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Name: Carter Frost

Gender: Male

God Parent: 1. Persephone 2. Palaemon 3. Eros

Mortal Parent: Katherine Frost or John Frost

Appearance: He is 5'11 and is muscular. He has tons of scars across his back and arms. He has 1 burn mark on the palm of his right hand.

Personality: He is usually mysterious and will not say much. He isn't shy it's just he doesn't enjoy talking very much. If your on his bad side he will not speak a word to you. If your on his good side you are guaranteed to be protected when your around him. If he doesn't know you he will not talk very much, but will be welcoming.

History: Carter was born in 1997 in Maryland. His father loved him dearly and his mother never really did. Carter's father would always take him to the park and the playground. When Raiden was about 10 his father pulled him into his office at home. John told Carter how his mom is not his real mom and that this God named Persephone was actually his mother. He told Carter that while on a camping trip he met her at another camp along the river. They talked and dated a year later Carter was born. Carter, completely shocked told his mother asking if it was true. Katherine slapped Carter and told her to never mention that name again. Carter told his father who then yelled at his mother. 5 years later Carter on his way from school told his dad some strange dogs were following him home, later that night John sneaked into Carter's room one night and told him to go into the attic and get a dagger then to run out through the back door. So Carter ran up and found a brilliantly beautiful dagger. Carter ran down stairs and found his bags already packed. He ran out the door and waited outside a bus station until the morning. When the sun rose he saw a satyr come sit next to him at the station. The Satyr said he could help Carter all he had to do was go to a Camp by the name of Half-Blood. When Carter asked the Satyr said that Carter was in fact a demi god and that he needs to get to safety to learn more about his mother. Carter agreed and was on the next bus too New York.

Weapons: A Dagger that he found in his dad's attic


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