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Name: Caitlyn Edison

Gender: female

God Parent: Ariadne (preferred), Hebe, Harmonia

Mortal Parent: Adrial Edison

Appearance: she has a light skin with long,wavy light caramel color hair, her eyes are green.

Personality: she is a bit bubbly when she’s around people as she rearly meet people,As for that she is blunt and would sometimes say the first thing that came in mind which cause many to say she's rude.

History: if ariadne: Adrial Edison resemble his ancestor,Theseus for that reason adriadne's fell in love with him. So she turned herself into a mortal and as soon after that Caitlyn came along. Soon after adrine’s left adrial to raise Caitlyn. He did a tremendous job until she was 5 when adrial was diagnosed with brain cancer. As he had only his father Caitlyn was given to him as the doctor said he wouldn’t lived long. Her grandfather despite hating the idea took Caitlyn into his life of archeology meanwhile for Caitlyn, she went along with the idea as to her it was just the same as she was still able to talk to her dad. Until he died a few days after she was given to her grandfather. As both was in grief her grandfather took measure’s into his own hands. He kept Caitlyn and himself busy with every activity he can think of like swords fighting (as theseus family knows this), kayaking, swimming and many more on his off days. Meanwhile on his work days he will bring Caitlyn to work and told her to explore while he work but to be here each time he calls her name .when night falls whether he’s working or not he will tell Caitlyn stories of everything he knows giving her a deep love for story.All this kept her busy enough until she have only a few friends but her grandfather ignore it until a satyr found her at her grandfather’s excavation site. The satyr explain everything but her grandfather was reluctant to believe until he saw a the true face of the satyr. This cause him to have a heart attack and was sent to the hospital where they found many more health problem. She stayed at her grandfathers side until he died telling her to go to the camp.

If hebe and harmonia: adrial Edison as at a charity event for children(hebe)/memorial event(harmonia) when he meet caitlyn’s mother and it was safe to say one night was enough to make him forget his problem with his wife. After that one night Adrial went on his life with his mother and wife thinking nothing’s going to change until a baby came to his doorstep with a letter stating that he is the father. He took the Caitlyn in and loved her with everything while his mother and wife hated her. Meanwhile Caitlyn not knowing why they hated her so much spend her life trying to get their approval but fail at each attempt although she was good at her home school. This kept on going until one day she found out why they hated her so much. She over heard that her step mom hated her as she cannot conceive while her grandmother hated her as she’s proof that his perfect son was human.So she decided to wish for her step mom on a shooting star.Her mother as soon as hearing her plead begged hera to fulfill her wish hera was reluctant at first but after her mothers constant begging her step mom was pregnant. As soon as that happened nobody gave her any attention. By this Caitlyn decided it was high time for her to run away from home but as soon as she went out of her neighborhood (which was filled with half blood) she was found by a styrl and was brought to camp Weapons: If adrine:a sword that have theseus family mark

If hebe: double blade that can change into earings
If harmonia:double blade that can change into earings.


Well first off, the accounts of Theseus and Ariadne, at least how things ended after the whole bit with the Minotaur are quite varied, not all versions end badly for her in myth, I'll have to ask ghost exactly which version is the more widely known and accepted version of that myth, but even if it ended badly, her randomly taking her anger out on some random mortal hundreds of years later who kinda looks like him seems a bit far fetched.--BachLynn(Send an Owl!) 15:05, November 4, 2011 (UTC)

oh ok! anyway i changed some of it and fixed it!

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