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Name: Casper

Age: 13

Species: Ghost; formerly mortal

Appearance: NCT Renjun

Personality: Oh, Casper.. he's a snitch. Pre-death: Casper was young boy who wanted the freedom to identify himself with his own preference. He struggled to cope with the harsh dealings of the Olympé Cult and refused to carry out the legacy. This Casper was a tortured young soul who only wanted to escape from the appalling reality he walked in. He was depressed, suicidal, paranoid and anxiety-driven. It was a bad mix of traits for such a young child. Post-death: with the weight now off his shoulders, Casper is a free spirit with the ability to do whatever he wants now, despite being a ghost. He's a dozen times happier, especially after meeting Tomé. Casper, since he is still a kid, is extremely cheeky and mischievous, refer: all the moments he got Tomé in trouble. He loved the kid, he promised but he also couldn't help that delinquent-like streak in him.

Casper is sassy, though he's easily scandalized. Note: Skiddo Ban. That's all you need. While he is able to roast, he can't seem to do it with Skid, which frustrates him to the core. Casper is also immensely protective of people he cherishes, e.g. Tomé (no, he doesn't pedo over him don't listen to Skid.) Easily irritated, rarely angered, because honestly he can never take situations seriously for long. He loves a good laugh, hence why he pulls all these pranks because why not. Being a ghost however, gives him the perks of looking intimidating to rather bone-chilling; it worked when someone was being rude to intended to harm Tomé. To be real, he's most serious when Tomé is involved, because he's so protective. Rebellious and cunning as he is, Casper means well and has a good heart, he just wants to have fun.


Olympé Cult was a faction dedicated to Helenist extremists who took the concept of Greek mythology to another level altogether. They called themselves Olympians, and devoted themselves entirely to worshipping the Greek deities. The infatuation for the Gods was extremely unhealthy, so far as to believe that those who didn't follow their religion would forever roam the fields of Asphodel, while "Olympians" would be hailed heroes in Elysium. Crazy, right? Casper definitely thought it was. Being born and raised only to devote himself into this cult, Casper knew his Greek mythology from A to Z. From the creation of the Titans to every one of Zeus' horny escapades to the curse of Medusa, he could recall it 100%.

Casper was born to the cult leader, Elias and his wife and 2nd in Command, Mila. His real name is Erryn Briar. He was their only child, and hence was next in line to lead the cult, you can imagine how thrilling that idea was. At the age of 6, Casper was already being tutored on the traditions and laws of the society. Casper realized he was transgender at a really early age, but never mentioned the feeling to his parents in fear of being whipped for another reason. It was unfortunate, because he was restricted from dressing the way he wanted, and identifying himself the way he desired to be identified. Whenever Casper's parents were absent from home, Casper would sneak into their bedroom and steal Elias' clothes, and then parade around the house in them before they returned. The clothes, while several sizes too big for Casper, made him feel comfortable in his own skin.

Since he was still very young, Casper was only given the job to pass messages back and forth to cult members when necessary. Being the cult leader's son gave him opportunities he less than desires. The things he's seen happen in cult ritual conferences send shivers up his spine and keep his eyes open all night. The live sacrifices often left the longest lasting scars in his mind, whether it was human or animal. He'd stick to the wall, hidden from the shadows. Then the bone-chilling screams are drawn out of the victim, mixed with the drone voices of the cultists, and all he could do was close his eyes and try to drown it all out. It was terrifying, embarrassing and overall unpleasant. How the cult believed in such myths was just sick. If he told his parents, he would be whipped, so he remained silent.

Sometimes Casper would sneak out and mingle with other kids his age. While they have heard of his father's reputation, these group of kids only took pity on him: it wasn't his fault he was born into an upcoming legacy of psychos. Usually these meetups result Casper returning very late at night. When he returns, his father would stay very still by the stairs, with his thick, leather belt gripped tightly in his hand trailing down to the floor. He was being punished again. Yet even though it was painful, and ends with him crying and whimpering in the corner, Casper still found ways to sneak out because he was determined to obtain freedom.

Casper has color synesthesia. Noise, words, and even people were associated with one or multiple shades of colour. The color of the cult was dreary grey, mixed with black and red and ominous blude shades. His father was crimson, the colour of blood whenever he pulled out his leather belt and waited for Casper by the stairs. The world outside the cult was an explosion of colors, each shade was bright and beautiful and soothing, and Casper relished it whenever he snuck out of home.

Colors were one thing he saw, but at the age of 11, he soon began to observe other strange phenomenon. Flying ladies with sharp teeth would sit on lamp posts, screeching like banshees. Two headed dogs, pitch black wolves, beady eyes of large, humanoid creatures that sometimes walked through the town in the middle of the night; he's seen it all. These began give him nightmares to no end; it was exactly how the monsters he learned about in the textbooks look like. He thought he was going insane, wondering if it was because of the cult that he's going delusional.

Next came in dreams; blood splattered on the ground, the metallic sound of knives being brandished by shadowed figures and screaming, so much screaming. The dreams would sometimes be repetitive, or sometimes change. Whatever dream he got, he lacked sleep. The scariest part however, was how each dream became reality. It was as though they were taken out of his mind and put to play in his life. A horrified and haunted Casper swore he was going insane. He was never telling his father about this. Casper would attempt killing himself as if dying would stop the dreams, but thanatophobia would eventually overtake him and make him pause in his tracks. The next two years of his life were terrible, he became thinner and looked almost.. unhealthy. Abuse was part of the reason, but another was the sightings; Casper cried himself to sleep everyday, praying for the torture to stop.

Post-14th birthday, Casper's dreams predicted a school will burn down, and the number of casualties will be high. It actually did happen, the body count went up to almost 50. That's when he cracked. Home alone, he gathered rope and tied it into a noose, and then he left. There was a clearing with several sturdy trees not too far from town. Casper picked the first tree he saw and tied the rope, hung it over his head, and let death come. It may have been the fact that he had lost all will to live, broken down enough to now embrace the door of death. The corpse of Erryn Briar is found the next morning when Elias commanded a search for his child. The body swung slowly in the cold grey morning, and there was wailing, but Casper doesn't find it sincere.

He's dropped into his own funeral, ghost body easily moving through and around black-clad civilians who have come to pay their respects. That was when Casper heard some talk from the far end of the funeral. "She was supposed to be the next oracle..."

Oracle? Oh thank goodness he's dead. He's heard of those back when he was learning in the cult, and Casper wanted nothing to do with it. He was dead yes, but he was now freer than he ever was alive. Never again would he have those terrible dreams, or put up with the cult and their appalling rituals. A significant setback however, was his color synesthesia; or now, lack thereof. The moment he became a ghost everything drained out, and the world became void of all colors save black and white. Casper didn't think much on it however; he was still elated by the freedom.

After some time, Casper realized something: it was so boring. All he did was drift aimlessly till he himself didn't know where he was heading to anymore. The world was a beautiful place however, it would have been more beautiful if Casper could see color again. One day, he found himself in a brothel. Don't ask- he had no clue either. There was another person there; a young girl. What surprised him was that she could see him.

However, any pleasantness the conversation that initially soon evaporated when she opened her mouth.

"Does this mean your cum is ectopl-"

"We are not going there."

Casper did lead her out of there, but she kept asking him ridiculous questions all the way. After that encounter he didn't see her for some time, and continued on through his black and white world.

The first time he saw colour again was when he met Tomé. It came to a shock to Casper when the walls was leaking with multiple colours, all different bright shades. The boy, Tomé, was the most colorful of it all. Tomé swore he'd protect the young boy at all costs.

And um, cause a lot of trouble for him.

Casper didn't mean it most of the time he swears it. It just happens sometimes, sometimes. He'll admit sometimes he's really mischievous and causes too much trouble for Tomé, which often results the latter with a punishment. Tomé also had a sister, Maristela, or as he would call, his Rella. Rella could see Casper, but never mentioned him much.

A few years passed and Casper was still causing trouble for Tomé, though this time he shouldn’t of gotten in trouble because he was the one being bullied. Yet he was the one who’d been caught when he pushed one of them, even though it hadn’t been him. It’s always Casper causing the problems. (Yes riro, I blamed Casper :P) His Rella had stayed with him in the duration of his punishment, and so did Casper. The teacher had gone off for a break in the middle of said punishment and left his dog to look after them. 'But aren't pets not allowed here?' He had asked his sister, who only gave a shrug in response. That wasn't the only strange thing that was happening. The dog was staring intently at them, not the 'I-Want-To-Play' kind but the 'I-Am-Hungry-Kind'. It was creeping them out so Rella had taken initiative and started to walk Tomé towards the exit. It was a bad idea because the dog let out an unnaturally loud bark that prompted them to freeze in fear and turn to look at the dog, which looked like it had grown in size. Scratch that, it had gotten bigger,

That’s when Casper took the time to look real quick and identified it as a hellhound and pretty much walked off muttering something about finding them in the afterlife. That’s when someone else entered the picture or well, after they had gotten a little ways away from the hellhound. As the growling grew louder, the sound of metal against flesh and whimpering replaced it until there was only footsteps. The footsteps belonged to that of someone they didn’t recognize, but considering both of them were approached by this man and he asked to speak to them neither of them ran off. That’s also the time Casper decided show backup and ask how the fight went and boy was Tomé pissed off or as pissed as a 9 y/o could get.

The stranger explained that they were both demigods, though both were hesitant to listen considering they both needed to be home for dinner. As they listened, they realized they wouldn't be going home for dinner. The man explained to them about demigods and the greek gods. Especially the part where he told them they often fell for mortals, which Tomé found hard to believe. Though after awhile od listening he was pursuaded to go and after all he had wanted to see America at least once. With thay he pursuaded his sister and they were off to camp.

Upon arriving he was claimed by Zeus. Casper simply stuck around, finding the place pretty neat, especially since he could see colours again. Then again, if Tomé was there, he's always gonna see color.

Speaking of Tomé, he better apologize for leaving like that..

Weapon: None I doubt ghosts use weapons

- Can you feel my heartbeat?Here

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