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Name: Bryon Walterson

Gender: Male

Current Age: 15

God Parent: Apollo, Eros, or Poseidon

Mortal Parent:

Birth: Carmen Walterson

Foster: Lucas and Neta Courtenay

Adoptive Family: Group of hippies in Eastern Ohio


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Personality: Bryon is very confident, possible overly confident, and that sometimes gets him into trouble. He is very clever and can often trick people and work his way out of trouble. Socially, he is very sarcastic, and has a good sense of humor but can be rude or offensive.

History: Bryon's parents met when Carmen was 22 years old, and in her final year of college at Yale.  Carmen went to Miami for Spring Break, and that was where she met [INSERT GOD PARENT HERE].  They spent a lot of time together for those two weeks, but soon enough it was time for Carmen to go back to school.  Two months later, Carmen ran into [GOD PARENT] at the mall back in her hometown, Philadelphia.  As it turned out, [GOD PARENT] was spending the summer there on an internship.  They sat down for a coffee at the mall, and decided to meet again.  They started dating, and by July, Carmen was pregnant.  Things started to go wrong when Carmen found out that [GOD PARENT] wasn't in Philadelphia because of an internship, he was there because he had been seeing another woman, even before running into Carmen.  She was furious.  Carmen murdered [GOD PARENT]'s other girlfriend, and fled to Canada, where she camped out in the woods.  [GOD PARENT] asked Boreas for a favor, and he obliged.  The Canadian weather became unbearably cold, and Carmen was forced to move South and attempt to get to Mexico.  Carmen was caught by the police and arrested in New Hampshire, a week after giving bith to Bryon, and was sentenced to 40 years to life.  [GODLY PARENT] had other ideas of punishment.  Carmen was cursed to always have the feeling that the knife she used to kill [GODLY PARENT]'s other girlfriend was impailing Carmen at that very moment.  Carmen always feels the pain of being stabbed, but no real harm is being done to her.

After Carmen was arrested, Bryon was assigned to a foster home with Lucas and Neta Courtenay, who live in Pittsburgh.  Bryon hated his foster parents, who only kept him there because they got paid to.  Bryon got bullied at school, and had no friends. When he got home, his foster parents would shove a TV dinner into his hands and tell him to go into his room and stay there, and not to bother them again.  During the summers, starting when he was six, his foster parents would force him to work at a gas station. It was illegal for him to have the job, he was much too young, and he only got paid 25 cents per hour. He didnt do much, he'd just wander around the place with a mop, but he hated it. He hated school, his job, and his life, so when Bryon was 10, he ran away.  He stumbled upon a group of hippies who lived on a farm in Ohio, and they took him in. Each hippie on the farm had there own small stone hut, and they helped Bryon build his own. It was only one room, but it had a bed, a hole that served as a toilet, and a gas stove. The hippies taught him to cook and to survive. He was assigned a wheat field to tend to. For the next 3 years he lived happily, tending to his field and befriending the other hippies, particularly a man who looked about 80 years old, named Andy.

When Bryon was 13, the first monster attack came.  When Bryon woke up, he noticed a horse wandering around his field, which was normal, considering he was on a farm. Bryon went out to his field to shoo the horse away, he didnt want it trampling his crops, but the horse spat fire at him, lighting up his wheat. Bryon backed away in fear, and the monster followed. Suddenly, Andy was there. He shot the horse with a bow and arrow, turning it to dust. Together, Andy and Bryon put out the fires on the wheat field, saving what they could  The hippie told Bryon to forget the attack had never happened, so that's what Bryon tried to do, not questioning what the monster was, why it came, or why the hippie had a weapon, but at night, he had dreams; terrible dreams. When Bryon was 14 a flock of five Stymphalian Birds flew above him for an entire day. Bryon didnt think anything of it, again, he was on a farm, birds weren't out of the ordinary, but then the birds circled over his head. Bryon thought this waas strange, so he called out to Andy, and then the birds attacked. Andy was on the field next to him, and he let out a terrible high pitched shriek, and the birds scattered. Andy picked two of them off with his bow, and the others fled. That's when Andy gave Bryon a celestial bronze sword, and told him to keep it on him at all times, but also to forget about this experience as well.  When Bryon was 15, he was quietly tending to his field when he heard a growling sound. He looked up and saw a small hellhound, ready to pounce. He dove out of the way as it leapt at him, then scrambled to his feet, drew his sword, and stabbed down at the back of the hellhound, turning it to dust.  Bryon ran to Andy and told him what happened, and Andy said it was time to pack, they were leaving. As they packed, andy kept muttering things like, "I'm too old for this," and, "I thought I'd be done with this when I retired."

Andy and Bryon had two encounters with monsters on their journey to camp halfblood.  They ran into a giant scorpion in Pennsylvania, but Andy knew how to fight it. He distracted the monster, and Bryon was able to crawl under it, find its weak spot, and kill it.  Then, in New York, Bryon got cornered by Orthrus in an alley while Andy had gone to the bathroom at a gas station.  Bryon whipped out his sword, and the monster charged Bryon and each head sunk its teeth into one of his shoulders. Bryon screamed in pain, but was able to force himself to stab the beast in the neck.  Andy found him in the alley next to his sword, which was lying on the ground in a pile of dust.  Andy rushed him to camp halfblood, where he was given nectar and ambrosia.  Bryon was up and moving in no time, and once he was healed, Andy, who revealed himself to be a satyr, returned to the mortal world.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze Sword

If I he gets Apollo or Eros, his other weapon is a bow and arrows.  The arrows return to the quiver once they have been used, unless they break.  If he gets Poseidon, he just has a regular celestial bronze sword.

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I'd just like to inform you, like I have on your talk page, that the model you are currently using is in use by someone already (being myself). So please find a new model, also if you have trouble finding one, I suggest looking here.

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Oops. Thanks haha. Boogeyboard1 (talk) 15:02, August 7, 2014 (UTC)

  • Please expand on the personality so it's 3-4 good sized sentences in length. 
  • Please expand on his early childhood before the age of ten.
  • First monster attack:
    • Lamia is classed as a medium level monster on the wiki. For a first monster attack, a monster categorised under easy in The Monster Encyclopedia.
    • After his first monster attack, he should be attacked at least once a year every year following.
    • Assuming he was ten when he was attacked, it's considered too early for a non-Big Three child. His first attack can occur between the ages of 11-13.
  • Please expand on the five year gap between the two monster attacks.
  • We do not use Griffons as monsters on the wiki, please look at the monster encyclopaedia for examples of acceptable monsters.
  • Sphynx attack:
    • On the wiki, the sphinx is categorised as a hard level monster, and is not suitable for use in a claim. Please refer to The Monster Encyclopedia again.
  • Cyclops attack:
    • This attack is unrealistic. An untrained demigod could not have been able to defeat a full grown cyclops with only a dagger.
    • Also, a direct blow to the head from a cyclops would kill a demigod as cyclopses possess a great amount of strength
  • If Andy was a satyr, why was he staying on a farm instead of looking for demigods?

User:Bird of Winter/sigcoding2

  • Who forced him to work at the gas station?
  • Could you please split up the middle paragraph so it's easier to read?
  • The birds wouldn't wait until the end of the day to attack, they would attack as soon as they saw Bryon.
  • A celestial bronze dagger is good for a secondary weapon, but he needs a primary weapon such as a sword or spear as well.

By the way, I'm very sorry it took so long to check this claim >.<

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I may be mistaken, but I don't believe Satyrs grow old. I also don't think Satyrs would be allowed to just retire. I imagine they serve until they die. 

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Dylan mentions Coach Hedge growing old and considering retirement in Lost Hero

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I am so so so sorry for the wait for getting this claimed.

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