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Name: Chris Davis

Gender: male

God-parent: Eros, Nemesis, Athena

Mortal parent: Lauren Davis / Stewart Davis

Appearance: He has brown hair that he keeps relatively short. He has brown eyes. He is 5 foot 10 inches tall. He has a bit of muscles. He has a small scar on his right arm from when he was attacked by a hellhound. He is relatively tanned from hunting with his grandfather and cross country running.

Personality: He is generally trusting and makes friends easily. He is very protective of friends and family and won’t hold back if someone he loves is hurt or in danger. He will try and help people if he thinks they are in trouble.

History: He lives by Toronto Ontario. Well growing up he would constantly see strange stuff. His mom/dad would always tell him that he was imagining stuff. During the summer his grandfather would take him out for camping and hunting trips. Well on the trips he would practice archery and also practice witling with a sheath knife that his mom/dad gave him. When he was 15 his grandfather took him hunting for a week. One day in the middle of the trip they were out hunting and they were attacked by a hellhound. His grandfather just thought that it was a grizzly bear. But He saw it as a huge demonic dog. He pulled out his sheath knife to try to fight it. When he pulled it out he noticed that it looked like a 5 inch bronze dagger. He was able to kill the dog but got a cut on his right arm. They ended the trip early and hurry back to his house. He told his mom/dad what happened and she/he said that they needed to get him to camp. His mom/dad drove him across the Canada-US border. While driving his mom/dad told him that he was a demi-god and that his knife was a gift from his godly parent. When they reached the border of the camp he got out of the car and walked up the hill to begin the new part of his life.

Weapons: His main weapon is a 5 inch celestial bronze dagger. He will also use a celestial bronze sword and bow and arrows.

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