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Name: Chriselda 'Chrissa' Farlin

Gender: Female

God Parent: Hecate, Melinoe, Pandia


Mortal Parent: Craig Farlin

Appearance: Chrissa has waist length strawberry-blonde. She has ocean blue eyes and a small scars along her upper lip on the right side as well as a burn mark on her left leg. Also, she has fair-toned skin with a few freckles scattered across her nose and cheeks. She is 5'6". She has the word "protect" (in greek) tattooed between her shoulder blades, as well as multiple runes tattoed in other places (ankle, wrist, etc.). (FC: Lindsay Jordan Voth)

Personality: 16 year old Chrissa is very secretive, especially when with strangers or people she doesn't trust. She is very observant and clever, and has good intuition. She is also strong-willed and independent. She loves cranberry juice and cats, but fears having no control of herself and small spaces, and fire. Due to her past, she is self-destructive and a bit dark at times. She tends to have hallucinations at random, and sometimes 'talks to Jonas'.

History: Craig Farlin recieved his first magic kit at the age of 9. He never went anywhere without his plastic wand, performing for starngers at restraunts, on the streets, and would be seen every year at his schools' talent show. He decided to not attend college, to his parents dismay, and instead persued magic. He was still performing at childrens parties when he was 31. Then he met someone. Maggie Brilland was returning to college to practice alchemy. Her cleverness and mysterious persona captivated him and he fell for her instantly. 

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They were together for only three months but he planned to propse to her, but then she disappeared. He was used to her being gone for a couple days, sometimes a week, and then come back without an explanation. But this time was different. This time every trace of her exsistance was gone. This time he never heard from her again, except once. Almost four months after she left, he came home from the bar to find a small baby girl lying in a basket made from, what looked like, gold. A letter sat in the basket with her and, even though she was crying, he pulled it out first. 

Dear Craig, I hope you can come to understand why I have left. As a goddess I have a duty that I must fullfill. This is your daughter. Take care of her. Make her strong and protect her. Love her, for she will do great things one day. -Maggie 

He hated the inncoent child. All she did was remind him of his love. He hated her. He wanted to kill her. So he did, or at least tried to. He pulled a small gun from his dresser drawer and aimed it at her head, then fired. When the bullet was halfway to her small form, a green mist surrounded it, and by the time it reached her it was a chocolate brown teddy bear. He was shocked by this at first, but assumed it to only be the alcohol or drugs affecting him, and thought nothing more of it. He took care of her, but he did not love her.

When Chrissa was 3, Craig met a woman named Juliette Santos. She was a fake blonde who wore too much eye-makeup and used her father for the money he didn't have. She moved into their trailer and took up half the place with the "As Seen On TV" products she wouldn't stop buying. He quit magic and started to work part time jobs, including selling drugs, making sure Juliette had her own stash. Two years later they had a son named Jonas. He had curly black hair, glowing green eyes, and a bright smile that made Chrissa adore him even more. A year after he was born Juliette ran off to California with bulky man who had bloodshot eyes. She claimed he was going to make her an actress and then disappeared as well. Craig was left with Jonas and another broken heart. 

When Chrissa was 11 she was home alone with 7 year old Jonas while their dad was working his shift at a Deli. Jonas sat on their ripped up couch watching the Wiggles while Chrissa sat on the floor coloring. Then she heard a whisper in her ear, she stood and everything went black. She opened her eyes as an eidolon floated away and someone carrying her towards a large red truck. Before her was flame. It engulfed her trailer. As firemen subdued it one of her neighbors pointed at Chrissa and screamed, 

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Lindsay Jordan Both as Chrissa

"El diablo destuye todo." over and over. The fire vanished and the firefighters rushed towards Chrissa checking for injuries and finding a long burn mark on her left leg. It reached from her heal to her mid calf, and resembled the look of a snake. She also had three small scratches on her upper lip, that were made by fingernails. Like someone was clawing at her. She felt no pain. She couldn't talk. She choked on tears and could only make out "Jonas" as she pointed toward the rubble. After less than an hour of searching they found the remains of a small body.After interviewing a few neighbors who had witnessed the event, they learned Chrissa had set the fire. One lady claimed the fire had come from Chrisa's hand, but this was assumed to be an exaggeration. After further investigation, it was discovered that Jonas had been locked in a room, most likely the bathroom, and had tried to bust his way out of the room, even scratching at the door. She was sent to a mental institution called St. Angus' Psychiatric Center. Her father never told her goodbye.

She spent four years there with a kind, older women named Jana Olegood as her doctor. The woman was a demigod, as well. After helping Chrissa mosty recover from the traumatizing event, she helped her train and control her magic. She taught her about the Gods and Goddesses and about the History of Greece. Despite her dyslexia and ADHD, Chrissa learned quickly. 

Although Jana was very protective of Chrissa, she could not protect her from everything. There were multiple incidents of monsters hiding throughout the hospital. Her second encounter, and most scarring, with one while at the hospital was when she was 12. She was returning to her small, all white room after a training session with Jana. She walked into her room and sat down, working on some greek history homework Jana had assigned her. Almost 20 minutes later she heard her door creak open. She turned around just as the lock turned. A tall, lean woman stood before her. Dr. Lancaster. She licked her dry lips and asked "Can I help you? I thought our session was tomorrow" The woman cackled a horrendous laugh. "I was becoming impatient." She whispered, coming closer. She quickly began to transform into a harpy. Chrissa wanted to scream, but couldn't make a single noise. She pushed herself against the wall, shaking as the harpy stared her down. She slowly began to reach for her left index finger which held her ring, Axelia. The harpy saw the motion and jumped for her. She dived to the right and rolled, crashing into her bed. She let out a whimper and turned the jewel orb on the ring around in full circle. It into into a 30 inch staff. She slashed the pointed end at the harpy making a small cut on its arm. It recoiled back. Chrissas mind went balnk and she couldn't remember what to do. The monster snatched her arm and yanked her to the ground. She fell on her back ad cried out. Her staff fell out of her hand and slid away. The monster leaned over her and carresed her face with its long nail. Chrissa let a tear fall down her face. It bared its teeth and was about to rip her apart before she kicked it in the stomach, which didn't faze it much but gave her enough time to slide out from under it and grab her staff. "Come back my little monster." the a harpy screeched. "You are the monster." the young Chrissa yelled back, aiming her staff. It let out another screechy laugh and replied, "We are both monster, we are both murders. The only difference between the two of us is that one will die today." It lunged and Chrissa just barely dodged it. There was a long gash along her left arm. Chrissa screamed in pain. She pointed Axelia at the harpy and summoned a ball of fire that caught the harpy's right wing. It hollered and tried to bat the fire out. Chrissa came up at its side and stabbed it in the chest with Axelia's point. The beats final scream was lost as it crumpled into sand. But the fire did not leave. It surrounded Chrissa, trapping her. She screamed a guttural cry and tried to run but was only stopped as more flame appeared. "It hurts." a voice behind her whimpered. She turned around and saw Jonas curled up in a ball on the floor. She reached out to him. The second her finger touched him, his body began to burn and char until it was coal black. "You did this to me." he screamed. Chrissa fell against him, crying hysterically. Jana slammed the door open and the fire and Jonas dissappeared. She ran forward and wrapped her arms around her as she sobbed.

Once, Chrissa was sitting in the hospitals courtyard, writing letters to her father that would never be read. Another woman came out which was not unusual except the woman stared at her for a whole 7 minutes, not moving an inch. Beginning to feel uncomfortable, she gathered her things and began to step towards the door. The woman stepped I her way. "Excuse me." Chrissa sighed, annoyed. She rolled her eyes and tried to step around her. The woman snatched her arm and yanked her back. She spun a around in surprise, but the young lady had turned into a terrifying Scythian Dracanae. It kicked her to the cobblestone floor with its long serpent-like tail. Chrissa was knocked out of breathe and quickly tried to suck the air back in. As it slithered closer to her she quickly spun the jewel on her ring around, and Axelia appeared in her grip. She tried to slash the monster, but it easily moved out of the way each time. It pulled her up by her neck. Summoned a small flame and stuck against the Dracanae's hand. It dropped her with a hiss. Chrissa lay in the ground panting and slowly scooting back. She spotted the cement bench she had been sitting on and tried to levitate it. It wasn't two inches off the ground before she dropped it back down, beads of sweat resting on her brow and upper lip. The monster leaped towards her, as she just barely dodged the attack. She sliced again, this time at the tail. It recoiled and cried out. Chrissa put a flame near the pointed edge of her staff to warm it, then hit again at its face. It tried to claw her but she rolled to the right. As she turned for another attack it snatched her hair and dragged it closer. She cried out and tried to find a crack to hold on to. The Dracanae leaned close to her and cruely grinned with its sharp fangs. It's mouth opened wider and came closer, when Chrissa took her staff and plunged it into the monster's chest. It let out a final breath before disintegrating, like all the others before it.

Two months before Chrissa'a sixteenth birthday Jana released her from psych. She told her where she would find Camp Half-Blood and be safe. A satyr friend of Jana's, named Cypress, helped guide her to the camp. Chrissa set off with a small backpack holding nothing but a picture of Jonas, spell and potions book, and a leather journal that had once belonged to Jana, which had spells and potions that Jana had created. 

It took Chrissa 3 1/2 months before she arrived at camp. Not only having to battle monsters, but her own hallucinations, too. When they arrived in Long Island she was not scared. She ran through the woods and stopped right outside the border. She wanted to cry with joy. Her smile glowed and as she was about to step into the safety of the camp, she fainted.


Weapons: Chrissa has a ring that, when the jewel is spun 360 degrees, turns into a Celestail Bronze staff. The staff is pointed at the end so it can be used as a physical weapon at times, but is mainly used to channel her power. There is and orb in the center which spins. The speed it spins show how weakened/strong she is at the time. The ball/staffs name is Axelia. The metal armour around the orb can retract, revealing a crystal ball that can act as a mirror and show what people are doing at that certain moment. 

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Hi there! Welcome back to this roleplay website of insanity, and we beg your pardon for the inconvenience of how long it takes us to get to claims. This looks like quite a well-thought out one, a few kinks aside.

  • Generally, even in the psychiatric center, it would be quite possible for monsters to slip in, though the chances I suspect are reduced to an unknown degree.
  • A demigod with zero physical training could not survive alone against monsters with a single dagger. She'd die before she could reach camp. Even with the magic training taken into account, I highly doubt she could have survived that long. Couldn't have Jana contacted a satyr to help her, or something? (This may be a possible nitpick on my part.)
  • I assume you mean Long Island, not Rhode Island, as that is where CHB is, but that may be a typo.

User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding

As Omelet stated above, monsters are possible to get in the hospital. Four years without even just a single monster attack is something quite interfering with the attacks that the demigod should have after the first one. And did Cypress accompany Chrissa to camp?

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

You also need another weapon. On our wiki, daggers are not accepted as primary weapons. I would recommend that Chrissa uses something like a quarter-staff to channel her magic perhaps. Personally, I would say that the rune enchantment doesn't really make sense, particularly as Hecate kids can manipulate magic, runes, fireballs etc. It wouldn't really make any sense to have a weapon which could do that. Course, you could always channel your powers through the weapons.

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I don't think you can have a staff with some kind of spirit in it. (I'm not sure how it would otherwise be able to communicate to her) In actuality, it would probably be a lot more efficient for Chrissa to do a basic tracking spell or use the orb in the staff to scry, like a crystal ball.

CherryBlossomBranch Embrace tears. They're the cheapest way to accessorise. FateScalesOfFate

nice claim but before I can claim it I have to point out after the first attack the demigod would be attack more freaquently so please add some attacks after her first one

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Hi so ill be your claim checker for today and i would like to say this is a very very well written claim. I almost already wanna accept it except there are 3 small errors i would like you to fix.

  1. A goddess doesnt go through 9 mounths of pregnancy like a normal women. They're only pregnant for about 3-4 months and then give the baby over to the mortal father
  2. In your 2 explain monster attack you keep stating the monster is an empousa but really the monster you are explaining (serpant like Tail, slither ect) is a Scythian Dracanae. If you were to have used an empousa i would have to explain that an empousa usually takes up to 3-5 demigods to beat and you would have to change it but, i noticed the features you were explaining and noticed you just got the monsters mixed up.
  3. The last thing is the orb being able to see into the future. I feel that that is a bit to OP (Over Powering) Because the orb would always allow your charecter to see another demigods next attack and other attacks if chrissa were to ever battle anyone in camp or join any offical battles. so i would sugest maybe using the orb as maybe a window of sort like letting Chrissa see other events currently happening in other places or allowing her to spy on people.

Thats about all i see wrong with this and once those are fixed feel free to send me an IM and ill accept it :)

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