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

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