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Name: Caleb Summers

Gender: Male

Current Age: 17

God Parent: Hermes, Palaemon, Aeolus

Mortal Parent: London Summers

Appearance: →

Weapons: Throwing sharp objects (knives, daggers, shuriken, even cards) hidden in a keychain.

Personality: Caleb is a fairly nice guy when he is with people. He is also a jock that loves sports (especially football) and is used to having the girls he wants due to his physicality and athleticism. He is quite clever and intelligent, however he gets to be a bit cocky when people try to outsmart him. He loves movies and is a cinephile. He is a total flirt with basically anything that breathes. Caleb is also protective towards the people he cares for. He is straight-minded and fairly persuasive, using his looks to his advantage.



Name: Devon Summers

Gender: Male

Current Age:17

God Parent: Hermes, Palaemon, Aeolus

Mortal Parent: London Summers

Appearance: →

Weapons: Twin Wind & Fire Wheels that are disguised as a keychain

Personality: Unlike his brother Caleb, Devon is a real pop-culture nerd, knowing lots of trivia (primarily stuff from the 90's). He is a total flirt with basically anything that breathes, typically quoting movies and TV shows as pick-up lines. Devon is also protective towards the people he cares for. He is straight-minded and fairly persuasive, a silver tongue to his advantage.


London Dean had always been a free and careless daughter of Aglaea. She married Jacob Summers at the age of 22 while she was a nurse. As their relationship started to grow weaker day after day, London would go to a bar and flirt with guys, never going further than that. However, one day, when Jacob was on a week trip from work, Hector (Hermes) visited the bar and he started to flirt with London. She found him very attractive and felt an aura of power emanating from him. She liked this and instantly became smitten.

One thing led to another and they ended up in a motel conceiving Caleb and Devon. The next morning, London found herself hugging Hector. They continued having a secret relationship between themselves. When London discovered she was pregnant, she acted like it was Jacob's child, but she knew it was actually from Hector. 3 months passed and when Hermes knew it was time to leave, he decided to tell the truth to London. He told her first of all that he was Hermes.

She was perplexed, but did believe him, as she was a demigod as well. She told him about her heritage and told him that she’d have twins, as the doctor had mentioned the day before. He nodded, since he already knew and he gave her the address to camp in case she had forgot about it. He also made himself sure of giving her two keychains. One was labeled with a D and the other with a C. Each one could turn into weapons, so Hermes tld London to give them the keychains when the time was right.

Hermes then left, leaving London lonely with Jacob. Somehow, since born, both Jacob and the twins knew that they weren't related. For starters, both London and Jacob were blond, but the twins were a brown-haired boys, which was weird enough, but they never seemed to have a father-son chemistry bond. Devon would pour into the latest fads ranging from trading cards to books, memorizing all kinds of facts and Caleb would watch movies of any sort. He was a cinephile. Both were really geeky and smart in their own way.

As he continued growing up, Jacob and London had a kid when Caleb turned 8. His name was Dylan. Dylan surprisingly got along with Caleb, but not Devon.

Being a demigod herself, London took precautions to protect her children, knowing that she and her twins would attract even more monsters. She hired a satyr babysitter (the Mist manipulated the twins to see him as having hairy legs) to take care of the young demigods while she was away.

As soon as they turned 10, London knew that they would develop their demigod abilities and traits, therefore, they would notice the goat legs sooner or later. Beside that, they would attract monsters since their scent had grown significantly stronger. She knew this was the time that Hermes had mentioned before. She had nothing but to give the keychains to the twins and make them carry the the keychains with them wherever they went.

Little did both know that these would come in handy soon enough. 2 years later, they were asked to walk to the grocery store alone. The twins had made that route dozens of time with their mother or father, but today was completely different.

On their way back, the twins passed by a dog walker. In addition the various mutts that she was walking, two large hellhounds were also collared. As the two parties neared, the hellhounds began to act up, eventually ripping free from their walker’s grip and bolting for the demigod twins.

As the twins’ back was facing the dogs, they didn’t know that they were running towards them, but they felt as if their keychain was burning. They noticed this in a matter of seconds, they took the keychains off and Devon’s turned into twin fire and air wheels, while Caleb’s turned into a set of five knives.

They were extremely confused, but then heard something running from behind, they looked back and saw the two hellhounds chasing after them. Instinctively, they ran for their lives but couldn’t seem to miss the monsters, until they noticed that they would need to actually kill them. Devon’s strike was first and he slashed his right wheel at one of the monster’s face. Both were gigantic to be normal dogs and the twins knew that they had to be something else.

The hellhound winced and pounced at Devon, but Caleb shot two knives single-handedly before it fell onto Devon. One knife luckily hit the dog’s neck and the other hit the face, so after a few seconds over Devon’s body, the monster exploded into golden dust.

Then the second hellhound came rushing towards them and Devon aimed to hit the chest with his wheel. It howled in pain as the wheel connected to the monster and with his big claws, it slashed at Devon. He barely escaped the slash, but it did tear up his shirt and leave a gash on his chest, but still nothing too major.

Caleb again threw two knives and one hit the chest while the other flew away. He had no technique whatsoever. Meanwhile, Devon took the chance to hit the dog with the other wheel. The dog turned to dust because of blood loss. Both twins sighed and stood up. They were terrified and agreed to never speak about this in front of anyone, not even their family. They bought the groceries and headed back to the house.

When their mother asked about their current state, they said that they had fallen to some thorn bushes. London knew that probably their first monster attack happen, but she knew that if she explained their heritage to the twins, they’d attract more monsters and she didn’t want that. Instead, she made them get into the boy scouts.

Since at school they were relatively popular, they had a lot of friends and when they made their 14th birthday party, almost three-fourths of their grade attended. Caleb had gotten dizzy and Devon agreed to take him out of the place for some fresh air. As they walked, something from behind hissed, they noticed it was a dracaena, immediately, they took out their weapons and started attacking it. Soon enough, they were bruised and tired and dressed in golden dust.

After this, they knew that it wasn’t a coincidence and they both started to practice with their weapons secretly. They were really getting good at them and both developed technique.

Just a month after they turned 15, the family made a trip where they would go to the beach. On the way, Jacob started feeling bad. When they reached the hotel, he claimed to be sick and that he wouldn’t be able to go to the beach. London said that she’d take care of him and Dylan. Devon begged them to let him and Caleb go to the beach together and after several minutes, London finally agreed.

The twins were able to enjoy the beach all day carefree, but as the sun started to set, the twins didn’t realize that they were being watched. By the time the sun was almost all the way down the horizon, three telkhines ambushed the twins, as they saw that they would be most tired at this time, therefore, killing them would be easier.

When the twins noticed, they both took their weapons and started fighting. So far, this had been the hardest monster attack yet, as this time, it was three monsters. As Caleb threw two shuriken at one telkhine’s neck, it exploded into dust. A split-second later Devon had killed the other with his wheels, but the biggest and last was still attacking him. Caleb went into action as he got a small dagger from his keychain and jumped to stab it in the monster’s back. It whined in pain, and Devon made the last strike with his fire wheel.

As the blood(actually golden dust)bath ended, they were probably on the edge of dying. They had nasty gashes all over their body and great bruises. It turned out that Devon hadn’t ended as badly as Caleb did. When Caleb fainted from blood loss, Devon carried him with help of someone else all the way to the hotel room. When London noticed the two boys, she ran and got the first aid kit and started to clean their wounds, using all her nurse knowledge for the best. After they explained what happened to London, she sighed and knew this was the time to tell them about their heritage, and so she told them about their father and about her own heritage. They were amazed and confused at the same time. In a way, everything made sense. She would’ve taken the twins to camp, but she wanted to stay with them more, time, so she promised to herself that she’d take them next time an attack happened.

When the teens reached 16, they that they had to get a job, as their family was having some economical issues. Despite their desperate search all their leads were turning up empty-handed. Their luck turned around when a classmate told them that his uncle worked in the modeling business, and that he was looking for two models for underwear. Their classmate had suggested them to his uncle and the twins should meet him in the loft where he did most of his shoots.

Having nothing to lose, the twins showed up where the uncle explained what he needed them.

Being naturals, the twins landed a job as models, but unsure of how their parents would handle the news, they agreed to tell their parents that they had gotten the job at the pizza parlor. When modeling, Caleb would model singlets, briefs & swimwear, while Devon made jockstraps & boxers look good.

It was when the twins were 17 that they were attacked again. Their english teacher, Ms. Van Pyren had been making the twins’ lives miserable, and as the end of the year approached, Ms. Van Pyren called a meeting between herself, London, and the twins to discuss their grades.

London could tell something was off the moment she stepped into the classroom. The shades were down and the lights were off, as if Ms. Van Pyren didn’t want her ‘meeting’ to be disturbed. In addition it seemed like her sons were also in a trance like state, blankly staring at the blackboard and greeting her in a monotonous tone.

Deciding to cut their formalities short, London pulled her personal weapon from her purse, a wavy, snake-like sword. Ms. Van Pyren pulled back at the sight of the metal, snapping the twins out of their trance-like state. For a bit they were surprised that their mother had a weapon like that, but when they saw why London had pulled her weapon, the teens realized their teacher was a monster, an empousa to be exact. Deciding to ask questions later, Devon leapt into the fray with his mother while Caleb stayed back, tossing throwing knives at their former teacher.

Ms. Van Pyren put up a fight, but the family of demigods were able to take them down, but due to the twin’s relative inexperience and London not being as young as she used to be, it was a challenging fight.

As they left the classroom, leaving the sandpile for the janitor to clean up, London explained that it’s not easy for a Demigod to reach her age, much less have children of their own. She used the book club she had stopped going to abruptly a few months ago as an example; turns out they were all harpies a bit too excited to have a Demigods in their midsts. London decided that her kids were in too much danger now for her to be with them all the time. It was time to take them to camp. When she explained that they’d have to go to a camp that trained demigods, the twins accidentally let slip about what they had really been doing for work the last few months. She acted a bit surprised, but she already suspected so, as she'd found new underwear for both the twins. Courtesy of their sponsors.

Taking out the slip of paper that Hermes had given her all those years ago, London told Jacob that she the twins had gotten a full scholarship to a school in New York, and that it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for them. Reluctantly, Jacob agreed and stayed with Dylan as London took her twins to a new life in New York. She had high hopes that they’d be able to be safe in the camp and follow her footsteps...

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