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Char name: Cecylia Pietrzak 


Age: 18 

God parent: Deimos, Hades, or Morpheus.


Mortal parent: Anastasia Pietrzak

Species: Demigod

Weapon: Dual Celestial Bronze Daggers and a CB Broadsword.

Appearance: See Picture.

Personality She tends to be very straighforward and inquisitive, but has the "tongue of a viper". She tries to bite back nasty retorts, but generally makes herself more angry by doing so. While she listens to other peoples needs, she does not choose to feel subservient at all. She serves people of her own accord, whether they want it or not. 

Anastasia’s history:

Anastasia Pietrzak was a desperate, yet beautiful, woman in Warsaw, Poland in the early 1990s. Having suffered the loss of both parents which led to her eventual life on the streets, she had nothing to lose and wanted a purpose in life. Her life never strayed from staying outside of various shops in hopes of getting essentials - in which she did from time to time. However, one night fear totally came to her. A few teenagers, too drunk to realise their actions, threatened her with various weapons and Anastasia prayed for someone to help her. Seeing how scared she was and was enticed by her beauty, Deimos decided to help her, shrouding her in some sort of terrifying aura which scared the teenagers off. He appeared to her and in return for saving her life, he asked her to have children with him. Having demigod history within her, Anastasia sensed something different about the man, however as she owed him her life, she complied and the two began sexual intercourse later that night. Afterwards, Deimos left, leaving Anastasia with a small pair of CB Anklets and a CB bracer, stating that she would know when to give them to Cecylia, He also left another weapon if she turned out to be more of a "tomboy", a machete coated in a bronze material. He also left enough money to find herself a comfortable farm home and told her to pray to Demeter in order to have good harvests.

Cecylia’s history:

After being born with Damian as twins, the two children grew up rather normally, being nourished by their mother, and wondering who their dad was. At age 6 they both went into kindergarten, making the school year more fun and interesting.

They stayed in the same classes up until 3rd grade (9 years of age), where Cecylia complained of being nauseous when she was sent to a prep school some 20+ miles away from Damian. While she felt that way, her mother thought she was finally “becoming a woman” only to realize that such a distance between to children of fear caused them to feel pain and a tremendous amount of fear. Anastasia had learned that them being seperated put them in an odd place, as a child in a new place without it's sibling would be terrified of being alone. She helped ease them into school gradually, feeling relieved when they stopped fretting over being alone. She had noticed a slight change in how they walked, as if they didn't fear anything, then remembering Deimos and how he was the god of terror. They've already been to hell and back before being born, they don't fear anything. She thought to herself.

by 5th (11 years of age) grade they were soon adapting to their surroundings, but noticed people behaved strangely around them, people seemed to cringe or look away in fear while near them, as if they were the most horrible creature on the earth. Cecylia thought this was funny, and was sure to make sure her presence was known by all around her, just to maximize the fear she saw in them. 

However, during one night coming home, one 6th grade (the day before her birthday) night, she heard a small voice in her head, You've used your powers wrong, and you act as if everyone is subservient to you. You will have repeated nightmares about the past and future to come, each one making your life seem a happy place in comparison to what you will see. She kept hearing the voice in her head, thinking it was a song to a band she couldn't remember, until she fell asleep. Now it begins. 

During the dreams, she experienced the horrors of war and man, the tragedy of loss and the fulfillment of a job well done. She feared the joy of winning more than dying, knowing what would happen, or what had happened to her opposers. 

During their adventures in school they found 2 friends, who seemed to like the no matter what. Ania and Alexander where their names, and they told them of worlds beyond them, the Mountain of Olympus and the plains of Elysium. She gazed at them while they told the most vivid stories of the Greek world, of the gods, and how the gods work. She wondered in complete amazement as they told her of Deimos, the god of Terror. She wondered why terror worked that way, and why she was cursed with the unending stream of nightmares, night after night. She shrugger it off, to get ready for her birthday, which was tomorrow.

However, on their 12th birthday, they spent the day with their mother, only to be attacked by Hellhounds the size of a german shepherd and Harpies. Quickly adding them up, she counted 2 hellhounds and 3 harpies. The friends they acquired had left the party before this occurred, except for the strange ones, Alexander and Ania.

The Hellhounds originally charged at Damian and Cecylia, while the harpies targeted Alex and Ania. The Hellhounds had grabbed cecylia by the arm with their teeth, trying to shred her to pieces, while Alexander stabbed one in the jaw upward with a strange ruddy brown sword. Cecylia looked down at his leg to see a hug tuft of fur poking out of the side of his torn pants. “You need to shave, Alex, you look like a grown man in a boys body.”

She looked at Ania and saw the same thing, a tuft of fur poking out of her side of her pants. “Are you people European like us or something? Because, we may be European, but we shave our legs at least.” She looked down at Damian’s leg to see a bit of hair coating it. “Well, I shave at least.”

As they charged the "kids", Alex leaped atop one of them, only to drive his sword into it's skull, rendering it useless, before another one leapt atop him, jaws snapping wildly. Aim for the head, they die quickly, Cecylia thought.

While Cecylia was bantering and dodging jabs left and right, they finally got rid of the hellhounds, but had to take care of the harpies. This is where Anastasia gave her the CB daggers that Deimos had left her and Ania gave her an impromptu training lesson. “The best way to learn, is to put your life on the line,” Ania told her. “When a harpy swoops down, duck, then spring up with both hands.” Cecylia then followed her instructions, but missed the first try. “Time it!” Ania decided to yell. Cecylia tried again, this time hitting a harpy square in the chest, bringing it down with her. “Damian, I touched a harpy boob, and it was surprisingly soft…” Cecylia called across the room. Ania responded with, “Yes, we will keep one for you to fondle when you want. Now pay attention.” Cecylia muttered, “Your sarcasm hurts.”

“Well, a harpy talon hurts more than my words, now, PAY ATTENTION.”

Cecylia began bringing down the harpies that attacked her one by one, but soon ran out of Harpies to attack. “Aw, I was having fun.” Is all she would mutter.

After the attack, the satyr and satyress decided to show the kids their demigod side, by bringing them to CHB. Along the way, the kids were attacked by several Harpies, Hellhounds and Scythean Dracanae. While they fended for themselves, the Satyrs taught them to defend themselves, most of what they knew being basic attacks. Cecylia had been given a pair of anklets by her mother during the attack, which had contained the BC daggers, and a bracer after all was said and done, which turns into her BC Broadsword.

Soon enough, they made it to Camp Half Blood, where they were claimed by Deimos. After being claimed, they promptly left to England, while their mother funded them to stay until they got jobs of their own, to spend the next 6 years in relative peace, aside from the monster attacks. Many times, the two were attacked by Scythean Dracanae or Harpies in a dark alley, but in some cases, hellhounds proved more worthy in open spaces, as they feared being seen jumping around, and being called a bunch of looneys. 

As time went on, they found more and more about their father, and more they knew, they feared him. After wandering home from work on a cold Autumn evening, they were spotted by a pair of Scythean Dracanae and a Chimera, they had to fend off the snake women with what they knew, but the Chimera was a new experience, they had never seen this. 

As they began to dispatch the Snake-ladies, the Chimera would then prevent them from finishing them off, mainly by snapping it's lion head, or dripping venom spittle from the snake portion. Soon Damian and Cecylia were outmatched, as a pair of harpies came in and swooped down, gouging small pieces of flesh from their body. Cecylia saw a pair of familiar shadows fleeting across the monsters, watching them all fall, aside from the one dracanae and the chimera. Ania picked up Cecylia and Damian, as Alexander tried to fend off the Dracanae, but instead killed the Chimera.

Cecylia soon grew outraged at having to be helped, "Enough!" she cried out at the Dracanae, pushing a wave of pure terror at it, forcing it to cower in front of her. Damian came from behind it, and cleanly severed it's head with his machete. "That was all of them, right?" Cecylia had asked, before she passed out from exerting too much power in that wave of terror.

They live in relatively normal peace from the 3 months until their 18th birthday, but had still to fend off the monsters that began showing up, but it was becoming easier, knowing how to work together with each other.

On their 18th birthday, they felt a strange sensation to make people feel sheer terror. While they made people around them suffer in terror, Cecylia still suffered from the horrible dreams, wondering how to remove them from her system, as if they were a curse. 

They then returned to Camp Half Blood, feeling relatively normal, surrounded by the other campers. To this day, they still suffer horrible visions of the past, but have learned to control them, more or less. They spend their days training and making new friends (and enemies).

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How many hellhounds and harpies were there?Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

Please add a section where you list Cecylia's weapons. What exactly is the nature of the curse? I feel like it's not explained too clearly. Are you planning on making a claim for Damian? Satyrs and satyresses could only offer basic training, as their main job is too protect demigods, not train them. Cecylia cannot fight with daggers as her main weapon, they are considered as secondary weapons.

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Ignore what I put a strike though, I spoke to Oli >.<

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Added the weapons at the top, where she got them, and the curse at the bottom, anything else?

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Could you perhaps detail some of the attacks in the four years they were in England? Also, if they were attacked when they were 12 and then lived in England for four years, there's a two year gap when there's no info. Could you please fill in the details between age 16-18?

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That was a bit of a misprint on my behalf, I meant to put 6 years, as they left for CHB, then stayed for a couple days, only to ship out to England, where they stayed for 6* years.

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Okay, First off, hai, I'm checking your claim c:

  • Deimos couldn't have known that Anastasia would bear twins. If I remember correctly, that's almost like metagaming, as it doesn't make sense that the god would know ahead of time that she would bear twins.
  • When the two children are separated, that's a really good reason for them to be scared. However, children of Deimos are almost immune to fear, but seeing as they're little children, it should be good.
  • Is the curse really necessary? And then later you say the kids became their normal selves, weren't they their normal selves already? If you're going to leave that part in, I would suggest explaining how the curse changed them, and how they became after the curse left them. Noticing that you put the curse back in at the end, you'll still want to add more about it at the beginning.
  • Okay, Hellhounds, can range from the size of a fully grown great dane, to anywhere smaller than the size of a large dump truck. So you need to tell what size they were, roughly, and you need to tell more about how they dispatched them.
  • As far as I can tell, you did well with the "time skip" for the time after camp. You should probably add a little bit more about how they got to camp the final time.
  • Also, to me it seems a little strange that the demigods made it as long as they did without any help from satyrs or other demigods. Where they trained the first time they went to camp? If not then they won't be able to survive on their own.

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Could you please add some ages markers throughout the history, cause age 4 to age 12 is a large skip


okay the whole them being apart thing makes no sense to me. especially since they're deimos kids, it makes them immune to all terror and fear.

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Well, at first them being apart and being scared was just because they were seperated and didn't know anyone else, but the curse itself, took away the immunity of fear, and instead sent frightening images and nightmares of past, present, and possible futures. The curse was there because Cecylia wasn't using her powers right, and Deimos thought it necessary to do what he did.

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