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Name: Charlot "Charlie" Davis

God Parent: Dionysus/Eros/Ares

Mortal Parent: Lucia Davis

Personality: Charlie is confident, talkative and friendly. Easily excited, rebellious and always ready for an adventure. She is really flirty and outgoing. She hates having to follow rules, so she just doesn't.

Appearance: Charlie has shoulder length dark brown hair and hazel eyes that sparkle when she's up to something fun. Slim and fit, she stands at 5'8". She prefers casual clothes and wears glasses, even though she doesn't really need them.

History: Lucia Davis met Dionysus in pub in New York, the year 1994. They had a one-night stand, which to Lucia's surprise resulted to Charlot. Even though Luc wasn't quite ready to raise a child, especially on her own, she tried her best. Charlie had a rather happy childhood, in New York.

That changed when Lucia got married with a man named Travis, when Charlie was 13 years old. Travis was nice...the first two days of the marriage. He turned out to be aggressive and Charlie couldn't help but think he was alcoholic. He would always yell at Lucia and, when Charlie wasn't at home, he would abuse her too.

Charlie couldn't take the tensed situation at home, she just couldn't see her mother sad. She started going to parties every weekend, to get drunk and stop thinking about all that. Her grades fell, but she never cared about school anyway.

One day a few years later, when Charlie was sneaking into her house at night, after hours of drinking, Travis caught her. He too was drunk, and he hit her. Charlie tried to defend herself, she grabbed the first thing she saw, which happened to be a bottle of vodka and hit her step-father. He fell unconscious and Charlie didn't waste any time.

She ran up to her room, packed a few of her belongings and left a note for her mom to let her know that she will be staying at her best-friend's house. That was true, but on her way she got attacked by a harpy. She would probably die if Lila didn't show up and kill the monster.

Afterwards, she eplained everything about the Greek Gods and Goddesses, and told Charlie about Camp Half-Blood and the girl agreed to go. After defeating another harpy and a hellhound, they arrived at Camp and Charlie got claimed by Dionysus a few hours later.

Weapons: A bow with arrows that can transform into a necklace, forged by Ollie Duvall.

"I refuse to sink" 12:46, July 21, 2012 (UTC)

How old was she when she was attacked and when she got to Camp?  Petite'likkle'elf: These Wings Were Meant To Fly.  

It happened four years after her mother got married, when Charlie was 17. "I refuse to sink" 11:38, July 22, 2012 (UTC)

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