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Name: Celeste Lindell

God Parents: Iris, Demeter, Nemesis

Age: 15

Mortal Parent: Tom Lindell

Appearance: About 5' 5", Birthmark on her wrist in the shape of an arch, Image provided

Personality: Celeste is an easygoing girl. She is very innocent and naive. She is a very friendly and sympathetic person. (If child of Iris) She enjoys outdoors. She is very playful and caring. She will, however, be surprisingly bloodthirsty around monsters. (If child of Demeter) She is very calm and collected. She is not interested in fighting. She tries to make others around her happy and healthy. (If child of Nemesis) She keeps a normal composure, unless she is around popular kids. She absolutely hates them.

History: One day, her father was in a peaceful and calm meadow. He always went there to find a place to be alone. Then, as if out of nowhere, a strange woman appeared. She told him that she also was fond of the meadow. After that, they spent some time in the meadow, laughed, talked, and even played. He then invited her to come to his house, and she accepted. A couple months later, he found a baby girl on his doorstep, with a note. It told him of Camp Half Blood, a place she would need to go when she was older. She had left a map with directions to Camp Half Blood It came with a sword and a little mirror. She also told him of some horrible dangers Celeste, the child, may have to face.

Celeste lived a fairly normal life, by demigod standards at least. She lived in Columbia, South Carolina with her father. She always seemed to be good at theater as a kid. With her outgoing and colorful personality, she was constantly finding ways to make the audience laugh. Her interest had sparked at 8 years old. She was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 10 because it was noticeable that she did not pay much attention in class. She seemed to stare outside, thinking of what she would do after school. She was diagnosed with dyslexia in the same year, for when the class did reading out loud, she often stumbled and read words wrong, taking up almost the whole class trying to get through one chapter of the book. Despite all this, she was a pretty well-behaved child. She never talked during class, she never swore, and she never back talked her dad. She never was rude to people. She was a very friendly and sympathetic person. She felt happy and somewhat normal, until that one day.

Sometime in March 2014, she went to her favorite place, which was a meadow in which her parents had met. She settled down and fell asleep for a long time. She woke looking straight at what looked like a overgrown Rotweiler (hellhound). She thought she could gently move away, but apparently this "dog" was out to get her. The "dog" followed her, baring its teeth at her. It pounced at her, and she did not know what to do. She struggled, but it was no use. She screamed for help, but no one answered. She was about to give up when she felt...strange. In fact, she seemed to be glowing. A prismatic beam came out of her and blasted the "dog" up in the air. It landed on the ground and with a PUFF! It had turned into some yellow dust. She felt tired, even though she just took a nap. She fell asleep again, but when she woke up, it was night. She went home as fast as she could. Right before her father started to scold her, she told him what happened. Her father told her to pack up all her stuff immediately. He took her to New York. On the way, he gave her the sword and the mirror given to him by her mother as well as an explanation of what he knew. They arrived in New York, and Celeste's father sent her on her way.

With the help of the map, finding Camp Half Blood would hopefully be a breeze. WRONG. When she was almost there, she saw a horse. It looked very lonely and afraid. As she approached, it suddenly, well, caught fire. It started toward her with incredible speed. She stared in awe, almost forgetting to roll out of the way. The horse tried to turn but was already going too fast. It crashed into a nearby tree and made it fall over. Luckily, there was nobody around to see that part. It recovered and charged again, but this time she was prepared. She thought of that beam again, but this time, a rainbow crashed down on the horse instead. It was stuck under the rainbow! She noticed this opening and did several (very sloppy) stabs at the horse. It yelped in pain, and turned into that yellow dust. With the very small amount of energy she had left, she limped to camp, passing out at the entrance.

Weapons & Possessions: Celeste uses a Celestial bronze sword with a little illustration on the hilt (rainbow if Iris, flowers if Demeter, yin-yang if Nemesis). She also has a small (regular) mirror from her mother, which she received from her father. She cherishes it very much, and keeps it with herself a lot.

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."-Dalai Lama


  • Please elongate your history so that it's at least 3 paragraphs.
  • Assuming that the feminine voice is Iris', if she were to help her slain the monster it would be direct interference and is not allowed among the gods and goddesses.
  • Kindly provide more detail (After changing the issue above) on her first monster attack such as what type of monster she was attacked by, how she managed to defeat the monster or escape, and etc.
  • Please elaborate more on her early childhood.
  • Also specify that the weapons (Dagger and arrows) are made of Celestial Bronze as it is the only type of metal that can harm monsters and other demigods.

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I feel that Emma Watson is too famous to be used for a model, so either change the model or go here. "Bows before bros." - Bethany Mota Result-50

In general, please go into more detail.

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"When she was about to give up, she screamed one more time, and, in a burst of light, the dog flew off her." I assume this is perhaps the help given by Iris but just as I stated in my first comment it would count as direct interference which the gods are not allowed to, unless the statement means otherwise. How come Tom knew the location of Camp Half Blood? According to your history, the note only had the name of it but not where it resides.

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I meant for it to be Celeste's doing, but I guess it was a little unclear. As you can see I have fixed that.

  • How did she get to Camp?
  • Where did her father get the weapon to give to her?

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If you read again, I fixed that. Thx for the advice!

The last entry was 2012, it's 2014. She can't stay at camp for the two long years. If you want, you can say she went back and came again but not that she stayed the whole timeSuch is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

Whoops! I was planning something where she wouldn't tell her dad about it until her second monster attack, but I scrapped that. I forgot to change 2012 back to 2014.

Please tell at the end of the history, what age she arrived at camp.

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A year did not pass at all. It was still March 2014. She's still 13.

Please elaborate more on her early childhood and I don't think harpies bring demigods to camp.

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"A harpy was known as the mother of Zephyrus, the west wind, sisters of Iris and daughters of Thauma, and Electra."

Harpies have close ties with Iris. Iris even saved some from the Boreads once. Maybe this harpy is doing it because of that? That was my intial idea.

I don't really know what to put for her early childhood. Suggestions?

How she was as a child, what was she good at, when she got diagnosed with ADHD things like that

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After using the prismatic beam, wouldn't she lose a lot of energy since she hasn't used her powers before? Please fix this.

Christmas starSpace is to place as eternity is to time.~ASH I like that. It works perfectly, yet I did not see it. Thank you.

In the books, harpies are generally not considered nice creatures please fix this.

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I'm fairly certain I cleared that up with Brock yesterday, so yeah. If things changed overnight, that's fine. I just don't wanna make it a satyr or something typical like that.

Please explain where she got the possessions and what Greek monster looks like a rabbit.

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It is best to specify what the mirror is capable of doing, even if it has no use you should put that in the claim as that is to prevent any overpoweredness effects or use that may occur when putting the effect(s) (If it has one) after the claim has been approved.

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