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name: Cassandra Athenas

God Parent Choice: Aeolus, Nike, Zephyrus

Current Age: 19

Powers: Cassandra's control over her powers is extremely underwhelming, considering that she has mostly practiced weapons combat rather than develop her powers. She can use the occasional slight breeze/wind here and there but other than that, has not fully mastered her powers.

Appearance: Cassandra is somewhat short, at 5'3". From her years in the mortal world as a huntress of monsters and from her years of training prior to her return at Camp Half blood, she is slightly muscular, her toned biceps and triceps the most prominent of her features. She is slightly busty, with a narrow waist and slightly prominent hips. As with many demigods, she maintains a traditional Greek look, with olive complexion. She also has bronze coloured hair, with startling metallic blue eyes that crinkle when she laughs. She also has full lips.

Personality: She has a cold and hard, preferring solitude over company. She, however, is quiet warm and friendly once you warm up to her and works well in a team. She can take orders well and does not forget any details when given a task. She loves books and has a sense of moral justice, doing only what will harm people the least. However, she holds even the closest of friends at a distance within her heart, making it easy to lose her trust in you.

History: Cassandra had always led a hard life, which resulted in her harsh demeanour. She was born to Alexandria Reynolds and Aeolus. Alexandria worked as a bartender at a local bar in New York City. The two met one night as the bar was beginning to close. She noticed a tall man with tan complexion, swept back jet black hair and sky blue eyes. Initially, she was annoyed by him but as the two exchanged flirtatious banter, both consuming a substantial amount of alcohol. They quickly headed to her apartment to consummate their hasty bond. A few months later, they both discovered that Alexandria was pregnant. Despite her affection and love for Aeolus, she became embittered at Aeolus, telling him to leave. When he did not comply, she threatened him with the life of the child. Relucrantly, he complied, but not before writing a letter for his unborn child detailing power, and a map showing Camp Half Blood. He also gave her an amulet which would part to form dual kusarigama.

As she grew up, she was verbally and physically abused by a mother who had never truly wanted her. Alexandria had grown bitter towards Aeolus and had refused her her inheritance. Alexandria also turned into an alcoholic, often beating her daughter in drunken fit of rage. She was quite terrified of her mother when she (her mother) was in one of her drunken rages and would often hide in her bedroom closet to escape reality. Cassandra made few friends growing up, one of them being (she didn't know yet) a satyr named Michael. As she grew up and started to go to elementary school, her mother's drunkenness was further coupled with neglect and Cassandra would often be simply left alone, though her mother would either cook her meals or buy takeout occasionally. Cassandra experienced a lonely, abusive childhood and never got to do things that other kids did with their families (such as skating).

One night, after Cassandra had received a particularly harsh beating from her mother and had gotten drunk afterwards, (at the age of 12) she had called Michael to her house so that she may escape. Upon this, Michael explained that he knew a safe place and proceeded to initiate her into the world of the Gods. She initially refused to believe the story but later did after Michael discovered the amulet and letter from Aeolus hidden under a loose floorboard. Upon reading it, Cassandra agreed and they left for Camp Half-Blood. On the way to Camp, they were ambushed on the road by Scythian Dracanae (God forbid I forgot how to spell that). Splitting her amulet in half, the two pieces elongated into a long chain, with two scythe-like, Celestial Bronze blades at the end. Accidentally jerking her arm up to protect her face, the weapon arced upwards, slicing one of the monsters from toe to head. Opening her eyes, she saw the monster vapourizing into dust and she gained confidence. The snake women charged her but she swung both kusarigama clockwise, twirling in a deadly dance. She vapourized three more before wrapping the chain of one of her weapons around the last, immobilizing it-her. She pulled and brought the monster closer before using the blade of her weapon to disentagrate it into dust.

They arrived safely afterwards and she was immediately claimed by Aeolus. She spent the next seven years honing her skills as a fighter, developing a talent for the mixed martial arts as well as using the dual kusarigama and dual celestial bronze cleavers. She also made new friends, among which included her best friends Aeya, a daughter of Athena, and Marcus, a son of Hermes. They fought well together and knew each other's strengths and weaknesses and each other well. At the age of sixteen, the three of them decided to leave Camp to hunt monsters. Cassandra and Arya had received invitations from the Hunters of Artemis but had refused. The three of them set out for the next three years, perfecring the art of hunting monsters. Cassandra became a good huntress, good at using terrain and the shadows to her advantage. She became good at using a combination of fast but effective long and short range attacks. However, one night, they were ambushed in some alleys and in the ensuing fight, both of her friends were surrounded, overwhelmed by shear numbers, and killed by a large gang of Laistrygonians. She managed to escape and fled back to Camp Half Blood, bitter and cold (in her heart). She later changed her last name to Athenas, in tribute to her dead friend's god parent and so that she would no longer be related to her biological mother. In addition to her power handicap, she is also known to passionately hate monsters and can quite often go into a murderous frenzy, unable to distinguish friend from foe. She receives no additional benefits from this frenzy. She is now 19 when she reaches Camp for a second time.

Weapon of choice: Dual cleavers and dual kusarigama


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The backstory has absolutely nothing to do with the wiki. One could say she was "missing in action" and only has returned now to camp. Rather than a generic "discover powers and go to camp to be claimed" history, I chose to write a backstory where she has instead already been to camp and has already been claimed. This is merely her return (The character did not exist on this wiki before this but indeed that is not relevant seeing as her already being here is just part of a backstory and not having any harmful/unfair advantages). She has her weaknesses as well as strengths rest assured. As for the monster encounter, very well, I'll add one in, despite my misgivings that it's incredibly cliché, and over-used.

The boy who was there when they needed him was the first forgotten. 16:37, November 17, 2013 (UTC)

It has been a few days, has this simply been forgotten? The boy who was there when they needed him was the first forgotten. 00:34, November 22, 2013 (UTC)

Please separate this into paragraphs to make it easier to read. If Cassandra has been at camp before, then it would need to be backed up by users and characters on the wiki, who have mentioned Cassandra in their histories, as far as I know.
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12:35, November 24, 2013 (UTC)

Since your character doesn't have an image, you should add a few more sentences to her appearance.

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Mind breaking the massive paragraph that is the history up into a few smaller ones, it makes it easier to read and see the various stages of his life.

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Like Broken mentioned, you had stated that she was taken to camp when she was twelve and had stayed there for a seven year span. However, characters are only allowed to have been at camp for a period lasting more than two years in the past. So she isn't allowed to have been at camp at all unless it only goes back to two years in the past as her first time actually being at camp.

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I honestly do not see what is wrong with having been at camp already. If you're concerned about her powers, I'd be perfectly fine with her having just the basics. ~Moodle, Yours to command (Sig WIP). 15:45, December 1, 2013 (UTC)

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It is not the issue with her powers that we're cocerned with. It's that characters on this wiki should not have been at camp any longer than two years to train. This is due to the age of the wiki. Also, please expand on her early childhood, perhaps adding more of her reactions to the beatings. As it stands, it seemingly goes from her being beaten to finding a satyr friend and being 12.

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Very well. I've read the policy regarding how long characters can have been at Camp and I acknowledge the limit but truly do not see the harm in which being at Camp longer can have. This is downright stubborn, selfish, and even perhaps a little lazy of me but in all honesty, she is only quite able at fighting at the expense of not being able to use powers. I think this is a fair enough trade, though I will certainly add more to handicap her a bit further. Assuming that you WOULD allow this, she has been gone for quite a number of years and any characters/demigods/inhabitants of Camp who were there when she originally came would most certainly be gone or dead now. Thus I do not think that there necessarily is a character overlap. I know you are doing your job by sticking to the policies but I do not see this as a problem truly. ~Moodle, Yours to command (Sig WIP).

I only have one thing to say: I do not believe an untrained demigod would have been able to defeat 3 or more Scythian Dracanae all on her own, especially when she only received her weapon mere hours before.

- Demi 11:18, December 15, 2013 (UTC)

A fair point but one that can be countered. How did Percy manage to fend off the Minotaur in "The Lightning Thief"? Heightened battle instincts (the will to fight and survive). Also, Percy did not know how to use his weapon (though he DID drop it). Yes, being a child of the Big Three at maximum may have helped but at the time, he did not know of/realize his powers/use his powers. If he could defeat the Minotaur, I do not see why Cassandra cannot defeat only a small group of Scythian Dracanae. She did not so much defeat the monsters by skill but rather, through a heightened proficiency at combat (mostly survival instinct) through ADHD.

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