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1. Name-Chad Mikkelsen (but you probably knew that, I'm very confident in your reading skills)

2. Child of Notus (yes, you read that right)

3. Typical vanilla human demigod

4. 17 years of age

5. Mortal parent-Amelia Mikkelsen (also known as Mom)

6. Personality-Chad's basically the chillest guy ever (don't believe other submissions that say the same about them!), and it takes a lot to ruffle his feathers. He says what's on his mind freely, even though it has a tendency to be insulting or make himself look stupid (which usually doesn't bother him). He has no restraints and will do anything on a dare or just because, despite possible drawbacks. Inwardly, he's hugely self-conscious and is scared of people, but doesn't let that get in the way of being himself. He also has a tendency to incorporate strange words into his vocabulary or just act weird in general. He also hates birds with a passion.

7. Appearance-this picture

unless it's taken, in which case he looks different from that.

8. A Comparatively Brief History of Chad (seriously guys, don't need to write a book)-Amelia Mikkelsen started out as an intern at a local weather station in St. Louis, Missouri (go Cardinals!), fresh out of college with a shiny new degree in meteorology. Eventually, after a few years, she made it big, landing a job as a foreign correspondent in South America with the Weather Channel. But one warm, humid day in Rio, she met a charming young gringo named Austin, about her age, who claimed to hail from the Midwestern US as well, on a long-term business trip from Chicago. Putting aside their mutual baseball-related animosity, the two began to hang out together, eventually falling into a sort of love. On Austin's last day in Brazil, he finally convinced the girl from St. Louis to have intercourse with him, and she acquiesced. A few months later, Amelia discovered that she was carrying Austin's baby.

In an attempt to introduce the soon-to-be-born child to his father, she returned to the Lou and from there tried to locate Austin, but to no avail. She moved in with her sister, nominally for only a few months, but could not find work and ended up residing there permanently. Soon enough, baby Chad came along, and Amelia did her best to raise him.

Growing up, Chad's life was wholly unremarkable. He had friends, two or three short-term girlfriends, and did decently in school, but wasn't necessarily anything to write home about (except for those homeschoolers he trauamtized at Quizno's). He was the most popular kid in school among the boys for about two weeks in the third grade after eating an entire sandwich that had been abandoned on the playground the week before, but such fame is fleeting and he soon lost this popularity. He managed to graduate high school without contracting any deadly diseases or maiming himself, contrary to the predictions of many. As the son of a very minor god, he managed to avoid notice from monsters and general nasties throughout his adolescence and possibly could have lived out his entire life without ever learning of his heritage, were it not for one fateful incident, a few months after Chad turned 13.

It was just beginning to turn fall in the Lou, a beautiful time, when he was assailed by the greatest enemy known to all demigods (or at least teenage guys): hunger. The fridge was empty and his friends were busy, so he decided to make a solo run to the nearby Burger King (a high-class and quality dining establishment indeed). While there, he had an imperiling encounter with the second-greatest foe facing teenage male demigods: they were closed for Labor Day.


But as he dried his tears, he heard screams of fear or possible battle cries (they sound quite similar to the untrained ear) coming from the parking lot. Deciding that discretion is truly the greater part of valor, Chad hid behind a car and peered out from behind it, attempting to discern the cause of the sudden eruption of noise. He spied a young man, about 25 or so, wearing what looked like outdoorsy clothes and a Cubs baseball cap, being swarmed by ravenous demonic pelicans (of the Stymphalian variety, for the uninitiated). After serious internal debate about the merits of saving a Cubs fan, Chad decided that he probably should try to save the man's life, so he rushed into the swarm of pelicans and shouted primordial war chants.

This seemed to do the trick, as the birds seemed disoriented and the man was able to dispatch a handful of the foul fowl with a combination of a gleaming bronze sword (hitherto unnoticed by our hero) and sweet, sweet kung fu moves. However, unfortunately for our hero, the birds then turned their attention to Chad himself, who was equipped with neither of the myserious man's potent weapons, and began to peck and claw at his flesh.

After a few more screams of terror, which seemed considerably less disorienting for the birds than Chad would have desired, the man, having recovered from heavy panting, quickly ran to a nearby car and smashed the window, causing the bane of drivers everywhere, the car alarm, to wail, piercing the hitherto quiet air with its screams. This sudden disruption seemed to almost intoxicate the birds, as they lost all control of their actions and wobbled in the air drunkenly. Chad, seizing the opportunity, grabbed a bird from the air and stepped on it emphatically, stunning it. Feeling a rush of adrenaline, Chad, thinking his foe was slain, peered around for another pelican to slay, only to find that his companion had finished the entire pack off. Whilst Chad was distracted, his supposedly killed enemy sprang up, only to meet cruel death at the end of the man's sword.

After panting for breath for a few seconds, both exchanged thanks and the mystery man introduced himself as Tim. Chad made a crack about the demonic nature of the birds (not reproduced here for your own good), causing Tim to look at him funny and said that those birds clearly were pigeons. Chad insisted that his perception was correct, causing Tim's eyes to go wide.

Welp, long story short, Tim was a satyr recruiter (head of the St. Louis recruitment division, no less) for Camp Half-Blood and the birds were really monsters, with which Tim had initated combat in order to rid the Burger King of their menace. He also told Chad that he probably was a demigod, along with the whole "gods are real" song and dance. Chad made the logical assumption and told Tim that he was crazy, at which point Tim offered to prove it, reaching out and grabbing Chad's arm. Chad, again making the wise choice, wrestled his arm free and sprinted away, and Tim, still weary from the fight, was unable to catch him.

What Chad didn't know was that St. Louis was positively infested with Stymphalian birds, and as he grew older he found himself being attacked more and more frequently by swarms of birds. At first he simply ran, hoping for salvation from Tim or another sword-toting weirdo. Eventually, he began to fight back, mastering the art of fighting swarms of birds. After four years of fearing everything with feathers, one day, a few days after Chad turned 17, hewas once again hungry and, arming himself with a stick, set out for Burger King once again.

And who should he run into there but Tim, once again? This time, Chad was much more willing to listen, as the near-daily attacks from swarms of birds had caused him to reconsider Tim's explanation. Tim explained that he had attempted to track Chad down several times without success, as the city was large. Chad decided that Tim was most likely not crazy and decided to hear him out this time.

Based on what Chad told him about his father and about the last four hectic years, Tim deduced that Chad was most likely a child of Notus and that, luckily for him, the Stymphalian birds' constant prescence had somehow masked Chad's demigod scent from other, more dangerous, monsters that couldn't be killed with a stick. Eager to escape his flying nemeses, Chad decided to accompany Tim back to the camp, and upon arrival was issued a Celestial Bronze shield from the Armory disguised as a Quizno's reward card and was claimed by Notus.

Well this has been fun, hope there's no problems. EDIT: there were

9. they call him SPIJERK 23:53, September 1, 2015 (UTC)


Hey Spijerk! Welcome to CBHRP! I'll be your claim checker for today.

  • Please put in a paragraph each about his childhood (ya know..bout school and stuff), his first monster attack (you can choose light monsters here), and how exactly he arrived at Camp Half-Blood.
  • Mind you that his monster attack would be between ages of 12-13. Older if have the right explanation.
  • About his father coming back, that is a direct interference of the gods, and that is not allowed here. Maybe a satyr or another demigod would do. 
  • Also include his weapon and how he got it. 

I think those first. Alright, so see you again, Spijerk!

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

Fair enough. My bad for not doing my due diligence and checking on other claims, rather than just copying down the rules. I guess I got tired of writing and just skipped to the end of the backstory. Hopefully it's good to go now. Mucho appreciato, amiga! they call him SPIJERK 16:04, September 2, 2015 (UTC)

Good improvement, amigo!

  • How old was Chad during his first monster attack? (Reminder: Always happens during 12-13 years of age) And an untrained demigod can't fight a swarm of Stymphalian birds. Maybe only a pair of the birds would be good, if he has training.
  • Was Tim a demigod?
  • How did Chad get his weapon? (please state it's Celestial bronze)
  • Also, how old was he during his arrival in Camp? Remember, an unclaimed demigod cannot stay in the Camp for more than two weeks, let alone years. :)

See you again!

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

One thing about the monster attack: I believe it says somewhere in the books that minor demigods (which a Notiad would certainly be) can avoid being detected by monsters for their entire life, since they aren't patricularly strong. The angle I was trying to go for was that Chad would never have been aware of his demigod heritage if not for stumbling upon Tim (side note: he didn't really "defeat" the birds, he just distracted them while Tim). If any of this doesn't jive with the way things roll around here it can certainly be changed. Also, clarification question-can our characters have been in camp for years when we first start with them (e.g., having been claimed at 13 but we create them at 17)? Apologies for the long-windedness and thanks! they call him SPIJERK 14:42, September 3, 2015 (UTC)

To answer your questions:

  • On our wiki, children of minor gods are treated alike to children of big-three gods. The main difference being that children of non-big three gods have their first monster attack "later" (between the ages of 10 to 13; 14 being the latest if a plausible reason is provided on why he was not attacked earlier), not "never". To ensure parity between all demigods, being a child of a big-three god gives no benefits and they are not "stronger" than children of non-big three gods.
  • Per our policies, a demigod can only have already been at camp for a maximum two weeks. That is to prevent metagaming as realistically your character would have interacted with other characters during the extended time at camp, but those interactions would be metagaming as your character was never roleplayed.

So kindly make any necessary changes accordingly C:.

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Well, that's a very egalitarian attitude to take regarding gods, though it futzes up much of my work. I don't suppose I could get away with having the attack at 13, but for some reason not coming to camp until 17? I don't mind nerfing the age down to 12 or so but that would not be my preference. I didn't rewrite anything because I really don't want to do two rewrites when it's looking like I already have to do one. I appreciate your thoroughness! they call him SPIJERK 18:47, September 3, 2015 (UTC)

Hey Spijerk! Am back again! Anyway, still about the age (it's important, my friend). First how old was he when the Symphalian birds appeared? (If you mentioned it, sorry if I didn't notice). And second, you have said that he was about to turn 18 when he went to Camp. If you really want him to be at that age when arrived at Camp and was claimed altogether, then you should have the reason for him not being able to go to Camp when he already knew about it. And also the monster attacks between the years of his first and his arrival. 

So yeah, all that, man.

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

Responsing again because this is hard


So after hours of agonizing brain-wracking I have managed to successfully wed the age conflict and my desire for an everyman (actually I haven't at the time of writing this, tryna give myself hope). Now it's done, fingers crossed that it's not crappy and gets the good-to-go. they call him SPIJERK 18:52, September 10, 2015 (UTC)

Sorry if we're overwhelming you with comments D:, but there are still a few outstanding issues that needs to be fixed.

  • Camp doesn't tend to send demigods to bring other demigods to camp as that is a satyr's task. Also, choosing a demigod to do the task isn't the best idea since demigods cannot detect another demigod's scent and two demigods would attract way more monsters than a demigod and a satyr would. 
  • Chad's scream would only disorient the Stymphalian Bird for a short time (not for several minutes) and Chad stomping on it can injure it but that would not kill it (since only Celestial Bronze weapons are fatal to monsters).

The following point is for if/when you change Tim to be a satyr:

  • Monsters would not attack a satyr (like the stymphalian bird did) as demigods are their primary target; they may only attack a satyr if it gets in between them and the demigod (but that wouldn't be an issue since Stymphalian Birds can fly).

|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|---~Kevin---GrieverEven if you end up as the world's enemy, I'll be your knight.Griever


Fixed the outstanding issues (although knowing my luck I created a logic hole the size of Wisconsin). Fingers crossed.

Let's get TO IT WOOOOOO they call him SPIJERK 01:58, September 14, 2015 (UTC)

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