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Name: Brooke

Species: Erotida

Model: Ashley Moore

Creator: Aphrodite

Life source: Clementine Sunday and James Spall

Personality: Brooke took Clementine's calm demeanor and James' "chill", happy-go-lucky attitude as well. On top of that, Brooke takes a rebellious flare of her own, enjoying thrills and being generally blunt and adventurous in most aspects of her life. Playfully flirting to almost everyone she meets (sometimes even girls), Brooke also inherited the inevitable mind set of her species and enjoys seeing other couples (as well as James and Clementine) getting along. Brooke is also a very touchy-feely person.

History: Spending time together and going for a swim in the lake, Clementine almost drowned and James dived right after her, saving her from dying. Clementine realized then that if it had been the other way around, and James was the one drowning (he's a poseiden kid, but let's forget that in this case), even though she was a terrible swimmer she would gladly die trying to save him. A love nymph, Sabrina saw this act of everlasting love and knew that a bond, perhaps subconsiously, had just been sealed in the most passionate and severe of ways. As Clemementine finally came to, she and James noticed a girl walking out of the water but were to distracted by what just happened. The girl happened to be an Erotiad made from this act of selfless love between James and Clementine. Brooke quickly disappeared into the forest once Clementine and James saw her, sneaking off into New York area, hitch hiking to New Yoek. She was taking in by an animal nymph that lived in New York, the animal nymph providing for Brooke, giving her a home and food. Brooke spent a while in New York, spreading love, until she felt something inside her telling it was a good time to go back to camp, mainly because James and Clementine were together again.

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...oh wow a love nymph lets do this shall we?

  • "They appear directly at camp upon creation, they do not go to Olympus first and are not gifts from the gods."  this was quoted on the powers list and no there's no exceptions..
  • how long were they dating till james "saved" her from drowning? yes I know its an act of true love and so on but see this from my opinion what makes that point of time so powerful that a goddess would say "hey lets make a love nymph for them cause they're gonna last forever"

well thats all the comments I'm gonna give good luck..

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Alright thanks! Hope this is alright.

....nice save? I guess but now I;m wondering how long have she been created.. cause the two weeks rule still apply here I'm sorry... sorry for being such a stickler to the rules that is...

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Same with Mel! Also could ya please sign with ya signature please X3

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I must've deleted the sigs when I was changing the history, so sorry, that was my fault. Also, James and I did the roleplay Brooke comes from a little while ago, so I don't really know how to go about with how long she's been there. I'm really sorry but I'll see if I can get ahold of James and sort things out. Sorry, again >.<.

i only have one question.

  • did the couple break up and then get back together again. If that's not what you meant then i apologize but, a sentence in your claim made me believe they did. Also, if they did break up then the creation would have died.

"Brooke spent a while in Ndw York, spreading love, mainly because James and Clementine were together again" This is the sentence i was referring to.

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Nope! Still together. I don't want to speak for James too much but I'm sure that's not what he meant.

Allo. Soooo, the only thing I totally see weird here is the same sentence Muse was referring to ^^^ Why did she have to go out and "spread love"? She's an Erotiad, and will of course just stay with the couple that gave her life.

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Being that in her personality she is rebellious, Brooke did something she wasn't supposed to do, go away from the couple at gave her life.

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Ok hi lets do this

  • No swimming or diving in the lake. Only canoeing" this was taken from the lake page... explain to me why was your char breaking the rule and what was they doing?
  • "brooke spend a while in new york" how? how did she get there (yes I know its close by)  but she could might as well get to new jersey or maybe africa cause some people aren't as nice as they seem and she could be kidnap you know? She's a newly made nymph that knows nothing about the world remember that
  • ok if you manage to tell me how she manage to still be there. How does she support herself? did someone take her in? did she learn to fight? if you want to make it interesting how about say she followed a demigod... then you can make a whole new love affair there (not supporting this..)
  • explain to me why the "parents" didn't even go to greet her? or stop her? were they too baffle?

thats all for now sorry again for being harsh guys...

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  • They were doing something they shouldn't, which is how Brooke gets her rebellious part of her personality
  • They were both distracted from what happen, so they just figured they were going crazy
  • She hitch hiked and went there because it was the closest city
  • an animal nymph took her in

Think I fixed everything

Direct quote from power set

"Eros and Aphrodite do not create the nymphs/spirits" and "They can only be made from a romantic bond by an existing erotiad, which could be one of the elder Erotiads"

Otherwise I think you're good to go.

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She is an elder Erotiad which can be made from what we down if I remember correctly.

As stated in the powersets, Eros and Aphrodite do not make them. There is no loopholing around it.

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Fixed it about you guys use my char? Sabrina she's an elder (welll somewhat eldar) love nymph thus I give you guys permission.. Cause I doubt there's any way to say she "popped" out...

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Ok I've done that. Sorry it took ages, I was away and Reese didn't want to change anything without me.

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After such a long wait congratz you guys are the parent of a brand new erotiad ... (god this sounds weird...)

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