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Character Name: Ceriden Aurora (Ceri) Lagos

God Parent choices: Asteria, Ariadne, or Pandia.

Species: Demigod

Mortal Parent Name: Kasey Lagos

Current Age of the Character: 14

Appearance: She has Light blond hair cut short and piercing brown eyes. She is 5’2 and weighs a little over 130 lbs. Her skin is white and she has lots of freckles. On the outside of her left ankle is a scar from being branded by her fathers cow brander.

Personality: She is very friendly and gets along with many people but she doesn’t like to talk about herself much because of her past. She is outgoing and won’t give up easily.

History: Ceri lived in Kansas with her father Kasey Lagos and her step-mother June Hester. Kasey met Ceri’s mother one night while he was taking a long walk on the outskirts of his cattle ranch at night. They started their courtship that night and it was good, he was happy when he found out Ceri’s mother would have a child, but soon after the birth she left. He tried to raise Ceri, he really did. But as she got older it grew harder to stay as a loving father. She kept looking more and more like her mother each day. He grew to be an alcoholic as well. When she was 6, he came home one night so mad, he decided to brand her so everyone knew Ceri was his daughter and only his. Over the years he continuously beat her, soon after her 12th birthday though. He started to beat her less, started coming home earlier and was sober. That was because he had found June, he soon married her about 4 months before Ceri became 13.

She still didn't trust her father after all he did, though he tried connecting with her along. She thought June was alright, but she still kept her distance. She liked to spend her time out in the brush and woods out back behind the cattle, There wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to hide in and have some privacy. It was also there that she met her first satyr and monster. It was a regular day, a few weeks before she turned 14. she saw a man running and soon she saw a monster following him. She had no idea what it was, but it looked strangely like a horse breathing fire. But then it looked her way, and he started to attack her. She ran, believing she could practically feel the flames on the back of her neck, just like she felt the branding on her ankle years ago. and then she heard music, the rustle behind her stopped. She looked, the horse had fallen asleep from the satyr playing. Soon she found out his name was Baxter.

Baxter introduced himself after he realized she could see through the mist. He could also feel a strong energy from her. so he brought her to camp. a few weeks later, she was claimed at 14 at a campfire. After arriving she quickly started training, though she's found more in the pegasi stables because of her love for ranch animals.

Primary Weapon: a bow that can turn into a crescent shaped moon pendant, she found it on her bed one day when coming back from dinner. 

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hi there and welcome to camp before I could claim this please fix a few thing

  • how did she receive the weapon?*
  • what happen when she was 14? please elaborate..

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 20:25, December 28, 2014 (UTC)

Pretty good but you she couldn't get her weapon from her mom directly as that would be direct interference. I also don't think we allow a person to be at camp for more than 12 months when the claim is written.

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your claim is good I just wish you could take out the chiron part please? as he is no longer in camp he is

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nice try but even dionysus isnt here...soo how about you just say he found it somewhere (on his bed or somewhere) cause it would be considered direct interference when the mom comes to him herself but if she just leave the weapon it wont be considered an interference ok?

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took you a few tries but congratz

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