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Celeste Beauchamp

(Full) Name: Celeste Helen Estelle Beauchamp 

Gender: Female 

God Parent: Melinoe, Hecate, Nyx

Current age: 14

Mortal Parent: Lafayette Beauchamp 


  • Valentine DiLaurentis (Stepmother)
  • Jacques Baptiste DiLaurentis (Stepbrother)
  • Parfait DiLarentis (Stepbrother)

Appearance: (See Photo) 

Personality: Although Celeste has it all, she is easily threatened by people who intimidate her. Her jealousy and need for power often get the best of her and cause her to act cruel and selfish; likewise her fearless nature has helped her to get revenge on her enemies numerous times. Celeste is vindictive and cunning, she often uses other people as tools in her manipulations - she is the snake behind an angel's face.

Nobody tells a lie better than Celeste Beauchamp. She has kept lots of information about her life from her friends, while managing to acquire all of their secrets. Celeste often holds private knowledge of her friends over them to stay in control. However, at times, Celeste often shows her loyalty and compassion to those who exhibit respect for her.

Celeste displays sociopathic qualities: controlling, paranoid, charming, seductive, dominant, incapable of remorse, and extremely intelligent.

History: Lafayette Beauchamp comes from an extremely wealthy family from which he is almost entirely estranged. Lafayette is so incorrigible in his vices that he was on his third stint in rehab for drug abuse and alcoholism during his early twenties. Lafayette was placed in a rehabilitation program that was run by a woman named Marie Devereaux. Lafayette was admitted on an outpatient basis on the condition that he is monitored by a British nurse named Amelia Lexington. Very hostile and ill-natured about this arrangement, Lafayette has a constantly copping attitude and makes snippy remarks, even in moments in which his redeeming sides were shown. In his redeeming moments, Lafayette was shown that he'll take up for those whom he considers his friends, such as Amelia.

Lafayette was well on his way towards recovery, however after and incident where he became aware of his brothers death, he slipped into a state of sever depression. Subsequently, after the funeral, he gets strung out on heroin. While intoxicated, he is involved in a fatal hit and run which kills a six-year-old girl named Angelique. Lafayette eventually wakes up and remembers the horrific incident that happened the previous night. He tries to commit suicide by climbing in a tub of water and slits his wrist. Amelia finds him just in the nick of time to rush him over to the hospital.

After his recovery, Lafayette is eventually arrested for vehicular homicide after confessing to the hit-and-run. However, his parents quickly bail him out of jail and enroll him in the same rehabilitation program, however, he is monitored by a different nurse named Estelle. Lafayette was immediately attracted to Estelle and freely expressed himself towards her. The two established a secret affair, however, after Lafayette's parents found out about the relationship, they gave enough money for Estelle to the United States and have an abortion. Estelle did leave France, but she didn't abort her daughter.

During autumn, three months later, Lafayette had fully recovered and had moved to the United States to practice law on the east coast. It was there that he found Celeste on the door to his apartment during the middle of the night. After much consideration, Lafayette decided to ultimately keep his daughter and named her Celeste Helen Estelle Beauchamp (Helen after the girl he murdered and Estelle after his former lover). 

Celeste grew up extremely privileged and content with much of her childhood. However, after her father married a woman named Valentine DiLaurentis, her life changed drastically. Celeste was ultimately condemned by her new step-mother as being reckless and defiant. She ultimately had to compete with Valentine for love and affection from her father.

While maintaining her perfect composure on the outside, Celeste had internal conflict much of her youth as a child. At the age of six, Celeste didn't think much about the women or flamboyant men his father was bringing home whenever Valentine was gone on expensive ventures to foreign countries. They were always nice to her. Some of them looked shocked to see that Lafayette even had a daughter. But later in her life she realized that the women and men that Lafayette brought home were escorts or even prostitutes after she walked in on her father being intimate with one of the woman. 

As soon as Celeste turned eight, she discovered another secret about her family. She caught Parait, her stepbrother, smoking and selling cannabis. She threatened to tell Valentine if he didn't stop, but he continued, and she never had the courage to tell her stepmother the situation at hand. Two years later when Celeste was ten, Parait died of overdosing.

Early on during her childhood, she gained wanted and unwanted attention from older boys and men. At the age of twelve, she became involved in an abusive, sexual relationship with a senior who was enrolled in a local high school. Celeste made the mistake of inviting him over to her house when her parents were away for the weekend. That night, him and a group of his friends sexually assaulted her. Some of them even recorded the whole incident. After struggling for several hours, she somehow managed to liberate herself from her rapist grasp and obtain possession of a fire iron nearby. Celeste was enraged and screamed at the boys as she swung the fire iron feriously. She managed to injure one boy by breaking his rib and the murdered another one by hitting him in the back of the head forcefully. The rapist ran out of the house and Celeste plopped on the floor nude sitting in a fetal position throughout the night. Celeste looked at the inanimate, lifeless body decorated the white-tiled floor of her house. She grabbed her clothes put the body in a bag heading out towards the woods during the middle of the night. It took her several hours, but she buried the body twenty feet beneath the ground.

Celeste locked herself up for a year completely disturbed about the situation that has occurred. However, after Valentine decided that she filed for a divorce and demanded full custody of her two children she had with Lafayette. Lafayette throws a violent tantrum and drives off in an attempt to abscond the situation. In the morning, it is found out that Celeste's father drove off a road and crashed into a ditch and was pronounced dead.

Celeste who overheard the conversation between the policeman and Valentine was appalled. After much consideration, she locked the door to her room and filled her tub with water. Someone was banging on her door, but she ignored them. She slowly climbed into the tub and started slitting her wrist with a razor. She was soon surrounded in a pool of her own blood. She wept as she slowly lost consciousness, before she blacked out, the door to her room burst open and a tall, dark-headed figure loomed over her with a ghastly look on his face.

As soon as Celeste regained consciousness, she noticed images passed by her. She sat up in the front seat of the car next to the dark-headed figure that appeared at her side. He smiled warmly at her and explained to her what was happening. He was a son of Hecate, goddess of magic, who was recruited to help bring demigods to a place called Camp-Half Blood on Long Island, New York. He informed Celeste that she was a daughter of a Greek god, but he didn't know which one.

"You're pretty lucky I showed up as soon as I did. Otherwise, things would be looking pretty dismal..." He said as his voice trailed off. "Can I ask why you did that?"

After minutes of silence, Celeste looked at him with tears in her eyes and told of how she was molested and raped and how her father had died in a car accident. Surprisingly, the son of Hecate knew about Lafayette. He clarified that he was heading towards Celeste, but was attacked by a monster. While they battled, the monster slammed onto the side of Lafayette's car.

"How did you know it was him?" She asked.

"You don't need to know." He replied. (If you're wondering, Lafayette had cheated on Valentine with the son of Hecate's father for a number of years. They both were introduced to each other so often that the son of Hecate thought that Lafayette and his father were close friends).

Celeste had mixed feelings about going to this so called 'sanctuary' in Long Island. She was happy and content to leave her past behind her, but was hundred percent buying what the driver was telling her. After a couple of hours, Celeste encounters her first monster. The car flips and lands on its back. Celeste and the driver rush out of the car to find a Hellhound growling at the two demigods with a ferocious gleam in its eye. As soon as the son of Hecate pulled out a wooden rod that looked like a wand, Celeste put out her hand and a shockwave of energe erupted from the palms of her hands. It stunned the monster instantaneously. The child of Hecate emitted fire from the tip of his wand, and soon the monster fell to green ashes. After the son of Hecate fixed the car with his magic, the two drove off to Camp Half Blood and Celeste was claimed. (Celeste was 13 when she was attacked by the monster, but arrived at Camp two days after the attack on her 14th birthday). 

When Celeste was admitted into Camp, the child of Hecate gave her a Celestal Bronze whip and sword.

Weapons: A Whip, Sword and Ghost

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i'm assuming this is WIP so i'll mark it as such. but you should know eros is full (only one, lol) so if this gets through. you're getting morpheus.

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So did Lafeyette send the girl he hit in the car accident into a coma or did he kill her?

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He killed her forgot to edit that part out. --KiraYukimura (talk) 21:57, September 28, 2014 (UTC)

This shadow silhouette power you keep referring to is both extremely overpowered and is not listed as a power in the updated powerset for Nyx that was recently passed. You will have to remove it and come up with something else.

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Fixed it. --KiraYukimura (talk) 22:46, September 28, 2014 (UTC)

Not sure this is a rule, but the model you are using looks really old for a character that is supposed to be 14.

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Do I have to change the history just for that? :-/ --KiraYukimura (talk) 20:06, October 4, 2014 (UTC)

  • To clarify, how long was Estelle's pregnancy? How long did the father and the god parent's relationship last? Why did the god parent pose as a nurse to the father?
  • Could you please touch on some significant events from her childhood before the age of twelve?
  • Why did no one notice her burying a body?
  • How did the demigod get into her house and how did he find her?
    • Celeste had gained no monster attention at the point the demigod arrived, so how did he know she was a demigod?
    • Camp would not normally send out demigods to find other demigods, that job is for satyrs and (sometimes) nymphs.
  • The ectoplasmic shockwave power that you seem to be referencing in the claim does not have the ability to tear a monster apart, it would simply stun it.
  • On the wiki we count whips as secondary weapons, so Celeste will also need a primary weapon such as a sword or spear.
    • Also, please add where she received her whip

User:Bird of Winter/sigcoding2

Estelle was pregnant for three months. The relationship lasted a year. I added more. She buried the body at night. The demigod used the Mist to conceal himself. When Valentine opened the door he walked in, but made it look like he was a policeman. Fixed how the monster died and edited everything else. KiraYukimura (talk) 12:01, October 5, 2014 (UTC)

  • Relationships between gods and mortals would only last between two and three months as it is unrealistic the god would stay any longer.
  • Why didn't the demigod take her to a hospital?
  • As I asked in my previous comment, how did the son of Hecate know Celeste was a demigod?
  • The timeline makes no sense to me.
    • You say she was raped at the age of twelve, and (seemingly) a few weeks later she is thirteen and her father is dead. You then go on to say she is fourteen when she enters camp. How long was the car trip? o.o

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The demigod didn't take her to the hospital because he healed her. The son of Hecate was sent to get her from camp. And no idk where you got the last part, but whatever, I fixed everything -.-"....... KiraYukimura (talk) 23:59, October 9, 2014 (UTC)

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