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God parent: Hermes/Zeus/Hades

Name: Brooke ‘Phriek’ Mackenzie

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Ella Mackenzie

Personality: Brooke doesn’t like to be controlled. If she feels someone is using her or that she is being manipulated, she will back out of a situation. She isn’t a fan of rules and she can be quite rude at times. She absolutely loves animals and prefers them to people. She doesn’t learn from her mistakes and she acts without thinking things through. Brooke is bisexual.

Appearance: Brooke has brown hair and bright blue eyes. She’s slim, poised and has an athletic build from her years at the circus. She is relatively tanned and has scars caused by her stepparent.

History: Hermes/Zeus/Hades left Ella Mackenzie shortly after their child, Brooke, was born. They left Ella a letter explaining everything and asking Ella to send Brooke to camp if monster attacks became a problem or if Ella couldn't handle her. Ella remarried a man named Ryan when Brooke was 2. Ryan appeared lovely, but quickly turned violent. He was very possessive of his new wife and couldn't stand the fact that Ella had been with another man. Brooke was a constant reminder of this.

One day, Brooke had had enough so she packed a bag of her favourite possessions (which, at the time were a teddy bear, a tiara and a ukulele) and left at 7.

She was young and stupid and so she walked a few blocks before deciding to sleep on a bench. In the middle of the night she was robbed of all the possessions she had taken and so cold, tired, scared and alone she went home. Because she had tried to run away, things at home only became worse.

At 12, she left again, to live with her aunt, Morgan. Morgan owned a relatively small traveling circus, and after telling her about the situation at home, Aunt Morgan agreed to take her in. Morgan secretly contacted Brooke’s mother so she would not worry about where her daughter had run off to or call the police.

Brooke loved everything about the circus. At first she would just watch it, but as she grew older she wanted to take part. Her favourite act was the elephant, Luna, and as soon as she was able to, she learnt how to ride it.

Brooke grew to be a talented performer, doing very well in fire dancing, acrobatics and knife throwing especially for her age. In one of her performances, she overheard a child shouting from the sides “What a freak!” Brooke considered taking on the insult as stage name, before deciding it was too common and altering the spelling to ‘Phriek’.

Brooke fully intended to work at the circus for the rest of her life until something rather unfortunate happened. It was very late, and Brooke had a nightmare about her stepparent. She got out of her bed and went to play with the elephant. When she got to his cage, she found her trainer was abusing her.

Shocked and confused, Brooke attacked the trainer, but was not strong enough. After sustaining a few injuries, her friend, Pierce, jumped into the fight. The two of them managed to overpower the employee. Brooke immediately told her Aunt Morgan, who admitted she already knew of Luna’s treatment. Brooke was furious and ran to the animal cages, letting them all lose in a fit of anger.

They went on a rampage and the police had to be called in to put the situation under control. All the animals except one were captured, Luna. Luna critically injured two employees and the police were forced to shoot her to death. Brooke was heartbroken and filled with guilt.

Morgan was furious and contacted her mother, who said she wanted nothing to do with Brooke and told her aunt about camp. She was then driven there and claimed as a child of Hermes/Zeus/Hades.

She managed to evade monster attacks as she was part of the circus, constantly traveling.

Weapons: Brooke is talented at using throwing knives.

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Why did her stepdad turn violent, and how did Brooke or her mom or aunt know about camp. Other than that is looks good.

Like I said, it ain't me... you gotta worry about. 02:36, April 11, 2012 (UTC)

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