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Ciara: Nat25

Nuala: WickedHunteressOfCookies

Mortal Parent: Rowan Hagan

God Parent: Asteria

Age: 17


Nuala: Nuala is a thoughtful girl. She plans ahead and makes sure that everything is in place before she does anything. She is also very outgoing and loves to meet new people. She's very polite and gentle, unless angered. When someone angers her she immediately stops talking and walks away instead of exploding.

Ciara: Ciara is a headstrong girl. She rushes into anything without thinking through the consequences. She, like her sister is a very outgoing person. Though at times she can be rude and inconsiderate. She loves music and she often passes the time by listening to her favorite songs.


(Purple hair)

Ciara: (Blue and Black hair)
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Rowan was a renown meteorologist that had come to a university as a speaker for a presentation. The university was Yale, and he had been working on symbolism of meteors in ancient times. The presentation was open to the public, so many of the attendees were in their late 20's early 30's. The presentation lasted for a little over 2 hours.

When the presentation was over, he went to a small get together that was hosted by a young woman named Amanda. Amanda and Rowan had met at the presentation, and he was immediately enchanted by the women's beauty. He went to the party and hit it off the young women. They started dating, and after a few months the woman disappeared.

A few months passed and Rowan had gone back Ireland. When one morning he heard a knock on the door. Sitting on the steps were two baby girl, with a note attached;

Dear Rowan,

These two girls are your children and they are a testament of our love together, although brief. I should have told you this long ago, but I'm a Greek goddess and these two children of ours are Demigods. They must attend a camp known as Camp Half-Blood on Long Island in New York. Keep them safe. ~Amanda (Asteria)

He named 1 Ciara and the other Nuala.

Growing up, Ciara and Nuala roamed the hills around their village. The village was a small one. Roughly 1,000 people. If not less. They loved everything about their village. The people, the houses, even the traditions that everyone else seemed to dislike. The village was far away from other towns. the nearest one was about 50 miles away. The girls loved the green hills and spent most of their time outside. When they were about 7, their dad bought them 2 horses. 1 for each. After that they traveled farther and farther, sometimes 3 or 4 miles out.

The girls thought alike. They finished each other's sentences most of the time. They had the same taste in music and even loved the same books. From their early days they were fascinated by the night sky. They loved the stars and everything included. They loved what Rowan did and wanted to do what he did when they grew older.

Their first trip into a large town was a big deal. It happened when they were about 14. They had to go into town as a tradition. All children had to visit the city once before they turned 15. Rowan had finally decided to take them. It was a town by the sea, and it was far bigger than their village that they were used to. The rest of the tradition was that they had to see the sea while they were there.

There father had to leave them alone for a little as he had errands to run. He told them to head for the beach and to stay there until he came back. He also said not to talk to strangers. But with them being as outgoing as they were, they may or may not have thrown that rule out the window.

Both girls headed for the beach as they were instructed, but what their father didn't know was that there was a beach festival going on so it was flooded with people. It was also hard not to talk others as they all seemed friendly. 2 young men approached both girls as they sat down at a picnic table.

Both of the young men were attractive, and nice or so the girls thought. The girls engaged in conversation with both of them. The girls, who had never really found interest in any of the boys in their village, were immediately “in love.” This emotion would prove to be naive, as these two 'guys' were not human.

A few hours had passed and their father had not yet appeared, and they were still accompanied by these two young men. The boys invited Ciara and Nuala to go down to the water with them. They both accepted and followed the boys down to the sand. The amount of people had lessened as the summer day wore on. By the time they arrived on the hot sand there was no one to be seen. They waded into the water with the boys, laughing and joking around.

The two boys looked at the twins with devilish grins as there faces morphed into those of a dog. Then the boys started to morph into Telekhines The girls stared before they ran screaming. They ran to the sand, but they were a little ways out and so they were pretty slow going in. The Telekhines easily overcame the girls, and they were slowly pulled into the water. The girls cried out but there was no one to hear them. It was getting dark and everyone had left the beach. They kicked and screamed as much as they could, but they were being pulled to far away from shore.

Something clicked inside of the twins. They were suddenly more alert and they stopped struggling. Suddenly a bright light appeared in front of them. It scared the Telekhines and they let go. The Telekhines hissed and swam away, knowing that the light protected the girls. The twins swam back to the beach and got as far away from the water before they collapsed into each other's arms, shivering. They slept until morning.

That’s where Rowan found them, cold, wet and sandy. They went home but they wouldn’t tell their dad what had happened. He wouldn’t believe them if they did, or so they thought. Three years went by and the girls forgot about what happened. When they turned 17, Rowan sat the twins down and told them about the letter their mother had left them. Ciara immediately wanted to head straight to camp, but Nuala wanted to do research and learn more about what they were. They settled on a compromise. They would research for a week before heading out.

That’s what they did. Rowan said goodbye and the girls headed to camp.


Nuala: Nuala likes to fight with a bow, with her sister protecting her.

Ciara: Ciara likes to rely on her throwing knives, and her sword. She got the idea of throwing knives from research. And TV shows.

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