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Name: Dustin Ryans

Gender: Male

God-parent: Hecate/Eris/Apate

Mortal parent: Henry Ryans


Personality: He is very blunt most of the time, but he knows how to be very cunning and charming when he wants to be. Very kind to his friends and especially loyal to those he holds dearly. He is very protective of the innocent people in his neighborhood. He is a huge history buff. He is also gay.

History: Henry was a demigod son of Ares, and to one of the woman in the Milano Family in LA. The family taught Henry many skills but even than he had the normal life of a demigod, growing up with monster attacks, than going to Camp Half Blood. He learned and trained in the camp but at the age of 20 he returned to LA at the request of his mother and started working with the Milano Family.

Henry became known as the Knight of the Milano Family, a feared warrior, and defender of the weak. His reputation drew the attention of Hecate/Eris/Apate. Henry was in a bar having just turned 21 when he met her, and they soon ended up in bed. After a night of passion, where neither the Knight nor the Goddess slept at all, Hecate/Eris/Apate relived that she was actually a goddess. Henry was a bit shocked but after that night he didn’t see her again.

One day there was a basket on Henry’s door with a baby boy in it. There was a note from Hecate/Eris/Apate, asking Henry to look after their son, Dustin. Henry was amazed and happy that he did have a child. For years, Henry and the Milano Family looked after Dustin. Henry encouraged Dustin to learn about sword fighting and how to wield a spear. He also pushed Dustin towards learning history, both of the mafia’s history, and ancient history, focusing on Greek society and mythology. This inspired Dustin to have a great love of history.

Henry never hid his job in the mafia from Dustin, and was quiet frank about how he hated killing, but did it to protect those important to him. Dustin looked up to his father as a great warrior. Henry overall hated keeping secrets from Dustin, and rarely did, but the one thing he didn’t tell Dustin was who his mother was. Also the fact that Dustin was being hunted by monsters. Henry made sure to kill most of the monsters that got close to them.

Dustin was involved with the mafia at a very young age. At first it was just helping the older members out with small tasks like fetching papers or food and drink, while listening to their stories. After that, Dustin started to get involved with taking care of some of the younger kids that would cause trouble for the neighborhood. This culminated in trying to take down a gang that had popped up. The teenager in charge was a man by the name of Jarred Swan. Who was a blood thirsty killer ravaging the alleyways.

Finally a monster did get through Henry’s defense. At the time, Dustin was 15 he was doing some training drills with a spear that his father had gotten him for his 14th birthday. He heard a weird slithering sound from behind him and when he whipped around holding the spear ready, he saw a snake woman, which he immediately recognized as a Scythian Dracanae. He jabbed forward with his spear and the Dracanae recoiled in fear. What Dustin didn’t know was that his spear head was a mixture of steel and celestial bronze. Dustin didn’t let this advantage go and charged forward, thrusting his spear towards a chink in the Dracanae armor and it burst into dust. He panted some and sat down, running a hair through his hand. A few minutes later Henry came running in, his sword and shield out and looking around. After Dustin explained what happened Henry sat down and came clean about everything. He explained that Dustin was a demi-god, and that his mother was Hecate/Eris/Apate. Dustin accepted it all, how could he not possibly accept it after what he just saw. When Henry said that Dustin should head to Camp Half Blood, Dustin refused. He was still trying to take care of Jarred.

After a month, Dustin got word that the leader had left to head to New York. Dustin and his father talked to the head of the Milano family and it was agreed that they would go to New York to help one of the allied families contain the teenager. They spent the time helping out the other family, with no word about the teenager they were looking for. They fought against a few monsters while there. After a few years, he was greeted with a note on his bed side table when he woke up. It was a message from his mother, saying that he needed to go to camp half blood, to learn how to use his abilities if he ever wanted a chance against the teenager, Jarred Swan. Dustin showed his father the note and Henry agreed. He pulled out a magic short spear that could shrink down into a bracelet. He finally agreed and Henry took him to Camp Half Blood, before heading back to LA. Dustin nodded and walked across the boundary line.

Weapons: Sword and spear

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