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Name: Charles Jean Bonnefoy

Gender: Male

God Parent: Aphrodite, Eros, Aglaea

Mortal Parent: Sébastien Francis Bonnefoy



Personality: Charles is confident, ambitious and a natural born leader. He is flirty and seductive to only people he sees attractive. While he may come off as vain and shallow, he is always there for his family and friends. He loves fashion, of course, and will be seen designing outfits for fellow campers. He is also very extravagant, always wanting and appreciating the finer and more luxurious things in life.

History: Sébastien Bonnefoy was a famous fashion designer and founder of a fashion company called Bonnefoy S.A., which is known for their extravagant designs. In New York Fashion Week, when he was preparing for his fashion showcase, an especially stunning model came up to him, her name was Angeline Bellerose (Aphrodite). When he looked at her, he instantly fell in love with her beauty and charm. Angeline was also smitten with his elegant grace and handsome features. They started talking and hitting if off really well.

Later that day, in the evening, they flew off to Sébastien's mansion in Paris. They had a few glasses of wine and started making love in his king sized bed. When Sébastien woke up after the romantic night, instead of the beautiful woman he fell in love with, there was a letter. The letter said that Angeline was actually the Greek goddess Aphrodite and that they will be having a demigod child. Sébastien was shocked and sad, so he moved on with his life. On October 10, 1998, while Sébastien came from an exhausting day of designing, there was a surprise on his doorstep. It was a beautiful baby boy in a blue casket encrusted with pearls and golden swans. He then remembered the letter and surprisingly smiled. Sébastien then named the baby Charles Jean Bonnefoy.

Charles' was a very privileged boy in Paris. He always got what he wanted and everyone loved him, because of his beauty and charm. His father was mostly away at work, so he spends his days in his mansion with maids, butlers, tutors, and nannies. At age 6, Charles was enrolled into a prestigious private school, his teachers loved him, girls admired him, and boys envied him. Later that year, Charles was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, but was still an above average student. Charles befriended a so-called "outcast" named Rowan Cypress. Rowan wears a hoodie everywhere he goes, is surprisingly hairy for a kid, and walks with crutches. Rowan was actually a satyr and sensed that Charles was a demigod.

When Charles was 13, his first monster attack happened. He was hanging out with Rowan when he heard something outside in his garden. Charles went to go see what the source of the noise was alone and it was actually a harpy who was lured by Charles' demigod scent. When they made eye contact, the harpy started lunging at Charles, who was running as fast as he can. He tricked the harpy a few times, but that wasn't enough. The harpy picked Charles up from the ground with her razor sharp talons and was ready to drop Charles, but Charles screamed, which Rowan heard and knew what was happening. Rowan ran outside and just as the harpy was ready to drop Charles, Rowan flung his sword at the harpy and she turned into dust. Charles fell to the ground and survived, but blacked out. After that first attack, multiple attacks happened, and all of them were blurry to Charles. Rowan tried to explain to Charles that he was a demigod every attack, but Sébastien wanted Rowan to tell Charles when it was ready.

Charles was 16, and Rowan finally explained to Charles about the Greek mythology, demigod, and Camp Half-Blood stuff. Charles was in a complete state of shock, but when he was able to process all that, he agreed, because he wanted a new life and a place which is for people like him. After Charles was done packing (a lot), they took off in Charles' private jet to Camp Half-Blood. When they arrived at camp, they were greeted with open arms by Alexander the Great. Charles then went to pick out a weapon, which was a beautiful celestial bronze bow and arrows. At dinner, Alexander was able to introduce Charles to other Camp Half-Blood campers, and while right in the middle of the introduction, everybody looked at Charles with shock. He was claimed.

Weapons: Pearl (celestial bronze bow and arrows) (mist: watch)

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Welcome to this insane website of roleplaying! Please don't get driven mad by Dionysus from the wait of getting your claim...claimed.

  • Chris Colfer may be considered a too-famous face. (OH HEY I ACTUALLY RECOGNIZED SOMEONE.) I'd suggest getting someone to put up a vote just to be sure :3
  • As a satyr, it is Rowan's duty to immediately inform the demigod of their heritage and take them to CHB. If you could come up with a better reason (i.e. Charles' dad not wanting him to leave), that would be great.
  • Do state that his weapons are Celestial bronze, please.

That's all I can nitpick through for now...pretty nice claim!

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Hi Omnia! I think have corrected my mistakes. Thanks! :3

  • History looks good! I can claim it, but I need to wait to see whether you put up a vote. Both Darren Criss and Chris Colfer could both be seen as too famous to be used, and a vote /may/ be needed for either of them. 
  • Um, if Rowan throws a sword at the harpy, won't it drop Charles onto the ground and still kill him?

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Sup Scales! I just put up a vote for Darren Criss and Charles just blacked out when he fell (as I put it in the history). :)

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