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Name: Charlotte "Charlie" Kennedy

Parent: Poseidon, Athena, Hades

Species: Demigod

Current Age: 12

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Hallie Kennedy

Appearance: skinny and tall with deep blue eyes; light-brown hair; always wears a t-shirt with jeans or jean shorts

Personality: shy, but can be aggressive when needed. Loyal to her friends, and will defend them and stand by them at any cost, but this can be used against her. Always speaks her mind. Always itching for a monster fight. Can get REALLY angry if her pride is tested. Tries to keep all the secrets she hears, never gossips. Loves the water and everything related to it. Is a good leader when the task is in her hands.



My mother has a friend who lives in Florida. One February, she was visiting her for her birthday, and she took a walk along the beach, hoping to just get away for awhile and figure her thoughts. She saw a man sitting in a beach chair and walked up to him. My mom told me that he was the most handsome man she has ever seen. He saw beauty in her, so they walked together until sunset, talking about their childhood and background, even Poseidon telling her who he was. Poseidon went home with my mom to her friends house. They were infatuated by each other, and everyone knows what happens then in a relationship. But when my mom found out she was pregnant, Poseidon left, giving my mother directions to where I'll be safe and leaving my mom heartbroken, yet she always told me that that was the best part of her life.


I started kindergarten like a normal kid, and spent the rest of my elementary years pretty normally: making friends, doing homework, you know, classic kid stuff. But that all changed when I was 8. I don't live in Florida, but in Pennsylvania, so I have these woods behind my house with a creek running through them. One of the trees, a giant willow, was always my favorite. I took a walk in late spring up to that tree, but on the way, I saw a teenager. She fair light-brown skin the color of the tree and her hair was long like the willows branches and the color of the fresh buds. She smiled at me and went around the tree to where I couldn't see her. After recovering from shock, I ran up and looked around the tree, but the little girl was nowhere to be seen. I later learned that she was a dryad, or tree nymph. Since then, I never went around the tree (until I finally figured out what it was). When I was in 10, during recess on the playground, I noticed a man in a trench coat and fedora standing by a tree on the other side of the fence. The strange thing was, he only had one eye. The teachers asked him to please leave, so he left, mumbling in ancient Greek.

First Monster

I had this friend named Kyle in the summer when I was 12, who I thought was very odd at first: nibbling soda cans, always wanting to go to Mexican restaurants, and never wearing shorts, and sometimes we played "War" together where we'd pretend sticks were swords, spears, or daggers and pretend fight each other. We headed down to the park just to talk, so we sat on the swings. We watched as people passed by with dogs or kids on their bikes, but as we were walking home from the other side of the hill the separated the playground from the field, Kyle and I ran up to the top and saw my first monster: an hellhound. Its razor sharp claws dug into a tree, making a horrible noise. Kyle grabbed something out of his pocket and tossed it to me, a four-colored pen. He told me to push down the blue one, so I did and the pen turned into a gleaming celestial bronze sword.  He explained that that was a monster, and that he needed to kill it, then he told me to run.  He then charged at the hellhound. The hellhound started running up the hill towards us.  Kyle made it half-way down the hill before he took off his pants. Underneath were goat legs. I stared at him in disbelief, but he told me to go. He ran down the hill and started kicking at the hellhound.  The hellhound scratched at him and cut him down the arm.  Kyle then came down and kicked the hellhound in the head. Seeing him fight like that I got mad, and next thing I know, water from the nearby pond came up and thundered down on the hellhound. Kyle stared at me in disbelief. People started gathering around.  Kyle told me we had to get me home. We quickly got home and my mom started packing my bag. Apparently the real reason Kyle was my friend was that he was sent here to protect me. I asked her where we were going, and she said someplace safe. We caught the next flight out of there to New York City. My mom then rented a car and we made our way down Long Island.

Arrival at Camp

We finally ended in Montauk, late at night and exhausted. We drove down an old dirt road to a hill. My mom told me to go with Kyle to the valley on the other side. I grabbed my trunk and Kyle and I headed up as my mom kissed me goodbye saying "Stay safe." Kyle took me over the hill, and a man turned to look at me from the center of the area, by a small bonfire. Kyle told him who I was and explained what had happened, including that Poseidon was my father. The man came over to me. He introduced his name as Alexander the Great, and told me to follow him. Alexander brought me over to the cabin like structure, and stopped in front of a sea-blue one. We walked in and I felt right at home: the windows looked out at the ocean, and everything was blue. Alexander said he would explain more in the morning, and he did. So I was 12 when I finally arrived at this place. Kyle stayed at camp with me, and he continued to be one of my best friends. He gave me a tour of what I know now as Camp Half-Blood, or better: home.

Weapons: Tyfonas: a four-colored pen with black, blue, red, and green, which can turn into a sword spear and dagger respectively, all celestial bronze. The black is just a normal pen.

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5th grade, what age is that? Also, no manticores. It's a difficult level monster and will not go after one demigod only.Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

  • Chiron is not at camp anymore. Instead, we have Alexander the Great.
  • Empousai and all monsters do not go after mortals. Thye only go after demigods.
  • Why didn't Kyle defeat the empousai himself? He's a satyr, which means that he has the capability to defeat monsters.
  • One slash is not enough to kill an empousai.
  • If I am correct, she got to camp when she was 11, and has been there for a year? She could not have been at camp anytime between January 2012 and now.

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  • The age of 12's a little late for the first monster attack, as she is a child of a big three god, she should generally have her monster attack in the 8 to 11 range.
  • There's a difference between bronze and Celestial Bronze, Celestial Bronze is the only type of metal that's deadly to monsters. So kindly change that in your monster attack paragraph.
  • Monsters generally don't just leave a demigod they know the location of just because they are told so by a mortal, as they have catched onto a demigod's scent, they most likely would go after him or her.
  • For your weapon you listed four colors for the pen, but listed only three weapons it is capable of transforming into, please specify what's the final weapon. 
  • How did Hallie know of Camp-Half Blood and the true identity of Poseidon and bloodline of Charlie? Whether she does not know or she was told by Poseidon or by Kylie please add that to your history.

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Kindly have the same gender for all godparents to avoid future complications. Why would Charlie charge towards the empousa when he didn't understand the situation? Most people would run away from a monster after all. Then, an untrained demigod would not be able to leave his first monster attack unscathed. How did Alexander know that Charlie was supposed to go inside that cabin when it was never mentioned that he was claimed previously? Most new half-bloods who do not know their parentage stay at the Hermes Cabin.Kindly add in her age when he got to Camp at the end of the history. Then, regarding her weapon, having a pen turn into three different things is sort of pushing it. I would suggest limiting it to two weapons at most.

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Som how old was she when she got to camp? As Demi said above, please have the same gender for the god parents to avoid future complications just in caes the Poseidon cabin is full. She wouldv'e been placed in the Hermes cabin because no one knew who her father was expect for the mom.  I'm basically just repeating what Demi said, please make sure that you've fixed everything. 

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If that's how the system works then how are there girls in Poseidon Cabin? SeaPrincess1122 (talk) 10:32, May 10, 2014 (UTC)

What was the little girl near the tree? Was she a ghost? Was she a nymph? If nymph, she must appear like a teenager, a full grown. Also, could you add ages instead of grade levels? It would help. THanksSuch is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

First, how did the first monster attack end? How can he defeat the monster since Charlie isn't trained in using a sword. (Excuse me if I missed that part if she was trained. >.<) Lastly, Charlie was 10 when she arrived at camp and it stated above that her current age is 12. Please do fix that matter.

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How did Kylie know that Charlie was a demigod when the empousai came, did she react?

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The empousai wouldn't just stand there as they ran down a hill, removed clothing, and cut into her side, by the time the demigod was nearby it would be on the move to attack, also the empousai would back out away from a person just flailing a sword around, not stay in and take hits. The char isn't trained in fighting, so the battle wouldn't go easliy for her

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It seems unlikely to me that Kyle would protect Charlie on her mother's orders. Perhaps orders from Alexander the Great would make more sense.

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Why would Kyle tell Charlie to attack the empousa when doing so could endanger her? Why didn't he just subdue the monster using his woodland magic and have Charlie escape? Then, how did Alexander the Great know to stop at the blue cabin aka Poseidon's Cabin?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Since Charlie didn't use her powers, how did Kyle know she was a daughter of Poseidon, in which Alexander the Great was told?Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

im kind of confused here... you said in the last paragraph that Charlie was 11 years old when she got to camp. But on the top her current age says 16 years old. If you are saying that she has been at camp for the past 5 years, then it is not allowed. (You'd need to fix the history and add what Charlie did in ages 12-16. as well as add in a monster attack for each year she wasn't in camp.) But if it was a mistake and she's currently 11 years old, you'd probably need to change that and make her 13 because we do not allow anybody younger than 13 year olds to be in camp.


woah... what? "I had this friend named Kyle in the summer when I was 12" is written in the childhood paragraph, but when she got into camp was when she was age 11.... And you put down for her current age is 13.... This is still confusing. >.< Okay if her true age is 13, she couldn't have stayed in camp for the past 2 years because you are saying that she has interacted with some of the demigods who are here. Another is that you need to carefully re-read your history over again (next time you write a claim) so it doesn't look funky (like this one) and people who are checking claims won't have to ask so many questions. >.<


  1. Explain her personality a bit more cx
  2. How did Kyle explain everything all at once, I mean theirs literally a monster coming after them
  3. If she was 12 when she came to camp, then why does it say she was 13 at the top of the claim
  4. Can you please fix some of the sentences, it's confusing o.o
  5. Explain her childhood a bit more
  6. Since when was she a cheerleader?
  7. Wait, how did Alexander know what god parent she had?

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An empousai for a first monster attack for an untrained demigod??? I think you should change that and pick a monster that is from the light section from out monster encyclopedia.


Please elaborate a little on her appearance, try to make it in paragraph form. :)


Did Kyle stay in camp with Charlie? Or did he leave right away? And if he left, why did he leave?


oh since kyle stayed in camp with charlie, you have to make a claim for him as well. is that alright with you?


I can make one for Kyle once I get claimed.  -Sea Princess

Wait......... why does her eyes change color? >.<  that doesn't make sense..... please change that and stick to her natural eye color (in her appearance)

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It looks fine to me, I will ask an adminto check it.

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