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Name: Calista Emiliana Moon

Godly Parent: Hades

Mortal Parent: Nádia Moon

Faceclaim: Lee Ji-Eun (IU)

Calista Emiliana Moon is the eldest true born child of Nádia Moon, discarded at the age of nine to live with a friend. She is a twelve-year-old daughter of Hades who is enjoying a permanent reunion with her little half-brother, Tomé, a demigod child of Zeus.

Calista is a strange specimen to say the least; a girl who easily sticks out among her moodier siblings as being a beacon of light - but she's never seen herself as a sore thumb amongst those she spends time around. A happier outlook, rather than the dark attitudes possessed by the majority of others her father birthed, has allowed her to create great friends over the years that she may not have made otherwise. She can be a little disorganised, a little clumsy, but is a genuinely lovable if naive person. She doesn't really assume ill of anyone and is prone to puppy love, as well as thinking that everyone wants to be friends, and giving them endless second chances. Messing around with others and their affairs is something she's found quite amusing from a young age, too.

Nádia Moon was not always as poor as she was when she conceived Tomé - when Calista Emiliana came into the world, she was rather wealthy indeed. A businesswoman living in Lisbon, in the prime time, but with a rather unfortunate gambling habit. That was how she met Hades, masquerading as a Korean-Norwegian man, in a shady casino basement where real celebrities gambled their fortune. Nobody knew the man or why he was there; but he gave off such an intimidating aura that everybody left him alone in his corner where he sat. Not Nádia, who, now desperate for love, braved the chill and walked over. He didn't know who she was, and she was hungry for love other than for those who wanted her money. There, over a beer, kindled a flyaway romance between them. Right there, in the casino's bathroom, where Nádia's compatriots could easily hear.

In there was a jealous woman who was envious of Nádia's success - and after Wilhelm, the mysterious man, disappeared the next morning, she dealt a second blow. She paid off some underground business to steal Nádia's riches and raid her home, leaving her with nothing. The large penthouse property she had previously owned had to be given up (it was actually repossessed, for she clung to it) and she was forced into street life in Lisbon with a newly born child. So, much to her regret, she reached out to a friend, who she did not know was a demigod, and begged her to take Calista and raise her as her own - since she was rich enough, she did.

But her mother's situation was never hidden from Calista and the two saw each other often. She did not understand why her guardian would not help her mother by giving her money, especially with Tomé. Her guardian could not look after two, so she instead gave Nádia money until she was able to fend for herself and at least buy a house. (She did not send Calista back; she did not want to cause undue stress on Nádia, and, besides, she had grown to love Calista.)

All seemed well. Calista saw Nádia and Tomé often and she quickly became the closest of friends with her brother. Schooling was never an issue and she was very intelligent. At least, until she was nine years old and walking home from school with her guardian. A hellhound appeared but it was made quick work of by her guardian. The woman she'd come to know as a second mother revealed herself as a daughter of Nike, and explained Calista's heritage. She didn't know whose child Calista was, but given her age at the first attack, it was fairly easy for her to guess. But when she tried to get Calista to go to Camp Half-Blood, she could not make it happen, because the girl would cry that she did not want to leave Tomé. So she began to train Calista herself. The arrival of Maristela, someone her age, into the Moon family once Nádia had become more self-sufficient did not help her case.

Monster attacks came and went - the next was a year later, when she was ten. Her guardian rarely let her alone, but she was in school, where a harpy disguised itself as a supply teacher. After Calista came home with some significant injury, having run as far as she could on an injured leg, she promptly pulled Calista out of school and began to homeschool her. Another was a fire-breathing horse, at eleven - when this happened, and Calista was burned, she stepped up the training and decided if there was one more monster attack then that would be it. Her guardian began to notice that these attacks were more frequent and severe when Tomé, Rella and Cali were all together, so she stopped the girl from seeing the other two without adult supervision.

Initially it wasn't her the hellhound was after. She was just twelve, and she'd snuck into the school to find Tomé and Rella, but couldn't find them, because they were in a punishment along with his friend Casper. It was after Tomé, son of Zeus. She got her sword out of her belt to fight (she wasn't permitted out without it) but was shunted aside by some random guy, much to her annoyance. He did, however, let her take the credit for the heroic rescue. She was able to supplement the man's tellings of demigods with her own story of what her guardian had told her, at which he told her she was a daughter of Hades. Honestly, to say she was miffed, because Zeus was way cooler, would have been an understatement. She was told she had to go home for dinner, because her guardian would be worried. She braced herself for a yelling-at until it was clear they wouldn't be going home. The man told her it was irresponsible of her guardian to keep a child of the big three away from Camp so long. Now that it was clear she'd be going to Camp with Tomé and Rella, it was easy to persuade her.

Being claimed by Zeus was surreal, but she can't help but be a little sad she wasn't placed with Tomé.

Weapons: Calista carries a celestial bronze greatsword.


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