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Name: Chloe Ryan

Age: 17

Gender: Female

God Parent (in order of preference): Poseidon, Zeus, Athena.

Mortal Parent: Brian/Liza Ryan

Appearance: Chloe has tan skin, blond hair and is slim. She stands at a rather short 5”3’.

Personality: Chloe is warm, friendly and enthusiastic. She is easily impressed and excited. Chloe has a string sense of values and believes honesty as the most important thing in any relationship. She is free spirited, optimistic and tends to just go with the flow. Chloe does what she wants, when she feels like it and can seem a little crazy and immature at times. She believes life is a gift and you must make the most of it whilst you can.

History: Chloe’s mortal parent met Chloe’s godly parent on her seventeenth birthday. Like Chloe, her mortal parent was carefree and energetic as well as immature. She/he fell in love with him/her so quickly that it surprised her/himself. Later that year, Chloe was born.

After her godparent left, Chloe’s mortal parent was heartbroken. Trying to be rid of her/his sadness, she/he travelled the world with Chloe, spending little time in any one place. Chloe did not mind this and truly loved her many experiences, but was a little disappointed that every time she got remotely close to someone she had to leave. Her travels were not all fun and games; she was home schooled along the way by her mortal parent.

Her mortal parents heartbreak never did heal. Chloe was a constant reminder to him/her of her loss of her lover. So on Chloe’s 17th birthday she/he left without goodbye, leaving a letter explaining everything and some cash to fund her journey to camp. She arrived with little trouble.

Weapons: Chloe found a sword when she was travelling with her mortal parent that she very clumsily taught herself how to use. Gypsy Thief 06:33, October 23, 2011 (UTC)

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