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Name: Ciara Colleen Grindall

Current Age: 15

God Parent: Limos, Hecate, Eris

Mortal Parent: Jonathan Bridger

Appearance: (Picture)


Her mother wo



uld say she’s just misunderstood, her step-siblings, Tony and Mike would say she’s evil, her best friend, Jane would say she’s the best person you could count on. The truth you ask? Ciara has many faces to use for different things. She’s a devious and manipulative girl with charm and wit. She doesn’t really eat much but her dad forces her to have three helpings in every meal which she usually gives to her cat, Diamond. She doesn’t smile much, only for pictures but she sometimes find small joys in her life such as seeing a rainbow or no rain for the day, which she just usually hides through her ever present sneer.


Jonathan Bridger was a rich man, nothing more to say. He wasn’t really that smart or very handsome but something no one knows attracted Limos towards him. Like some rich men, Jonathan loved women; he always had one woman in his bed every night. One night, Limos disguised as a pretty prostitute by the name of Irina Daniels, slept with Jonathan. The following morning she disappeared, which Jonathan didn’t think out of the ordinary. He continued with his life but nine months later, something would happen that will make Jonathan’s world crash down.

Jonathan was enjoying his night with another woman in bed when he heard a knock on his bedroom door. He opened it in irritation and found his housekeeper, Mrs. Grindall, with a small basket in her arms, inside was a beautiful baby girl. Mrs. Grindall said that a pretty young woman brought it to the door along with the letter. “Said her name was Irina Daniels, sir” Jonathan remembered Limos after he read the letter, since his mother was also a half-blood daughter of Limos, but he didn’t want the responsibility of having a child in the house so he told Mrs. Grindall to take the child to her home and take care of her with a monthly pay for the girl’s upbringing.

Mrs. Grindall agreed for the sake of the baby and named her Ciara Colleen. Ciara was well loved by her new adoptive family, which consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Ava and Aidan Grindall and Mary Grindall, their daughter. At the age of two, Ciara gained two new siblings, Tony and Mike. When Ciara was three years old she was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, but with Jonathan’s support, Ciara got into a school that specialized with dyslexic children. Ciara was not really a well behaved and kind child, she got into trouble most of the time.

When Ciara was nine, her biological father, Jonathan died in a car crash and left all his belongings to Ciara and the Grindall family. The Grindalls grew rich from all of Jonathan’s money. Ciara wasn’t really at all confused on why her mother’s employer gave all the money to her, she was just happy that the family was finally rich. But a slip off from Mary made it known to Ciara that she was only adopted, not a biological child, but adopted. She was tremendously hurt about it but never showed it. She soon became the girl others now know; a moody, insensitive, mean girl who only cared about herself.

When Ciara was twelve, she was near an enclosed boardwalk type part of the summer villa that her father left her. The sea level was unusually high that when she sat down, her feet could touch the water. She was engrossed on a book, Emma when she was pulled down to the sea. Ciara tried to scream but she couldn’t, she was too frozen in fear. She opened her eyes when she was fully underwater and she saw a telekhine, she was obviously frightened but with all her might kicked all around. Fortunately, the telekhine didn’t have any weapons so Ciara was unhurt.

Ciara resurfaced a minute later, gasping for breath. The telekhine disappeared, to where and what made him disappear is unknown. She didn’t tell anyone about what happened and immediately sneaked off to her room to change into dry clothes. Ciara was really shaken about the incident, but kept it quiet, fearing that people will place her in the nut house. The following year, Ciara still hadn’t taken the incident out of her mind. She was thinking about it while walking home from school one day when she heard loud barks. She turned and saw a hellhound bounding towards her. She started running away from it and when she almost reached their front door, she heard the pitiful wails of the hellhound. She turned and saw the hellhound disintegrating. She searched for her savior but she saw no one. She quickly opened the door and ran up to her room. She thought she was going mad, seeing monsters and thinking they were attacking her, but somewhere in her mind, she knew that what she was seeing was the truth.

Ciara was fourteen when she experienced another monster attack. She was at a park, riding her bike when a harpy attacked her. She was frightened beyond all reason at the ugly creature. She abandoned her bike and started running. She reached a dark alleyway with a dead end. She was trapped. As she was about to be killed she saw an arrow pierce the harpy then it turned into dust. She saw a group of girls. They explained all about the gods and goddesses and asked her if she wanted to join, but Ciara said she won’t but told them she believed them. She quickly ran home and told Mrs. Grindall. Mrs. Grindall explained the truth, since Jonathan himself told this while he was in the hospital dying. She promised that she would take her to camp when she turned fifteen with that settled Ciara left the room.

Ciara turned fifteen the following year, and as Mrs. Grindall promised, they went to Long Island. They didn’t know the location of Camp, all that Mrs. Grindall knew was that it was in Long Island. Luckily, they found two half-bloods, Nicole Villagracia and her friend, Luna, who were visiting Nicole’s father. They took it from there and brought Ciara to Camp, where she is now, waiting for her mother to claim her.

Weapons: Bow and Arrow

Cookie!I want Ice Cream!. -Kookies and Kream

Why did they wait another year before Ciara was sent to camp? Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Mrs. Grindall waited until Ciara was mature enough and also she was very stubborn and didn't want Ciara to leave so soon. She also wanted the Grindall family to get used to Ciara being a half blood Cookie!I want Ice Cream!. -Kookies and Kream

Alright, I don't see anything wrong :) 

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