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Name: Cherrie Fausters

Age: 15, going 16 soon

Gender: Female

God Parent: Pandia/Aglaea/Persephone

Mortal Parent: Edward Fausters

Appearance: She has long blond hair, and bright blue eyes. She's tall for her age, some people would say, she's at 5'7 currently. She has a kind face that looks cheery yet mysterious.

Personality: Cherrie's.. very energetic and lively, yet a little quiet at the same time too. She's your friendly-but-also-a-little-enigmatic-girl-next-door. She has the tendency to be really quiet and just walk out of the room whenever for no apparent reason. Oh, and Cherrie absolutely loves all kinds of food. From pasta to pancakes to nutella, you get what I'm saying. It releases stress, she proclaims.

History: Edward Fausters, a handsome young man, who had moved from Germany to Manhattan, New York, was walking out of his apartment at night when he bumped into ____. He apologized instantly and when he looked at her face, his heart skipped a beat. He thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. They both talked for a while.. then he invited her to the pub with him. There at the pub.. Edward most definitely was drunk if he kept talking about seeing blue kangaroos and green flamingos. Seeing him like this, _____ decided to bring him back home. There, by accident or on purpose, I'm not sure, but they had a one-night-stand.

By the time Edward woke up, _____ was gone. He had forgotten about that last night apparently, but not _____, he hoped she would come back soon. A few months then passed, _____ came back with a silver bundle carried in her hands. She knocked the door and Edward opened it moments later. When he saw _____ his heart thudded loudly, he asked her if she was gonna stay but she said she couldn't, sadly, as she had to "move to another country". This saddened him but he accepted the silver bundle from her, his child. _____ gave him one last kiss before going on her way.

Cherrie was a friendly-yet-shy girl as she grew up. Her father loved her, and would be spending a lot of time with her. Life was okay.. she was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was 9, explains why she has trouble doing math, her father thought. When she turned 13, she was walking back from going to the playground, then this.. bird lady creature suddenly came out from the trees and attacked her. Cherrie would've been killed if it hadn't been for a girl from her school named Stacy, she shot the harpy with an arrow, and it fell and crumbled to dust. She knew Stacy as an acquaintance, but there was always this strange vibe as if coming from her.. Stacy asked if she was okay then explained to her.. all the demigod stuff, and yeah.

It was a lot to digest in, but Cherrie said no when she was asked to go to Camp Half-Blood, the only safe place for demigods, she didn't want to leave her home.. Stacy gave up after numerous tries of asking and insisting. She gave her a whip from her belt so she could use it during desperate times. Cherrie didn't tell this incident to her dad, she thought he wouldn't believe her then.

Two years passed, Cherrie had been battling monsters with her whip alongside Stacy from time to time. The monsters just kept growing.. Cherrie knew it was soon time to tell her father one day. It came eventually. So, on that particular day, she did, Stacy was by her side then too. At first her dad didn't believe her, but after some serious persuasion he did. He didn't want to let Cherrie go, but it was for the best. So he agreed and the two, Cherrie and Stacy, packed their stuff and were soon on their way. Within a few hours of walking, they made it. Cherrie was claimed the next day by _____.

Weapons: A whip

- Cloudsies Riri ye ye ye 10,487Cloudsies

If anyone was wondering, yes, I read the claim. :P

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