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Name: Chase Everett Whittemore

Age: 20

Mortal Parent: Evanna Whittemore

God Parent: Zeus


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Chase was spoiled at a very young age, and so he grew up with the mentality of “what he wants he gets” which certainly comes off as very annoying to other people. He is also aware of how rich he is, and so he could get a bit boastful at times. Like his mother, he is also short-tempered and rebellious, but he is also very quick-witted. At times, he gets very moody especially when he doesn’t get what he wants and his opinions are the only opinion that matters to him. He’s not really the type to make friends but if he likes a person, then it only means that they are on very good terms because he ‘’’rarely’’’ likes people. On a more positive note, however, Chase is quickly amused and could a bit playful at times. He is also flirty when he wants to be and he is currently confused about his sexuality, as he is bi-curious.


Evanna Whittemore was a demigod daughter of Ares who belonged to a rather wealthy family, that owned a share of lots of local and transnational corporations. As she was a demigod, she had trained at Camp Half-Blood for quite some time and there, she learned how to battle, how to kill and destroy monsters, she learned all about the gods and the big mythological mess the world is in and was educated on how to cope with all those mythological things. However, Evanna was a rebel and she didn’t like being restrained and so she eventually grew tired of Camp and decided to stop going because she felt like she was trained enough to handle her own against monsters and any mythological mayhem she might land herself in. Susanne Whittemore, her mother on the other hand, being the overprotective parental figure she was, wanted Evanna to stay at their home the whole time, so that she might not get herself into any trouble (which Evanna had loads of in the past) further. Evanna, of course, wouldn’t have any of it and decided to run away from their home, leaving Susanne in terrible sorrow. She made the mistake of not getting much money though and was only able to bring a week’s worth of clothes and her Celestial Bronze sword that she liked to call “Mayhem”. Having no other choice, she was forced to work as a waitress in a bar, just so that she would have enough money to sustain herself out in the cold harsh world.

She was able to rent a rather shitty apartment, which she despised having been raised inside a mansion where she had everything that she wanted. She soon discovered that her earnings from working as a waitress would not be sufficient to keep her daily needs on check and needed another source of income. One of the waitresses from the bar she was working on, Janice, decided to tag her along to a strip club where they both decided to try out as prostitutes and got in, considering the fact that they were both young ladies with beautiful features. There, Evanna was able to earn a higher amount of money, albeit being just enough get her a better apartment and better daily sustenance.

One fateful night, Evanna was hired by a dashing and devilishly handsome young man for a private lap dance. They were both attracted to each other so much that they decided to meet up after Evanna’s shift to have sex in her apartment. When Evanna woke up, the man was gone, though she was alright with it because she was used to one-night stands and didn’t expect for the relationship to grow into something more. She had to admit to herself though, that that was one of the best experiences she had and that the man really turned her on.

Things took a slight turn when a few weeks later, Evanna discovered that she was pregnant and found a letter from Zeus that magically floated out of nowhere, and it stated that he is the father of their demigod child. Frantic, she seeked the help of her friend Janice and asked her for advice on what she should do, on whether she should keep or abort the baby. Before they could discuss things, however, they got attacked by a harpy that caught Evanna’s scent. She was so disoriented that she thought she was gonna die, when Janice suddenly jumped in and killed the monster with a Celestial Bronze dagger. She revealed herself to be a daughter of Hephaestus and she was rather surprised to find out that Evanna was a demigod as well. Evanna, however, realized that she won’t be safe in the outside world and she would need some sort of protection, a sanctuary. She asked Janice to come live with her back at her mother’s mansion (just to add to the security and because she’s grateful), where she’s sure she’d be able to protect herself.

Susanne happily took her back in, though she was gravely sick when Evanna came back because she neglected her health, used her time mostly for drowning in sorrows. Regardless, she was still strong enough to continue living and imposed a rule on Evanna that she’s never allowed to leave the mansion again or else she would legally disown her. Reluctant, Evanna agreed because she really had no choice and needed all the barrier she can get to protect her and her baby from the monsters. Janice was always at her side though, so she always had someone to talk to even though she was locked in.

Nine months later, Evanna gave birth to a healthy baby boy which she decided to name Chase Everett, the middle name as a tribute to her own name. Susanne was so happy about having a grandchild that she pretty much took care of the baby most of the time. Evanna loved her baby deeply but she was also quite happy, to have been able to finally get some of her obligations lifted from herself. She petitioned her mother to allow her to work outside and even though Susanne agreed, she was only allowed to work in one of their companies, so her connections to the outside world is still limited. Afraid to be disowned, especially at the stage of her baby being so young, Evanna agreed with the compromise. She started working to have at least some sort of satisfaction with herself and to have her own source of income, even though she was super gross rich.

At a young age, Chase was constantly spoiled by his grandmother, and so it kind of made him think that what he wants he gets, and became the number one source of irritation of the house servants. Susanne just shrugged it off because she thought it was natural child behavior. Chase wasn’t allowed to go outside as well, because of his mother’s fear of him being attacked by monsters, being a son of a big three god and all. He was homeschooled and had loads of tutors for almost everything, like piano, violin, proper manners (which he gravely despised), fencing and was also secretly thought the art of sword-fighting by Janice, which was the only other person he liked besides his mother and grandmother. He, however, wasn’t educated about the greek gods because his mother didn’t think it was the right time, just yet.

Dark times fell when Susanne died from the sickness she developed from when Evanna ran away years ago. The companies they owned faced threats of being closed and so Evanna had to rise of to be the CEO and overwork herself just to keep their family fortune alive and growing. Janice then became Chase’s personal bodyguard, with the absence of Susanne and a couple of their security guards and went with him everywhere, even though technically he was only walking around the mansion.

Monsters started attacking when Chase turned 7. As a child of a big three god, his scent was revealed to monsters a bit earlier and so, they started attacking sooner. Another reason would be because he was living in a house with two fully-grown demigods, which scents also attracted hideous beasts of different kinds. His first attack was from a Fire-Breathing horse that got into their property in pursuit of demigod scents. Chase was playing with his toys at their vast backyard at that time and had no idea that a burning equine beast was out there to slay him. Fortunately, Janice was alerted to the monster before it even got to Chase and was able to kill it easily. As time passed, this became a common routine as Janice was able to decimate the monsters without Chase even finding out, cause it was just the occasional two or three harpies and hellhounds, which was pretty easy for her to handle. However, when he got older and older, stronger monsters started appearing, and Chase found out about the mythological mess the world was in when he got attacked by a Giant Scorpion at their kitchen. Janice was able to slay the monster though, before it got Chase but it deeply worried Evanna and finally decided to tell Chase about everything mythological and even tasked Janice to properly train him for everything. She didn’t want to send Chase to Camp just yet because she barely sees him enough because of all the inquiry at work and didn’t want to be far for him any further.

Things were quite normal for a few years, Chase basically became a master sword-fighter with Janice teaching him all she knows and monsters never really became a problem, even though a large concentration of them started attacking in the recent years, only to however, be slain by them.

When Chase turned 20 though, that’s when things started to get a little shaky. He’s fine with the life he’s living really, because he’s filthy rich and has everything he wants, materially speaking but he just can’t handle being restrained anymore (a trait that he obviously got from his mother) so she decided to talk to her about letting him go to Camp. Evanna disagreed and told him that he’s okay where he is and that there’s no reason to change anything. With both being hotheads, they eventually got into a fight which resulted into Chase storming off, mouthing things about being an adult and being able to handle his own self, which was very familiar to Evanna because she said the same things to her mother a couple of years ago.

Chase decided to sneak away from their mansion one night and got on a plane headed to New York City, in an attempt to get into Camp Half-Blood. He was only good at sword-fighting, and never really got the chance to develop his powers with the lack of supervision, and so he wanted to head right where he knew he’d able to train. Evanna found out the same night and she and Janice went after him on a different plane.

When Chase arrived, he got on a cab and went straight for Long Island, even though he’s unsure of the exact location, he figured that he’d be able to figure it out later on. However, three hellhounds attacked the cab he’s riding just as it was taking the exit to the countryside road of Long Island that lead to Camp. The vehicle got flipped and the cab driver got killed and Chase was disoriented and trapped inside. Before the hellhounds could kill him though, he gets saved by his mother and Janice who both reprimanded him for what he’s done. They tried taking him home but he solidly refused and was about to be forced back on the rental car when a large pack of hellhounds with around 5 to 6 members and a flock of harpies, composed roughly of 7 to 8 individuals appeared out of nowhere and attacked them, attracted to the scent of three demigods concentrated in one place outside of Camp’s magical borders. They decided to run to Camp, since it wasn’t that far away, the group monsters hot on their trail.

After about a few miles of running, two hellhounds managed to lunge and pounce at Evanna and the attack fatally wounded her. Janice went to kill the two monsters as Evanna bid a tearful farewell to Chase, apologised to him and handed over her sword, Mayhem. Chase kissed her mother on the forehead before she died and accepted her apology, before being dragged off by Janice, who no longer was able to keep the monsters at bay which forced them to continue running. They eventually get to the base of Half-Blood Hill, completely tired when the majority of the beasts finally caught up to them. Even with all their experience and prowess as demigods, the number of monsters, added with their exhaustion proved to be too much. Janice fell in battle after being impaled by the talons of two harpies side by side and smiled at Chase before she died. Chase screamed in terror and sorrow and before he got overwhelmed by the monsters, a volley of arrows rained down from the top of Half-Blood Hill and killed all the remaining monsters. Chase just had enough time to look up and see a group of demigods with bows rushing towards him before he passed out and gave in to his injuries and extreme exhaustion.

He woke up a few days later, already claimed by Zeus. He’s healed completely, physically at least but he’s still not over the horror of losing the two people he loved the most, which caused him to be more unfriendly and harsher than the usual. He was however, ready to finally receive proper training and face the even harsher realities of the very harsh world.


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