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Name: Dvalinn Queenland

Age: 17

Sexuality: Homosexual /Gay

Day of birth: November 25th

Year of birth: 2004

Place of birth: Olympus but raise in Alabama

Dvalinn Son of Morpheus

God/Titan Parent: Morpheus

Mortal Parent: William Queenland

Children: Arman Queenland (Son) Legacy of Morpheus and Aphrodite

Appearance (optional): Dangmattsmith

Personality (at least a sentence or two): He a daydreamer that like to sleep a lot but is a caring loving person that love and will fight for that people that he loves and care for especially his son Arman who he loves so much. He like to daydream a lot about males that he believe that are stronger then him in a tents to be attracted to males who he believed are stronger than him or just more skills. He also like to show people that just because he is gay that doesn't mean he is a good father. And is look for a boyfriend that will love his son just as much as he does. He also likes to train but not just to get stronger but to find a guy that stronger than him or what he believes more skillful than him as well and along your male and can be him in a fight you took his heart.

How did William and Morpheus meet: When Morpheus meets William is in the dream world who did to have a nice good conversation. It becoming nightly thing when the two or in the dream world always having a conversation (or in Williams dream) I say can you have their conversations the two become closer as time comes on to the point where William talks about his family and how he move away from his family becaues accept them for who he is for being queer who Morpheus listen to everything. From listening to his problems Morpheus admired how he handled his toxic family and how he moved himself away from. As the two became lovers Morpheus know that he can't be with him forever they're so using one of Williams dreams who is about him having a family who he formed that dream into an actual being a infant baby boy who looks exactly like Morpheus and especially William. Before Morpheus gives the baby boy to William he give and put a poppy flower necklace around the baby boy's neck before he teleport himself and put the baby on the doorstep of his lover as well a letter that explains his love and passion to William as well. When William find a baby infant on his doorstep he was so kind of shocked and seeing the letter in reading it finding out that the person in his dreams was the god of dreams all along in the infant is a demigod and his and Morpheus son. As he decides to name he decides to call the baby Dvalinn who means the one who slumbering. As you look at the baby boy sleeping in his arms.

History (at least two paragraphs) (warning this characters history talks about, kidnapping, homophobia, rape, and abuse): In the beginning it was just him and his father William in William being the best single father as he can balancing his college life and his parent life but everything was good. At the age of three Williams family found out about Dvalinn. They tried to tell him that he should not be raising his son because he is queer and the Dvalinn should live with them who William denied seeing that just because he's queered that doesn't make him any less or good of a father who got his family mad especially his father Dvalinn grandfather. Who his grandfather went over to where they live and tried to kidnap Dvalinn but William was not having it I see was go back to call the police his own father shoot him and kill him as saying the whole scene like it was a break-in. And when the police we're talking to his family his grandfather says Dvalinn was with them the whole time when it happened even though it was a lie and what actually happened is that he just left the body there until one of the neighbors notice that no one was at their home and that's how they find the body on the floor. For that day force he was raised as a Christian even though he never felt a truly connected to Christianity. Even from a young age he always felt like he was controlled but never really put a finger on it and also at the age of five that's when he first starts to lucid dream but never but never really quite understand it. As he attended on growing up at the age of 10 he noticed his attraction to other males but he kept it to himself knowing that his family would not get a good reaction out of it. At the age of 12 one night he have a bad dream about his dad see him getting shot by his grandfather but not knowing that actually happened. They're so wanting to get his mind off it he sneaks out of his room and starts to walk around the neighborhood it was dark it was hard to see as he's walking a Manticore appears in tries to attack him luckily he quickly move out the way but the monster was going back to attack again as it runs up to him he put his hands up try to block the attack but without even knowing he activate the power making the monster to see it's worst nightmare causing the Manticore mid attack scared and frightened. Not knowing what he did he quickly took that chance and run and quickly went back inside the house and went back to bed poor Dvalinn have a hard time sleeping that night. At the age of 14 his family can't complain to him why he haven't did any girl yet who he just blurt out that he doesn't like girls and that he likes guys who like he thought they have a bad reaction from that on you try to send up with girls from his school or from the church who he always refuse even if his family beats him up for it . 2 years later as he was 16 who his family still trying to get him to be with a female and he's not budging who his family had tired of it so what they did to him was mess up. One one night him and his family were eating dinner without even knowing his own grandmother put a drug in his food to make him sleep in more drowsy who he quickly noticed right after he ate they're so he went to bed his grandfather didn't hire a prostitute to have sex with Dvalinn even if he doesn't want to. They're so Dvalinn wake up to a woman on top of him taking advantage of him as he was too tired from the drugs to even get up or even move but he noticed his family in the background is watching with a big smirks on their face who caused him to be discussed by them in really sad knowing that his own family gets enjoyment out of it. After everything was done the next morning they asked him if he still is gay who he replied yes and let's just say he hated his family after that and being so mad about his family he decided to take a walk the walk was quite long to the point it was already night time as he noticed it was late and was going to about to walk home and sneak back into his room a harpy swoops in and tries to attack him luckily he ducks from the attack and starts to run not knowing where he's going he went into a dead end as the harpy was about to attack him without knowing he put his hands up going about to block the attack himself but without knowing he sent small energy and once the harpy got close it passed and enter a vivid dream out taking that chance he run back home. As he was about to go to bed and brushing his teeth he . Months later he got call from the hospital saying that there's a baby that he's the father of it takes him a while to connect the docks together knowing who is the baby from who remembers from the prostitute that his family buy. When he got there he find out mother of his son just left him there knowing not wanting his own biological son be in the adopted system he decided to take care of him and give him the name Armen after his middle name meaning dream or dream vision (if you wanting to know how did the hospital know that Dvalinn was the father because the mother of his child before she left tell the doctors who he is and they find him out pretty quickly because he goes to the same hospital for his checkups so they found his phone number and his information and called him) . Immediately after that he got a job to help support his son and he starts to work at a preschool who he doesn't mind because he likes working with kids especially infants. After a good one year his family keep trying to tell him to get himself a girlfriend so there be a mother figure for Arman who he keeps telling them that he's not interested in females and that he doesn't need a woman in his life. Until one day he was coming home from his day of work as well as Arman who also tend to same preschool that he works at. When he got into the house he see a lot of females in the living room waiting for him really like a blind date who his grandfather and other male siblings tried to force him to talk to them and have relationships with them who's this cause him to break telling them that he does not need a woman a girlfriend or wife in his life he wants a guy a man a male that loves him. And immediately he quickly went up to his room and pack everything as he was apparent to run away with his son when he got everything packed he went off. As he was walking to the bus station thinking about where to go a satyr appears right next to him who goes by the name of Samuel who's snoopy around him expecting him causing Dvalinn to hold his sleeping 1-year-old close to him not knowing who this satyr until he asked him what he's doing who Samuel replies asking if he's a demigod and asking if he attacked by a monster. Dvalinn was about to say no until he remembered the monster attack when he was 12 and 15 and say yes causing the satyr to jump up in happiness knowing that his suspicions were right. You Samuel told him about Camp half blood asking if he can take him there who sent you agreed want to be far from his family as possible. After a couple a week of traveling from Alabama to New York they meant to Long Island into Camp half blood and when he's got there he starts to cry doing that he's far away from the show called family who keep trying to change him and from abuse. after saying his tears as he smiles at his sleeping son who just wake up as the one-year-old boy this is his hand up point towards up to his father's head a Dvalinn notice a glowing close eye that pierced above his head as it disappears civilizing that he was a child of dreams a son of Morpheus.


1-2 years old: during this time it was a peaceful time we're just him and his father where his father is doing his college work while raising and taking care of him and also he as a infant loves to sleep a lot so he didn't bother him too much unless he wa hungry or needs a diaper change.

3 years old: at this time is where his father family found out about him and tries to force his father to have to give Dvalinn to them cuz they didn't believe he was a father because of him being queer who a lot the times William prove them wrong. This is also the time where is Grandpa tries to kidnap him while doing that killing his father at the process saying the murder up as if it was a break-in.

4-9 years old: During this time is when he figure out he figure out how he's not ready to connected to Christianity and doesn't really care for it as he always feels like it was kind of controlling but he keep it to himself.

10-11 years old: during this time he found out about his attraction to Males but he keep it to himself knowing that his family would not have a good reaction to it.

12 years old: during this time it's where he have his first monster attack and after that he it was hard for him to go back to sleep

14- 15years old: During this time is where his family start asking him why he doesn't have a girlfriend yet who he got annoyed of it as she just blurt out that he likes men and this is where they start to set up blind dates for him with random woman. In each time they try he doesn't budge who makes them very annoyed. This is the also the time when he was attacked by a harpy luckily without knowing using his powers to put it to sleep and noticing that his eyes turn into a lavender purple color but wake up in the morning that his eyes were back to Brown.

16 years old: At the time is where he was took advantage of why he was drugged by a woman/prostituteb who is paid by his grandfather to take advantage of him. And also during this time he found out that he has a son who is who also the child of the prostitute that took advantage of him and not wanting his son in the system he he decided to take care of his son who he adores a spice of the circumstances. Who his family also blame him for not using protection even though they were the ones who paid the prostitute in the first place (forgot to put that in the history).

17 years old: now he's a single father who has a job who and taking care of his son installing his family even in spite of his sexuality he is still a good father no matter what. One day he's coming home from the daycare with his son in his arms finding out there's a bunch of females in the house signing out that his male family members set him up to multiple blind dates who caused him to break knowing that he has enough of them trying to so call make him straight as he immediately pack up his things in his sons Arman things as well as he took off running away. While at the bus stop trying to figure out where to go a satyr by the name of Samuel who he find out from him that he was a demigod in travel with him back to Camp Half-Blood went to be far from his family. When she's got there he was immediately claim by his father Morpheus

Weapon(s) (optional): Dream rapier (a poppy flower go and change necklace that turns into a bronze with a lavender handle on it.). Gaygamer20


Hi there - Flopfish3 here. Let's get right to it -

  • Your history was a little hard to understand, but I think I get the gist of it. It seems like Dvalinn's grandfather killed his father. How exactly did the grandfather cover it up? It's unlikely police would simply leave the investigation alone after being told it was a break-in.
  • How did the hospital know that Dvalinn was the father of the baby? What happened to the mother?
  • Why was Dvalinn not attacked by monsters again between the ages of 12 to 17?
  • By repair, do you mean Rapier?
  • Don't forget to add a signature or write your name at the end of your claim, so it's easy to claim workers to tell who it belongs to.

Thanks for your patience,

Igglybuff.gifI'm Still Standing ~ Flopfish3Igglybuff.gif

Hi I'm done ready ever you are sorry for my bad writing I was so excited to make this character and I hope you your having a good day/night

Thanks Gaymer. Things look pretty good, but one of my comments from before still applies: why wasn't Dvalinn attacked again after age 12? It's very unrealistic that he wouldn't be attacked for five years out of sheer luck.

Igglybuff.gifI'm Still Standing ~ Flopfish3Igglybuff.gif

Gaygamer: Hi Flop I put in a second monster attach in the history

While that still isn't exactly an explanation per se, I think we can still stretch that to him just being lucky and allow it. That said, there is one other thing now:

  • Unfortunately, the ability to change eye color is not a part of the Morpheus powerset, and as such wouldn't be allowed.

Thanks again for your patience,

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Alright, looks good to go! Thanks again for being so patient and working hard on this.

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