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Name: Bryan Castillo

Gender: Male

Species: Fire Spirit

Appearance: check pic 

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Personality: Bryan is mostly a fun-loving guy. But sometimes let's his anger get the best of him. He is clever and street smart. But has somewhat of an ego

History: Bryan's mother, Carla Castillo met Hephaestus one day during her work as an engineer. The two had fell in love and after a few months of dating. Carla found herself pregnant. But Hephaestus had explained that he was a god and couldn't stay. Carla didn't believe him. After Hephaestus left and Bryan was born. Carla fell into depression. She had turned to alcohol. Barely paying attention to her son. When he was 5, Carla had left Bryan in foster care and never came back. Breaking Bryan's heart. But then he met 2 kids, Thomas Richards and Will Harper. The three of them became best friends and did everything together. But when they all turned 12, Will was adopted. Leaving Bryan and Thomas. Bryan who had abandonment issues, grew very bitter at Will. Thomas tried to make him feel better, but it didn't work. A year later, Bryan's feelings of abandonment and rejection for not being adopted and ran away. After a few days on his own, Bryan was attacked by a laistrygonian giant. A satyr had arrived trying to save Bryan. But the satyr was too late, since Bryan was killed by the laistrygonian. In Olympus, Hephaestus had felt sorry for his unlucky child. So he brought him back as a fire spirit. Then Bryan had used his powers to burn the giant and defeat it. The satyr had explained everything to Bryan and invited him to Camp. But Bryan had refused and ran off, since he just wanted to be alone. After two years on the streets. Stealing everything he needed and using his powers to defend himself. Bryan had witnessed a demigod and a satyr about to be killed by a large number of empousai. Bryan had saved them and decided to go to camp with them, tired of street life

Weapons: He carries an CB knife in case he can't use his powers


How could a kid last two years on the streets alone. Wouldn't the police get curious? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 20:52, December 18, 2012 (UTC)

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