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((Please not, This was made for a contest, so, the history shall be in First-Person))

Name: Brooke Writherspoon

Age: 17

Date of Birth: June 17th, 1995

Date of Death: June 9th, 2012

Cause of Death: Cerberus attacking her

Species: Flower Nymph

Former Species: Human

Personality: Brooke Writherspoon is, and always has been, a sweet, polite girl. She curtsies when addressed, she doesn't talk out of turn and she is the model teenager. She is also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, especially after she turned into a Flower Nymph. She wants to encourage all the people of the world to help with ending hunger, and poverty. She believes doing just one nice thing, helps in the long run. However, she is old-fashioned. She believes girls should not wear pants, it's much too boyish. She thinks the latest anyone should stay out is 10, and coming in after that, it's just unacceptable! This greatly affected her life because she couldn't do sports, as she refused to wear even shorts, and she didn't make friends easily. This affected her romantically, as well. She thought it was a "tradition" for boys to ask girls out, and, sadly, not very many boys wanted to go through the trouble. Those who did, didn't get a second date. They all made the mistake of trying to kiss her. One must never kiss on the first date, according to Brooke. She hardly ever loses her cool, it is very unlady like. When she does lose her cool, she doesn't resort to violence. However, she does seek out what they had challenged her about. She doesn't hold grudges but, she doesn't forget past mistakes, just so she can bring them up in current arguments. She is also a bit of a germaphobe.

History: I, Brooke Writherspoon, was born on June 17th, to two parents, David Writherspoon and Diane Kladley. They had not been expecting a baby, considering they were still engaged and they were not sopposed to sleep with the other before marriage. Before I even popped out, both sets of parents were in the waiting room, yelling curses at the other family for influencing their family member to commit such an act before marriage. The couple, having already settled this on the ride to the hospital, they would be giving the me, the baby, up, which seemed to calm both families. However, as soon as Diane saw the sweet baby girl I was, she knew she couldn't give up her sweet baby girl, she just couldn't. As she told David this, he knew she was right. As soon as they could, after my mother and I were checked out, my family left in secrecy.

The couple, with me, drove to the nearest chaple that could marry on such a short notice. They had to drive to Las Vegas, Nevada, before they actually found one. Half an hour after going into the chaple, the couple was married, and their newborn baby girl was asleep in their arms. They had went for a walk before they realised that they had rushed out of the hospital too quickly and I hadn't been named yet, and they couldn't just leave me nameless. They couldn't decide upon a name that would suit such a darling baby girl, me, so, Diane sighed, and then joked that they should name me after their hometown. David, however, thought that was ingenius. Their darling daughter would be named Brooke, after Brooke, Virginia, the small town they both grew up in. Diane, too, loved it.

They quickly went to the nearest Hospital, needing a Birth Certificate. They explained their situation to the nurse at the front desk but, she didn't believe the couples sad story. She called the police, believing that I was kidnapped by a psychotic couple so, we fled. They couldn't believe their horrible luck. I couldn't even go to school when I was older without my Birth Certificate. So, they bought a house in the rural areas of Columbus, Georgia.

My parents hid me away, not wanting to arise any suspicion of the police, they still had a little conflict with them after what happened in Vegas. David, my father, had applied at the law firm in town, and got the job. Mother Diane was still studying, after asking for a transfer from her old University to the town's University. She studied day and night, following her dreams of becoming a Doctor.

When I was two, she got an internship at the local Hospital. One night, she stayed late on purpose. She saw this as her chance to get me a birth certificate. She made sure everyone was off the floor before she started her work. By the end of the hour, I had my very own Birth Certificate.

When Three of us went on our first walk together through the town, I arose suspicion from our neighbors.Mom and Dad claimed that I had lived with my grandparents until they had settled in. The neighbors believed it. I guess they weren't very bright. On the walk, however, I saw a flower. It was the first one I ever remember seeing, and it was beautiful. It was a single white rose growing in a bush of red ones, and, it looked absolutely stunning.

My mother, Diane, saw my interest in the flower and walked over to me. She crouched down to my, rather short, level and plucked the white rose off, being careful of the thorns. She slowly, using the eye brow tweezers she kept in her purse, took the thorns off of the rose and gave it to me. I gave her the biggest hug a little tike like I could muster.

As we got home, I was so happy. I loved my flower with all my heart. It was the most gorgeous thing ever. Sadly, my mother didn't get absolutely all the thorns, and I pricked my finger with one. It started bleeding drops of blood, but, it didn't sting. I brought my finger up to eye level but, that resulted in a drop of blood to drip onto my white rose. The tip of the rose was now red but, it looked just as beautiful. It was then that I knew I wanted to be around flowers my whole life.

I lived a normal life with both my parents. It was just the three of us. Mom and Dad didn't want any more children, our life was just to peaceful. At least, it was until I got into Grade Eight. The year before, I was acing all subjects, everyone was nice and I had the bestest of friends.

That year, however, the Queen Bee, Danielle Hagaby, started getting on my case. She went out of my way to make me look bad not only infront of my friends but, our teacher, too. I had no clue why, and it started affecting my grades. They started to slip and I couldn't concentrate at all. I was frightened that everywhere I went Danielle was going to get me.

My parents were getting worried too. I was getting exceedingly more distant. I wouldn't even talk to them anymore. I was truly starting to believe I was nothing, because of Danielle. One night, my mom came into my room as I was getting ready for bed.

"Rosebud, come talk to Mommy." She said sweetly, sitting on my silk sheets. My room was a soft red, not a violent and angry one. My bed was a soft pink mattress with the same coloured sheets. Slowly, I sat beside her as she gave me a one-armed hug and spoke softly, "Your father and I are worried. Your grades are slipping, you're becoming so distant, and I've had to take care of your rose garden for the past two weeks. What's going on?"

"I don't want to be a snitch," I sniffled. I hadn't realised that I had started to cry. My mother pulled me into a tighter, two-armed hug and I began sobbing into her shoulder. I didn't fully understand why I was crying but, I knew it felt good to let my emotions poor out.

"My little Flower Child. Tell me what has happened to my strong, beautiful, secure daughter." My mother whispered in my ear. She was so soothing. So comforting. It felt rotten to keep everything hidden from her, so, I told her everything. Except the reason why Danielle was doing it, that part was still unclear to me.

She started to call the school but, I immidietly forced her to hung up. I convinced her to just let me deal with it. She said that I needed to tlk to my bully, and that if I stood up, she couldn't hurt me, and that's exactly what I did, but, it got worse.

I stood up for myself the next day. Clearly Danielle didn't like that, especially that I confronted her in the middle of the grounds. Everyone was staring at us. Suddenly, my bottom hurt, as did my cheek. Danielle had slapped me so hard for standing up to myself that the force of the slap made me fall to my bottom.

Slowly, she squatted down to my level, and I winced, fearing another hit. However, she spat venomously at me, "The reason I'm acting like this? You stole my boyfriend from me." And then she left. I was more confused than ever. I didn't know she had a boyfriend, and I couldn't steal anything. I can't even steal a cookie from the cookie jar without being caught.

I was sent home half an hour later. Turns out, she scratched my cheek when she slapped me, too. My mother came and picked me up and I immediately explained everything on the walk home. I then confronted her about what "Stealing a boyfriend" meant. She told me it was when a girl steals the affections of a boy from his girlfriend by a varied amount of ways.

I was just as confused when I got home. Since when did Danielle have a boyfriend? And since when did boys become affectionate to me? I was still contemplating this as the final bell at school rang. I really wanted to know who Danielle's "boyfriend" was. Suddenly, a knock was at our door.

My father got it, and I was shocked to see that it was a boy. Noah Lopez stood at our door. He was part of our school's basketball team. He was also the most popular guy in school, and whenever I was in the rest room with Danielle, I would always hear her saying how good they looked together. And it clicked. Noah was the boy Danielle was talking about.

Hesitantly, I came the rest of the way down the stairs. His eyes, and smile, lit up when he saw me. My dad, even more hesitantly than I, let Noah come up to my room so we could talk. He explained that he talked to Danielle and that she was really sorry about slapping/scratching me. I had my doubts but, I just nodded and smiled.

Then, we were sitting their, side by side on my bed, me playing with the hem of my dress when Nico tapped my shoulder. I looked up and was attacked. Not my his hands, or a weapon or anything. He attacked me with his lips. That was my first kiss but, it felt, wrong. I broke away and did the first thing that came to my mind. I slapped him hard across his cheek and then I yelled at him to get out of my house. He did it without argument.

My mom had always said that one should never kiss on a first date but, we didn't evenhave a first date. I went to the washroom and cleaned my mouth out, with soap. The feeling of dirtiness didn't go away. My mother soon came in, wondering why Noah had left with a red mark and as to why I was cleaning my mouth out with soap.

I didn't want to tell her. I didn't want to tell anybody. That would make it real. I told her something I never thought I would do, ever, especially to my mom. I told her a lie. I told her Noah had told me a dirty joke, and it was so disgusting I had to wash my own mouth. She believed me.

I started avoiding both Noah and Danielle at all costs, and it worked for the most part. I only saw them during class, and we weren't aloud to talk then. It stayed that way for the rest of the year, thankfully. Sadly, Noah didn't exactly get over his infatuation with me.

At the end of the year party, I was just sitting on the side lines, playing with the hem of my dress, like I did when I had nothing to do. My friends and I had danced, together, for the first few songs but, then I got tired and they got guy dance-partners. Danielle was basically throwing herself all over Noah, which not only made him uncomfortable but, whoever dared to look.

Noah exited the dance floor and came over to the refreshments table, next to where I was sitting. After getting a drink of punch, he sat on the bench beside me. He didn't dare try to speak with me. Danielle was sending me dirty looks and I just looked away. It was very unlady like to give people dirty looks. Suddenly, there was a sharp tap on my shoulder. I didn't realise until too late that that was the same thing Noah did last time and, it worked, just like last time. He kissed me again but, this time, he made sure to grab my wrists so I couldn't smack him again.

After about a minute, thank gosh I can hold my breath for that long, his grip slackened on my wrists, so, I quickly grabbed my wrists away and pushed him away from me. He fell of the bench, and I moved a bit away from him. I would have to wash my mouth out with soap, again. He looked genuinely surprised that I would push him back.

Before he could say anything, I stood up and ran to the girls' washroom. My friends came in some time later, seeig me wash my mouth with soap. They knew about my morals. They knew how strongly I took them, too. The rest of the time, they stayed with me, refusing any dance offers and not letting any guys, or Danielle close to me.

We were always close, and we stayed close. Even in high school they stayed with me. Through all the relationship problems, bullies and the horrible food. We were inseparable. I kept the pack we made in elementary school. How we'd be there for each other no matter what. I kept it, up until the day I died, or, almost died anyways.

It started out as a normal day. We were wearing matching outfits, obviously in different colors. Mine was the same dress as my friends', ending at our knees, straps, at least three fingers, as that was my limit to the straps. They all had a pattern of polka-dots. Mine was a white dress with pink polka-dots.

The rest of the day was normal, too. Until after school. My best friend, Anita, had forgotten her only homework for this evening, and we all had to go back to get it with her. Suddenly, we walked into the science lab.

Tables were upturned, test tubes broken, the supply cabinet was knocked over and suspicious purple liquid oozing out. However, the most gruesome thing was in the middle of it all. It was Noah and a senior in the middle of the room fighting a, i didn't even know what. If I had to guess, it was a dog with 3 heads.

I stayed completely still, Anita, however, screamed. Noah and the senior turned around looking at my friends and I, a bit shocked. Before either of them could say anything, the dog leaped. Noah had enough sense to duck underneath it but, it tackled Anita. My friends scampered out of the room, leaving me, standing still and Anita, underneath the thing's huge belly.

I couldn't let it devour my best friend, and, as Noah tried to warn me to run, I grabbed a stool and hurled it at the beast's head. It hit and it turned all three of its ferocious muzzles at me. It got off of Anita, and she ran for it. The beast, however, growled as it made its way to me.

Noah tried to fight it away but, it was after me, so, it swatted Noah away. I made a quick prayer to God, as I knew this was going to be my final stand. Suddenly, it jumped on me. It snarled and all three heads snapped at me.

I couldn't remember what happened next, just that a searing pain went through my body. The next thing I do remember, however, is waking up with Noah and the senior standing over me, debating whether or not to bury me in a grave or just dump me. Slowly, I sat up, and they looked down. I had to admit, their faces were priceless. It was a mixture of shock, confusion, a bit of terror and a rush of relief.</p>

Calmly, the senior explained to me that I shouldn't have been alive right now. I had to admit, I agreed with them a bit. Suddenly, someone, or some people walked in. The first woman had soft black hair that ended at her shoulders. Her brown eyes were like liquid pools of melted chocolate. Her slightly pale complexion seemed to contrast a bit with her black dress that dragged behind her elegantly as she walked.

The other girl was shorter than the first. She seemed to be about twelve, younger than anyone in the room. She had auburn coloured hair and beautiful silvery-yellow eyes, which I would describe as the moon it's self. She was wearing a short tunic and her hair was in a pony-tail.

Suddenly, the first woman spoke, "Hello, young demi-god, Satyr and nymph," She nodded to Noah first, then the senior and finally, to me. I didn't know what a nymph was. I didn'twant to know what a nymph was. I just wanted to get home and see my mother and father again.

"Listen, if you please," I started as I stood and dusted myself off, "I don't know who either of you are. I don't know what a demi-god, Satire or a Nymph is. I don't want to know. I just want to go home."

The second woman laughed. Her laugh was slightly mesmerizing, then, she spoke, "A demi-god is a child of a mortal and a God or Goddess. A Satyr" She put accent on Satyr, since I seemed not to have said it quite right, "is half man, half goat. And a nymph is a young beautiful woman, divine spirits who animate nature. That is you, my darling."

I. Was. Flabbergasted. I wasn't a nymph. Heck, I wasn't all that beautiful, or divine. I voiced my concerns, and Noah and the Satyr looked just as shocked as I did. The two woman, or should I say Woman and Girl, laughed angelically. Suddenly, the Satyr's eyes grew, realization crossing his face as he knelt down, pulling Noah with him.

"P-Persephone, A-Artemis. M'ladies." His voice quivered in shock and, something else I just couldn't put my finger on. Noah immediately followed his words, stumbling a bit. I knew those names were familiar but, I couldn't tell where from.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a teenage girl. Or, rather, was a teenage girl. I was angry that they called me a nymph, because I knew another meaning of nymph, and I didn't like it one bit. I was mad because they just waltzed in here, and think they are everything, so, I did something I hardly ever did. I yelled.

"Who do you people think you are? Know what? Don't answer. I don't want to know. Just leave me alone. I'm not a nymph. I'm human, mortal, normal, however you want to put it! I'm me. Just Brooke Writherspoon, Flower Lover, Calm, Nice person. Usually at least." I huffed and I didn't notice the boys sending me warning glances.

To my surprise, the woman laughed. I looked at her, a bit suspiciously. I had just yelled at her and she found it funny? I was now just very confused. Slowly, she walked over to me and tucked a stray strand of auburn hair behind my ear. She slowly made a motion to the Satyr and Noah to stand.

"My darling Brooke. You were supposed to die. That thing was Cerberus. He is, originally, at the shores of the River Styx. However, this young Satyr believed he could do a feet hardly any one has done before." I nodded, taking this all in. I looked at the Satyr, who looked a bit guilty, "Because of him, your friend Noah here, died 25 years ago. However, the Satyr, feeling guilty, managed to do some of the impossible, and bring him back from the dead. For a few years Noah has slipped by us, and finally, Cerberus found him, and wanted to bring him back."

"Wh-Where'd Cerberus go?" I asked, gingerly. I was slightly scared now. Noah was a ghost, or something. And he had been smitten like a love sick kitten with me. That was just a bit creepy, don't ya think?

"The Satyr, I believe he goes by Johnny, played some notes on his reed pipes, so, Cerberus fell asleep. Noah then proceeded to drive his sword through the dog's stomach, and have it disintegrate, back to the Underworld." The woman said, nodding a bit, as well as I.

"How rude of us, Young Nymph. We have not introduced ourselves." The small girl said, stepping up, "I am Artemis. The Virgin Goddess of the hunt, the Moon, maidens, virginity, animals, and archery."

The older woman smiled and spoke, "I am Persephone. Goddess of Springtime, and Queen of the Underworld."

"OK," Noah suddenly said, standing up, "I don't get why either of you are here. Persephone, it's Spring. Shouldn't you be up in Olympus?"

"We were getting there." Artemis said, hands on her hips as she turned to me, "You were a regular mortal, before you almost died. I, being the Goddess of maidens, helped in you turning into a Nymph. I have had my eye on you for some time. You, being a proper maiden, wouldn't even let a guy kiss you without going unpunished." She eyed Noah warily as he grinned a bit sheepishly.

"I have also had my eye on you. Since you were quite young, you've had such an interest in flowers, I've never seen it before in a mortal. It was delightful. I couldn't let your spirit about flowers just rot in the Underworld, could I?" Persephone explained, smiling at me, as I smiled back.

Then it hit me, hard. I had just yelled at two Goddesses. The same Goddesses who had saved me from my doom. I must have looked worried because the two Goddesses immediately began giggling and said that there were no worries with me yelling at them earlier.

"Persephone," Johnny said, "if my suspicions are correct, what is her life force?"

I blinked a bit, stupidly, until Persephone brought out a potted rose. A potted white rose to be exact. I couldn't help but think of it being so lonely. Slowly, I touched it's petals and a slight shock went through me, and I could sense it's loneliness.

"Before we reach another matter," Noah said, interrupting the talk as he knelt down in front of Persephone, "Queen of the Underworld, I think I am finally ready to leave this world."

"Very well," A soft smile crept on the Goddess' face as she held out her hand. Suddenly, a gaping hole in the middle of the floor opened. With one last glance at me, he jumped into the hole.

"Now," Persephone said, turning back to me, but, she seemed to notice Johnny was still here, "Young Satyr, you may go and do your duty now."

"I shall come with you," Artemis said, "I must meet my Hunters near here. I shall see you later, Persephone, Brooke."

As the two left, Persephone started speaking again,"Now that we're alone, I want you to consider two options. One, Plant your life force in your garden at your house, stay here and do whatever."

Slowly, I shook my head and whispered softly, "I love my parents, I do, but, I haven't seen the world, I've hardly seen this town. I want to go out of my comfort zone and explore."

"Very well," Persephone smiled, "Option two. You may go to Camp Half-Blood. All the Gods' and Goddesses' children live there, and you may stay in the forest their, along with other nymphs."

I sharply inhaled as my eyes widened, "Dirt, germs, bacteria, disgusting."

"A Germaphobe, huh?" Persephone asked, as I nodded, "Very well. You may stay in my cabin, as long as you go into the Forest and care for your life force everyday."

"Wait," I said slowly, "What if the Rose dies, and it was out of my hands?"

"There's no problem," Persephone replied, "This rose has a little enchantment from the Goddess of Springtime, herself. As long as it has love and care, it will survive."

I nodded and smiled, "Thank you, m'lady. I am eternally grateful."

"We shall now get you to Camp, Young Nymph." Persephone said, as I nodded. Before that, however, she allowed me to go home, explain to my parents I got a scholarship to a fancy boarding school, and get my stuff.

Persephone then gave me a few gold coins, which she called 'drachmas'. She instructed me to throw one on the road. She was told to call upon the Chariot of Damnation.

The three sisters came and started to yell at them, as this was out of their jurisdiction but, they shut up, feeling the presence of the Goddess. Persephone told them to bring her newest nymph to Camp straight away. After I got in, they left speedily. Within the hour, I was at Camp, and, just for their trouble, I gave them two extra drachmas, one for each.

I then went to plant my rose. I put it near a huge boulder. It seemed very barren so, I thought it was the perfect place. Then, something happened. I kind of wished it wasn't so little and lonely so, it began to grow. And grow. And grow. It grew so much, it wasn't a plain white rose, it was a bush full of white roses.

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