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Name: Calliope "Callie" Wanda Roosevelt

Age: 16

Date of Birth: April 5, 1998

Place of Birth: Amelia Island, Fl

Sex: Female

Species: Greek Demigod

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity: Spanish-English

God Parent: Aphrodite, Hecate, or Athena

Mortal Parent: Paris Trinidad Roosevelt

Appearance: Calliope is a beautiful demigod with light skin, full lips, hazel green eyes, and short hair which she can manipulate it's length and color. Her hair is usually shoulder lengthed and dyed. She is tall with an athletic but slim figure.

Her style consists of crop tops, tank tops, skinny jeans, low-heeled boots, low heels, combat boots, sleeveless blouses, leather jackets, short skirts and short shorts, varied dresses, makeup, and wears jewelry every so often.

Voice: Callie's vocal tone is soprano, which her range is from octaves and a semitone Eb3-E7. Her agile voice carries very little weight with it and is vibrant and well supported all throughout the vocal registers. With great technique Calliope is capable of singing all the way down to a Eb3 with ease, exhibiting a smoky vocal texture. Her voice begins to showcase more power and character however in the upper belting and head voice registers where it finds its "ring". Many say she sings like Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, etc.

Personality: Callie is described as rebellious and courageous. She's adventurous and is not afraid to try new things. She can also be very impatient and quick-witted. She's very empathetic and sympathetic, often worrying about her loved ones. She's charismatic and very convincing. Callie has a creative mind and a very good memory. She's an excellent singer and talented actress. She is street smart, as she can pick locks and pockets, as well as change the tires of a car.

She's also fiercely loyal to the people that she loves. Callie is also very capable of taking care of herself, growing up her father signed her up for fighting classes after nearly being kidnapped at the age of five. She is strong-willed and determined and never backs down without a fight.

History: 22-year old Paris Roosevelt, of Spanish and English descent, met Aphrodite at one of the most romantic places in America, Amelia Island in Florida. He was working as a life guard, when he was awestruck by Aphrodite's beauty. He pursued Aphrodite, asking her on a date, to which she agreed. The two instantly connected, and within a few weeks, Aphrodite was pregnant with Calliope. Being a goddess, Aphrodite left but came back with baby Callie, and left her with her father, with a note stating she is in fact his daughter. Paris took Callie out of Amelia Island, and fled to Manhattan, New York. Paris claimed to moving there because he felt his old lover was there. After three years, he eventually moved on with his life, and went to school to become a Film Director.

He often took a young Callie with him to watch him direct movies. This led Callie to enjoy theatre, but eventually move on to music.

Growing up, Callie got into fights and had been attacked by three monsters before eventually going to Camp Half-Blood. Along with that, strange things often happened around her, often resulting in Calliope getting into kind of trouble or getting kicked out of school.

When Callie was six, she had a lot of trouble reading, it was the following year she was told she had dyslexia. At the age of nine, she was sent outside and to the office a lot because she couldn't stand still, she then tested positive for ADHD. At the age of thirteen, Calliope had her first encounter with a baby telekhine. When Callie started running away, the telekhine attempted to kill her, as luck would have it, a satyr was running by sensing the demigod, and manipulated surrounding plants to strangle the telekhine. Callie continued to run away as the satyr killed the telekhine. This made Paris sign Callie to self defense classes. At fourteen, they moved into Upper East Side of New York. When moving in, a harpy nearly killed Callie but a terrified Paris shot at the harpy with his rifle. Callie ran with the harpy chasing after her, Paris called Animal Control, thinking it was a bird. The harpy continued to harass Callie until her demigod abilities activated and she fired multiple of shells put of her palms, injuring the harpy enough to run off. Callie told her father what happened, but Paris dismissed it as a delusion, convincing her of it. Animal Control looked around but found nothing.

When she was fifteen, her father moved them to a house on Long Island.

On her sixteenth birthday, Callie was given a sea shell carved into a heart, with a pearl inside. The giver had no name, but Callie still felt attached to it. And yesterday, Callie was in after-school detention for fighting, and was attacked by a hellhound. Luckily, Callie's powers reacted and she oozed a dense plum of perfume suffocating the hellhound. One of the students serving detention, was the same satyr that protected Callie when she was younger, and he helped her understand about what was happening. He gave her his card, and the address to Camp Half-Blood. Not knowing what else to do, Callie convinced her father to let her go to Camp Half-Blood. He agreed, and Callie called the satyr and he led her to camp. On the way, a trio of harpies attacked the pair, and the satyr, Barrow, gave her a celestial bronze sword and shield; which she used to fight the harpies off. Callie managed to kill two of the harpies, but one of them killed Barrow near the entrance of Camp Half-Blood. Callie ran inside the camp before the harpy could get a chance to attack again. Two campers ran out of Camp, and killed the harpy. The harpy disengrated into dust.

Subsequently to the death of the harpies and Barrow, Calliope was emmited in an red aura, and her cuts and bruises healed, and her clothes changed into an elegant rosy pink Greek dress, her hair styled into a crown braid, flora embellished in her hair, makeup done flawlessly, and a gold necklace with braclets along with a ring with a shell as it's showcase.  She was then told she was a daughter of Aphrodite.

Weapon of Choice: Celestial Bronze Sword and Shield

Etymology: Calliope is one of the Muses (Muse of Epic Poetry), meaning beautiful voiced. Roosevelt is English for field of roses. Roses are one of the symbols of Aphrodite.

Melody the Movement (talk)


Wow complete details and you even included the voice > . <

  • Having the first monster attack at the age of five is too early. It should be at least at the age of 11-13, 14 being the latest given the right circumstances
  • How was she able to get to camp? And at what age did she arrive?
  • Where did she get her weapons?
  • Stating that she's been a year-round camper can make things a bit complicated since you need A LOT more details like what happened to her during those years and etc. I suggest you just let her stay out then add details on what happened to her before she turned 16 since that is her current age.

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Okay, thankies. :) And what do you mean by let her stay out? Melody the Movement (talk) 04:03, November 4, 2014 (UTC)

Mmmm stay out like she spent the years before she arrived to camp outside. That will make things simpler :) If you have any questions, you can leave a message on my talk page or maybe go on chat since I do not follow this page and I do not get notified when you ask here :P

Four penguinsSmile and wave, boys. Now that's the worst disguise ever. ~Alias KitMen-In-Black-psd71564

Fixed the age of the attacks,  and I have answered the questions in the History. Melody the Movement (talk) 21:02, November 4, 2014 (UTC)

And I also added what happened to her at a younger age Melody the Movement (talk) 06:41, November 5, 2014 (UTC)

  • The NYPD can not kill telekhines xD
  • Monsters do not attack mortals.
  • A rifle can not wound a harpy.
  • Did the harpies get inside the border of camp? I don't think it's possible for them to.

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Okay thanks I'll fix. And I didn't mean for the NYPD to kill telekhines, just scare them away. Melody the Movement (talk) 05:24, November 10, 2014 (UTC)

Adding onto Royal's previous comment:

  • Goddesses' generally do not stay with a mortal during her pregnacy, they usually leave a mortal after the child is conceived and will only return shortly to leave the child and/or explain about the child's demigod heritage.
  • Is Paris a clear sighted mortal? If not, then the mist will twist his sight and the harpy would have appeared to him as a regular creature.
  • For each year, after her first monster attack, that Calliope did not go to camp, please add and elaborate on another monster attack.
  • Please specify that the sword is made of Celestial Bronze as it is the only type of metal fatal to monsters and are generally used by demigods.

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Thanks alot. It helps. Melody the Movement (talk) 05:24, November 10, 2014 (UTC)

I don't think it's very likely that a harpy would retreat if it was shot by a regular gun, especially if it's completely unharmed. A monster's primary purpose is to hunt and kill demigods and in most cases a monster will do so even at the cost of its own life. Also, you don't need to have a section on what kind of voice your character has. 

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Okay, thanks for helping. And I know I don't, but I want to have it. Melody the Movement (talk) 23:02, November 10, 2014 (UTC)

hi sorry for the long wait but here's a few problem that I think you should fix

  • monsters dont attack prior to the age of 12 unless the dad is a demigod himself then that would be acceptable
  • the police department one can I ask whether they're demigods? cause i doubt mortals can see the monsters considering the mist thing
  • same with the harpy I doubt a shot would scare the monster
  • for each year she didnt go to camp please add a monster attack (meaning for when she's 14 and 15)

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 17:19, November 14, 2014 (UTC)

  • Okay
  • No, I  thought they would be able to see something else.
  • Didn't mean for it to seem like the shot scared the harpy
  • Okay

Thank you Melody the Movement (talk) 08:57, November 16, 2014 (UTC)

Just a heads up Im a new wiki helper so if i red anything wrong pls feel free to tell me :)

  • ok first im alittle confused as to what age she got to camp? the way i read it was that she got there at the age of 14. Since she is currently 16 i would advise you to have her get to camp at 16.
  • Second as windsword stated before a monsters primary purpose is to hunt and kill Demi-gods and in most cases will risk there own lives to do so. So were you mentioned the hellhound running away it would be highly unlikely it would do that. But i may be wrong about this.
  • Im a little confused about the harpy situation at the age of 12. Did the father kill the harpy with his rifle because if so the bullets would have to have been Celestial bronze which is usually not obtainable by humans. And what did the Animal control do when they got there?

For now i think that is it but that doesn't mean there isnt other thing you should fix :)

User:~The Musician~/Sig

  • Understood.
  • Okay.
  • No, I corrected it.

Thanks for helping. :)  Melody the Movement (talk) 04:47, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

ok seeing this claim only one problem I have....which is the police department one please be aware that mortals cant see monsters because of the mist (unless they are clear sighted then that would be an exception to this rule) so please change that part to a demigod saving her or a satyr and I promise you I'll claim this as soon as I can

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Okay, thank you so much. I corrected it. Melody the Movement (talk)

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