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Name:Bryce Clayton


God/Titan Parent:Poseidon

Mortal Parent:Alexandria Buchanan

Appearance (optional):Brown hair, blue eyes athletic build

Personality (at least a sentence or two):Bryce has always been reserved. Maybe it comes from not remembering anything from before he was 6 or it could come from a lingering sense of being lost, but nevertheless Bryce was always stoic. Definitely the caring type, Bryce has always taken his role of "man of the house" very seriously. He was sure the Mallorie just wanted him to feel useful, since she was the one who trained him to fight, but he liked to think that he was a necessary cog in Mallorie's life.

History (at least two paragraphs): (FINE KEVIN IF IT'LL PLEASE YOU) Bryce knows nothing of his past, but here are the facts as written by the LOVELY Gaby. He’s the product of a summer fling, of a series of escapades that were bound to end in heartbreak. He doesn’t know the details, nor does he want to, but he knows enough to realize he’s the result of Poseidon taking his interests with swimming Olympic gold medalist Alexandria Buchanan a little too personally. They’d met during the training phase leading into the Olympics and had grown close very quickly. Alexandria was smitten with who she believed to be the new Team USA wellness coach, and didn’t realize who it was until it was too late. Still, she says, she wouldn’t have changed anything even if she’d known the truth. Through their closeness they eventually fell into bed together, and that continued well into her celebrations regarding her new gold medal. She thought all was well, that maybe they’d pursue something more when they wouldn’t be seen as scandalous, but there it was - she woke up one day, well-rested even after a night of thorough debauchery, and he was gone with the wind.

Alexandria didn’t understand, she was heartbroken, but she made the best of a shitty situation. There was a moment in time where she doubted her ability to raise a child on her own and considered abortion as an option, but she quickly realized she wouldn’t be in it alone. Even though her family had ostracized her for her out-of-wedlock child, she had the rest of Team USA to rely on, including the gaggle of soccer players that made up the U.S. Soccer Federation and had quickly become some of her closest friends.

Rhys and Bryce (originally named Rylan) grew up in water. They spent as much time as they could manage playing in rivers, lakes and any other body of water they could find themselves in. They were both easy going children, and since they always had each other they were rarely lonely. Until one day, when Rhys and Rylan were playing in a river near their home that led (eventually) to the ocean. While they were playing, Rylan found himself in a powerful current. He started to be swept away from his brother. Rhys tried everything to get to him, but it was no use. Rylan was pulled down river and over a waterfall. Thanks to his parentage, Rylan was not killed by the fall, but he did hit his head on a rock and sustain heavy brain damage, erasing his memories of his childhood.

Bryce woke up in Myrtle beach with no memories and a bleeding head. Being only six years old, he could only piece together so much. He knew he liked the ocean. He knew he was not just born. He knew he had a family, but for some reason he felt as though they had died.

When Mallorie found him, Bryce felt as though the ocean had saved him. He knew the ocean had carried him to her. She even let Bryce choose his own name. He had no idea why he chose the name Bryce, but Mallorie helped him find it and it seemed to fit. Mallorie tried to help him find his home, but Bryce never put much stock in it. He felt safe with her, so he didn't care if they ever found his family. The only home he knew was the ocean, but living with Mallorie was a close second.

Bryce's first attack came not long after, since Mallorie herself was a demigod and so was her boyfriend Anthony the attack wasn't really meant for Bryce, but it was his first experience with monsters in memory. Mallorie, Anthony and Bryce were driving back towards Mallorie's home when Myrmekes came out of the ground and attacked the group. One grabbed Anthony and another grabbed Bryce. Mallorie, in a panic, thought she might not have time to help both. She decided to help Bryce first, killing the Myrmeke attacking him. When she tried to help Anthony, however, she was too late. The Myrmekes dragged him away before she could help. Luckily, Mallorie was able to fight the others off, but they never saw Anthony again.

Mallorie trained Bryce as he grew older and the two of them dealt with many monster attacks over the years. Bryce began to feel very protective of Mallorie, almost as protective as she felt of him. As he grew up, Bryce became stoic and stony. He didn't talk much, but his actions spoke volumes. He cared deeply for Mallorie and loved growing up with her. When she wanted him to go to camp, he refused. Bryce had no intention of leaving Mallorie alone to deal with any monsters that caught her scent. Eventually, however, when Bryce was 17 he almost couldn't defeat a monster when Mallorie was out. She was able to save him just in time, but it was the last straw for Mallorie. She decided he needed to go to camp, and she was going to move to New York City. When they arrived, however, they discovered New Athens and Mallorie decided to move in there and let Bryce go to camp.

Weapon(s) (optional):A celestial bronze flail that disguises as a pocket watch. Gifted by Mallorie


  • Kindly include information about the god parent and mortal parent (how they met, how they fell in love, the conception of Bryce, and when Poseidon left). Unfortunately, linking to another character's history will not suffice as a replacement.
  • Please also detail the events leading up to the age of 6 (when he woke up on the beach), even if Bryce has no recollection of it.
  • The first monster attack seems a bit confusing: why didn't the Karkinos crush/kill both Mallorie and Anthony when it had them in its claws? This seems like the most intuitive thing since it would then be able to attack Bryce, another demigod, as well. I'm not really seeing how the situation would have given Bryce the choice to save one of them.

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