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Name: Channing Weston

God Parent: Lyssa (preferred), Ares( eh...), Zeus (only if i have to)

Mortal Parent: Tara Weston


Personality: Flirty, easily angered

Appearance: Muscled

History: His parents met at a club in San Francisco, (Ares, Lyssa, Zeus) seduced his mother/father and took him/her home. 9 months later Tara gave birth to Channing, (Lyssa, Ares, Zeus) told his mother/father, that he/she couldn't take care of Channing and that he was a demigod and needed to be protected.

Channing was a charming boy in school, but CONSTANTLY got into fights, repeatedly getting him sent to detention. Around the age of 10 strange things began happening, he was being followed by people in dark vans while walking home, as well as gaining a strange new, friend with a limp. At the age of 13 lnew people came into his neighborhood he occasionally got in fights with the new people who were really tall but could he never really fight so he always ended up running away. At the age of 18 an odd, new, HEINOUS teacher named Ms. Grune came to his school and was increasingly hard on Channing. One day Ms. Grune gave him detention, while he was sitting in the detention room Ms. Grune left to use the restroom, Channing thought that this was an opportunity to sneak out. When he got out of the detention room he turned a corner he ran into Ms. Grune, who yelled "I TOLD YOU TO STAY IN THE ROOM!!!!!!", at that moment her hair turned into fire and her leg into a donkey leg, she had turned into and Empousa. He tried to run but Ms. Grune was too fast. She eventually pinned him against a wall, choking him. At that moment his friend with a limp bursted through the doors and yelled "Channing GET DOWN" and he pulled out a pair of reed pipes and began playing, when he did vines sprouted from the ground and strangled Ms. Grune to dust.

Afterward Channing's friend tried to explain to him that he is a demigod, it took a while but Channing finally understood. They then went to Channings mother/father and told him that he needs to go to CHB and that's where he has been staying ever since.......

Run 'em like, Run 'em, Run 'em WOOP!!! 00:03, November 18, 2012 (UTC)

How would he have not been attacked until he was 18 also I highly doubt a cyclopes would ask where Channing was because only people who see through the mist can see him.

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