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Name: Carmen Elise

Age: 17

God Parent: Nyx, Hades, Thanatos.

Mortal Parent: Max Elise

Personality: Carmen's upbringing has made her obsessed with her weight and how she looks in general. The guilt she feels for Bailey's death is slowly eating her up, and she's a broken shell of the girl she was before. She tries to hide her problems by being cold and sarcastic. Carmen doesn't think she's good enough for anyone. She's bitter and cynical.

Appearance: Carmen has light blond hair and green eyes. She is thin, with pale skin.


Max Elise never had to work for anything in his life. He was a rich, handsome and an aspiring model. At age nineteen, he had a one night stand with a lady named 'Carmen', who was actually Nyx. He moved on with his life, rarely thinking back to that night as he focused on his career.

When 'Carmen' returned nine months later with his daughter, explaining about camp and the fact his daughter was a demigod, he was angry. Max reluctantly took her in, naming her Carmen after her mothers false identity.

As a model, he was always aware of how the public saw him and so he took care of Carmen, spoiling her, but not loving her. He fell in love with a model named Skye. They married and had a daughter who was three years younger than Carmen.

She was named Bailey and was beautiful. Skye and Max adored Bailey, and Carmen was jealous. She speant a lot of her time trying to spoil Bailey's life. Bailey was the smarter one, the more beautiful, and the more popular.

When Carmen was 16, Bailey was at her friends party, which was a 40 minute walk from home. She had no way of getting home as their parents were in America for a special modeling job. Their parents often left them with a nanny while they went out on jobs.

Bailey called Carmen, asking to be picked up but she refused. She would have asked the nanny, but she couldn't drive and Bailey didn't have money for a taxi. Whilst walking home, a thief tried to mug Bailey. He told her that if she refused to give him her money and jewellery he'd kill her. Not knowing if he was serious, Bailey kicked him and ran, calling the police as she went. The thief freaked out, and easily caught up with Bailey before stabbing her.

She was dead by the time the paramedics arrived and the thief was no where to be found.

Carmen felt extremely guilty. Her grades dropped, her friends shunned her and her boyfriend dumped her. Carmen's parents put all the blame on her, and Skye refused to talk to her, wanting her out of her life as soon as possible. Max wanted Skye to be happy, and so he told Carmen about her mother and took her to camp.

On the way, they were attacked by a harpy, but they managed to evade it until they came across a group of demigods on a quest who defeated it.

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