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Callista's main appearance

  1. Name: Callista Butler
  2. Gender: Female
  3. God Parent: Demeter
  4. Current Age: 11
  5. Mortal Parent: Spencer Butler
  6. Appearance: She normally wears a leather jacket, ripped black jeans, a band shirt (paramore lol), a choker and aviator sunglasses. An iPod and earbuds can sometimes be seen in her back pocket. She has straight black hair and vibrant green eyes.
  7. Personality: Callista is a loud, energetic, and wild person (almost annoying). She does what she wants and hates taking orders. She likes to roam places and is the most qualified person to ditch classes and responsibilities. She is “the friend of everyone” and has few enemies (those enemies are the ones who A) have a crush on her brother B) harass her brother). Her enemies better prepare for nuclear war. She loves to listen to music (mostly Paramore, Beatles, TOP, or similar artists). Her one fear is the paranormal or similar ghost-like occurrences. She has a bad habit of caring only for herself and her brother. Her fatal flaw happens to be her selfishness. One thing she cannot tolerate is being separated from her brother for more than just a day or two. She is a little clingy to him, yet seeming the older sibling.
  8. History: Spencer Butler was a very handsome and rich man; he lived his life like he ruled the world. He owned a mansion in Arkansas that was about to be choked by the overgrown garden in the back. Spencer used to tend it until he got too busy with work (he was the CEO for an agriculture business that sells farm equipment). He longed to have a pretty garden again, so he put up a ad for hire, looking for someone to tend it for him. For whatever reason, Demeter saw this and took an interest, and went for an interview. Spencer took quick interest into her (for her knowledge of plants and her looks) and had her hired. Spencer found himself trying to stay at home more and more to help her and watch her tend the garden. Even more, she seemed to be at one with the whole garden, and the place came to life in just a few days. He asked about her and her secret to gardening, but she just smiled and called it her “magic”. Spencer fell in love with her, and began to invite her to dinners and such. He was crazy about her, and insisted that she stay as much as possible. She eventually fell in love too, admiring his love for farming and gardening. Spencer made a special dinner in the heart of the garden, and asked her to marry him. She didn't say a word, stood up, and just guided him to a room. You can guess what happened next. They were together, in love, for the next four days- until she disappeared with no explanation. He was heartbroken, and was still crazy about her. He became irresponsible, constantly losing money to gambling and by purchasing alcohol and such. The company eventually got bought by a larger one. He got a letter from Demeter one day, announcing her pregnancy and that he would find her twin babies upstairs. He was shocked. Two little demigod babies and two weapons (a pair of knives and a sword; gifts from Demeter. He cant see through the Mist, so Demeter explained what they were and to keep them safe) and after looking after them for less than a week, he knew he couldn’t care for them- not until he was ready. He called his sister and asked her to raise them until he was back on his feet, and she agreed. He wrote a letter to her explaining everything and who the children were.
  9. Sunshine, Callista's aunt, was a person still stuck in the 80's. She was a bit odd, the "hippie" type of person. She had a little organics and antique shop in her big volkswagen van (which also towed an aluminum camper, her house), which she parked in empty lots around the country. (he didn’t want to become attached) She named them Callista (younger by 17 minutes) and Lennon. She raised them like she was: told to live life to fullest and to always stay happy; yet made them aware of how cruel the world can be, so they may be prepared and possibly avoid future heartbreak. Callista was a very hyper baby, never sitting still, always touching or doing something. (Lennon will be written later or soon, depending on the time im allowed two characters or if Im even allowed twins..) Callista grew up quirky (like her mom), but also loved the emo world (music mostly). She listened to crazy bands like Paramore or MCR; or artists like Queen or the Beatles. She loved her brother A LOT (like, a lot a lot) and followed him wherever he went (out of protectiveness, she's younger but still wishes his well-being). Callista was a wild child, almost unpredictable; she hated schooling (she and her brother were home schooled) and skipped as much as she could to be outdoors and roaming cities (which was 25% of the time).
  10. When she was 10, they had been traveling in the Appalachian Mtns. and were about to head north. They had been sitting outdoors of the camper, which had been parked in an RV resort. They were eating dinner (vegan); when they heard a snarl, and another, became to surround their camp site. Two grizzly-sized hellhounds (hellhounds, im changing it cuz i reread that book and remembered they are like werewolves, and these dont change? Also cuz the book said they cant be harmed by CB, ima have to re read more. Okay ill try not to change much else cuz writing is getting painful here) growled from the shadows. Their aunt began to realize what was happening. Sunshine, knowing their secret from her brothers’ letter, acted quickly started the van, unhooking the camper. As they got in, they hellhounds ran into the sides of the door, barking. Sunshine jumped in and backed up, then floored the gas and tossed on hellhound back into the woods. She then drove as quickly as possible, hoping to lose them. After three days (their bday passed, now they're 11) they got to the NY state border, living off the vegan snacks in the van and the few gas rests they could take, when the wolves caught up to them while filling the van's tank. Callista screamed as one bit her thigh, ripping off some skin (Callista is outside filling it), alerting Lennon (who was inside the van), and their aunt (she was paying the cashier). Lennon ran out with his sword, (their aunt had told them where they were hidden in the van and told them to carry them around at all times) and swung it against its shoulder. The hellhound turned and snapped at Lennon in anger, who stumbled back. Lennon scrambled back and kept his sword pointed in its direction, but then another hellhound appeared out the shadows (shadow-travel) and bit his shoulder. He cried out, and Callista, hearing him, tried to run to his aid. The first hellhound turned its attention to her, blocking her path to Lennon. Callista then backed away, until she was tapped on the shoulder. Her aunt was holding a box of matches, that she had stolen from inside. Callista then snatched the box, ran to the gas pump, and poured it the hellhounds as much as possible. She lit a match then threw it on it, but it did nothing. Callista screamed as it jumped on her chest, breaking a couple ribs and burning her a bit from the fire. She closed her eyes in pain and stuck one knife into its side, and her other above its shoulder. Lennon, still in the other hellhound’s jaw, screamed as it was slowly dragging him away. Callista, after the hound turned to dust, got up and ran to it, kicking it in the nose. It let go of Lennon, but growled and launched at her, scratching her with its nails (or are they claws? I dont remember for dogs) on her chest. Stepping back, she gritted her teeth in pain. Lennon, now standing, launched himself on its back. Before he could stab it, it threw him against the gas station's wall, knocking him out cold. Callista stared in shock, then angrily stabbed and dragged her knife across its back. Howling in pain, began to turn to dust. Sunshine, who had taken shelter inside, came back out and quickly dressed their wounds and put them into the van carefully. She drove again.
  11. Back on the road, their aunt explained that she was going to take them to a safe place- CHB. Taking reference from the letter, she also explained a bit about her brother’s relationship with the goddess Demeter, and that they were her children. She drove as far as possible and gave them directions to the entrance, just a mile away. The two were reluctant, but their aunt promised to come back for them when they called her; and told her they were ready to defend themselves. She drove off, after promising to keep them updated through email (Callista has her iPod). They nodded, following her instructions, hiked to the Pine Tree and were seen by a nearby camper, who alerted the camp. They have been here three days, and were claimed the first night.
  12. Possessions/Weapons: Callista keeps an ipod+earbuds for her emo music, her two Celestial bronze knives, sunglasses and her brother (she hates being away from him).

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(aw okay. Lennon can be in the infirmary longer, I guess? they arrive at the same time, so he can just chill in there until i get that diddly darn spot *^*. concussion from wall)


Hello, I'm Audrey, and I'll be helping you with your claim today~

  • You no longer need to have three godparent choices, just choose one, please *15 is much too late to have a monster attack. Demigods are usually first attacked between 11-13 unless something hides their scent for much longer.
  • Where did their aunt get the weapons from? Celestial bronze isn't common, and it'd be weird if she just happened to have CB weapons because she sells antiques.
  • Exactly what wolves are Callista and Lennon fighting? Are you referring to hellhounds or Lycanthropes? *How long have they been at camp? Two weeks is the max to avoid metagaming.
  • Because of the promise the gods made in the Last Olympian, Callista and Lennon would have to be claimed immediately.
  • Don't worry, once this character is claimed you'll be given another character spot so you can make Lennon.

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  • Lycanthropes are a medium level monster which means Callista and Lennon wouldn't have been able to fight three of them off without major injuries for both of them.
  • They have to be claimed once they get to camp, lol.
  • I noticed that according to Callista's history, their aunt taught them how to drive...? That's not legal, and I'm guessing someone would notice a thirteen-year-old driving a car. How exactly did they hide this?

Signature image "Chase me, catch me if you can... Chase me, yes, find me..."

  • Just a small detail, but the mortal parent section should be Callista's biological father.
  • A bit more detail about Demeter and Spencer's first meeting and how they fell in love would be appreciated.
  • That's probably now how it works. I'd assumed that if the godparent is a goddess, birth certificates would be taken care of by them through godly means since other official documents (among other things) for the demigod may likely require a birth certificate. So, two thirteen-year-olds driving on the road is not plausible and they'd pretty likely get pulled over for underage driving.
  • On a side note, actually, the nearby town is just a small town near Camp-Half Blood in Long Island, so nothing about the location of camp has changed from the books.
  • Even a single lycanthrope should not be fought with any less than 3 demigods. So, even with her twin brother, fighting off three is an extremely unlikely feat. One might be possible; if not, your best bet is to pick an easier monster. Also, only weapons made of silver would be able to kill lycanthropes, so Celestial Bronze or any other metal would do absolutely nothing to them.

Just a friendly reminder that you will need to wait until you're level up to Level One (one week after your first character has been claimed) in order to get a second character spot. So unfortunately, you won't be able to get for your character's twin brother claimed and start roleplaying with him until then.

That's all for now, good luck!

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Hi! I'm another claimer, so . . . hope you don't mind that much :)

  • Two demigod children of Demeter emit a stronger scent than just one, so an earlier attack is more propable.
  • Each year that passes after a first attack will always have at least one monster encounter - that is, until they reach Camp. So let's say they were attacked at 12 and arrived at 14, there should be at least 2 more attacks between the time interval from first encounter to arrival. 
  • I'm not really on a sold basis for this, but Celestial bronze isn't meant for mortals, much less sold to them (you can remember how they just pass through them). If ever it is being illegally sold, the Olympian council would've noticed it and have it stopped. (They might be weirdos but they can carry out their responsibilities, too.)

So, that's all. See ya! ~

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You can say that the weapons were gifts from Demeter, left with Spencer when she gave the children. Then Spencer just told Sunshine to give the weapons to them ;)

We have a choice: to live or to exist.Harry styles png 10 by tectos-d5t9eu6

Three days before she's thirteen still seems a bit late for Callista's first attack as her and brother's scent combined would be much stronger than a single demigod's. It seems more reasonable if their attack doesn't happen any later than the age of 10 or 11. Note that after their first monster attack, there should also be subsequent attacks (which usually comes annually). However, those attacks don't need to be explained and can be stated or generalized.

Other than that, your claim seems to be nearly ready for approval; just make sure you get these (hopefully) last changes in as best as you can, cheers!

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