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Name: Christina 'Chris' Archos(pronounced Arc-os)

Godly Parent: Cybele

Species: Demi-God

Mortal Parent Name: Andrew Archos

Current Age: 12

Personality: Christina is extroverted and adores little children. Christina is sassy, independent and strives to overcome stereotypes. She is loyal, willing to fight tooth-and-claw to the end with her friends. She's also honest most of the time, but is willing to lie to spare feelings. She hates it when people think she's stupid. She's also prone to holding grudges. She also vehemently hates the color pink.

History: Andrew Arcos worked at an Animal Shelter in London when he met Sylvia Lichon, who was recently hired. He was infatuated with her beauty and willingness to help animals and others. After several failed and rather amusing attempts to woe Sylvia, she grew bored. She just walked up to him as they were closing up the shelter for the day and said, "I will go out with you." Before walking away. Flustered, Andrew began planning. Taking her to a fancy resturant, the two dined.

After several glasses of wine, and some awkward words, the two ended up in Andrew's house. Waking up, Andrew was mortified that he had done this on the first date, and Sylvia tried to comfort him. She apologized, saying she had to leave to New York. 5 Months later, a grass green basket with a periwinkle blue blanket and moss green teddy bear inside appeared on his doorstep. There was a letter, and a baby inside. Andrew opened the letter and was shocked.

❤ Hi, Andrew. I have to apologize again, I truly am sorry. It's me, Sylvia Lichon. We went on a date once, before I moved to New York City. I'm a Goddess though. A greek goddess, Cybele. The mythological world is real, and I am part of it. Remember our first date? I got pregnant. This sweet girl is Christina. If Christina says she sees things, go to New York. They will help. Actually, make sure you go to New York when Christina turns 14. Go to Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141 Long Island, Montauk, New York 11954. Somewhere around that area They will be located.

Love, Cybele/Sylvia Lichon, whichever you prefer ❤

Andrew was confused but took his daughter in. Raising his daughter, he struggled to provide for the two, as she was a needy baby. Reluctant, he asked his estranged parents for aid, in which they gladly did. His father, Timothy, was very old fashioned and stern, but his mom Samantha was kind and understanding. Christina(or as she preferred, Chris) grew up often staying with her grandparents. She always kept her periwinkle blanket and moss green teddy bear around, to Timothy's dismay.

Christina always had a love for Mythology, reguardless of origin. This would be useful for when she turned 12 she learned she was a Demi-God because a Scythian Dracnae and Stymphalian Bird flock attacked her. She was walking from the movies to her apartment building when they intercepted her scent. She panicked, and her blanket became a gigantic Celestial Bronze scythe, and her Teddy Bear morphed into a giant Celestial Bronze Crucifix. She began swinging them wildly, scared. The blade cut through the Scythian Dracnae's stomach very quickly, turning her into yellow dust. Scared at the massive birds, she fled. She began to verbally berate the birds, fully engulfed in rage. She raised the crucifix and repeatedly thwacked it. She missed and nearly got her arm torn off as a result, but it pierced her skin as she bled.

Remembering the myth, she fled to a street near a cathedreal. In their confusion, she successfully managed to kill the birds. Bloody and with torn clothes, she got to her apartment. Expecting this, Andrew bought two tickets to New York City. After fixing Christina up, he sent a message to his parents, saying he'll be back later. The two borded their plane. Christina looked for the weapons only to find the blanket and teddy bear again, except they had a gold highlight and golden eyes respectively.

Heading to Long Island in a rental car, Andrew began to explain to Christina about her mom, that mythology, at least the Greek ones, are real. She was shocked, but excited.

Reaching camp with no more issues, Christina tearfully parted with her father. He always said that there would be a place for her in London.


Hey shadow, nice job so far, here are the things you need to fix

  • 9 months is much to long for a goddess to have a kid. Typically, they birth very quickly, but may take 3 to 5 months to nurture and care for the baby before having to give the babe to the father. Please change this
  • this may be a nitpick, but I think maybe explain more how she fended off the birds as she fought the Scythian dracnae, since she was fighting two different monster types at the same time
  • It says in the letter to go to camp, but doesn't specifically mention the address. Could you perhaps add the address or say that it had the address?

Mamamoo1  is coming back for you~

  • Sorry, I thought they did it like humans but I can see that, y'know
  • She actually managed to kill the Scythian Dracnae fairly early on, before fleeing from the birds. She got mad at them, verbally berated them and then made noise, killing them while they were confused. I got specific btw, adding that she fled to near a cathedral, as those are like big churches and churches have bells and stuff. It's also ironic because she managed to kill some of her first monsters near a CHRISTIAN church, while she's the child of a pagan/greek deity...I find it amusing
  • Sure! "You humans are such sad and weak, foolish creatures." - Lust (talk) 22:00, April 19, 2016 (UTC)
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