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Name: Calixto L. Ryler Gender: Male

God Parent: Asteria, Tyche, Zephyrus

Mortal Parent: John Ryler (if Zephyrus Jane Ryler)

Appearance: See Picture

Age: 14

Personality: Calix has a laid back personality, often hanging back unless with close friends. He is often very sarcastic and witty, expressing a high(if not genius) intellect in a nonchalant manner. Being an acrobat, he is often a show off.

History: Calixto's father was a part of the famed trapeze group, the Shooting Stars. Intrigued by their name, Asteria herself decided to observe their performance. When she saw John up on the bars, she was smitten. After the show, she went to than him for the show, and after her greeting, it was obvious he liked her too. They fell in love and spent the next week together, but Asteria was forced to leave. It was a long 9 months before John saw his beloved again, and with her was a newborn baby. (Knowing the dangers of being a demi-god, Asteria trusted the fact that the circus travelled the world would keep her child safe.) Asteria apologized for forcing a responsibility onto him, but John shrugged it off and thanked her for their short lived love. That night, Asteria left again. 

After being left once again, John felt something empty in him, yet he continued to lovingly raise Calix. And so, Calixto was raised as an acrobat like his father, and what an acrobat he was! From his first practice, he showed unbelievable prodigious skill at his trade. Soon, he was a regular part of the trapeze act, and became popular to the circus-goers. 

His life at the circus was great, and he lived a wonderful 12 years performing. Then it happened. One night after an exceptionally successful show, while he and his family were relaxing by a campfire, Laistrygonians caught his scent and attacked. HIs father was killed, and a good portion of the troupe was injured, but Calixto was nowhere to be found.

Apparently, another stray demigod who was at the show managed to rescue Calix and helped him run away. The demi-god told him that that group of cannibals had been chasing him for weeks and he didn't know why. But he knew they were chasing Calix for the same reason. Eventually, the two became best of friends and travelled up the East Coast running from monsters, and during this time, Calixto's 13th birthday passed. Eventually though, the gang of Laistrygonians caught their scent once again. But this time, they were cornered between a river and a strawberry farm. Knowing one of them was sure to die, Calixto's friend sacrificed himself to give him some time to run towards the barn. Unfortunately, one giant caught up to him and almost killed him, but he managed to slip past the border of the mysterious strawberry farm just in time. He had made it into Camp Half-Blood

(This part is something I was wondering as to whether I could make him the same old character, as I went inactive during a quest)((The Quest involved going to the Seattle Space Needle and destroying the Lycans in the area))

His quest was a success. He had eradicated the wolves of the area, even earning the title Wolf's-Bane(or Fenris-Bane). An even bigger surprise was that his old circus was in town! They had slowly recovered from the incident all those years ago, and offered him his spot bac on the troupe. He accepted, confident that he could keep his "family" safe. He even turned 14 during this time with them. Eventually,  the circus arrived at Long Island, and on their day off, he went for a walk to a familiar strawberry farm

Weapons: Silver sword (turns into pocket watch w/ chain)

Contact Lense that lets him detect ripples in the Mist


This is actually just a re-make of one of my older characters. After I went inactive, they were deleted, so I decided this could be an opprotunity to edit their backstories, personalities, etc. 

If it's okay, I could also re-make the same character page and use the same Word Bubble (If this claim is approved)

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Why did the giants attack the mortals? Why was the other demigod at the circus?

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The other demigod was passing through town and happened to walk past the show. The giants caught both of their scents and started hunting for them Ego opus conquiescamus 00:27, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

Can you incorporate ages into the history, so we know how old he's throughout the serie sof events

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Wait, wasn't this character already claimed then made then deleted? If so, please contact an admin, maybe they can restore this page again. Thank you. :)There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32

Actually I wanted to claim him again because I wanted to change his history. I wasn't sure whether the new one would be okay, so I'm fine with claiming him again Ego opus conquiescamus 20:56, January 13, 2013 (UTC)

I'm a bit fuzzy on events. Why were so many mortals injured during the show, including his father being killed? How old was the demigod that helped Calixto stay alive for a year? How did they survive for a year, money, shelter, food, etc.? And just to be clear, are you going with like, he got to camp at 13, went on that quest, finished the quest but didn't go back to camp until 14?

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The giants were hungry and looking for food, and happened to smell them. But they couldn't pinpoint them specifically so just attacked the ones that looked the most "nutritious". The demigod was around 17, and they weren't on the run for a year, but 2 to 3 weeks, and his birthday just happened to be near that time. And yes on his age

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