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Name: Claire Blackwood

Gender: Female

God Parent: Zeus, Apollo, Ares

Mortal Parent: Elaina Blackwood

Appearance: Claire is very athletic looking with a tan from always being outside, blonde hair, and blue/gray eyes. She also is built like a long-distance runner. When Claire reaches camp she is 12.

Personality: Claire is usually in a good mood unless she is beaten by another camper in something (she is very competitive). She trains hard and always tries her best in everything she does. Claire loves to be in the outdoors, whether its running, playing a game of volleyball, or trying to keep people from chopping her head off on Capture the Flag nights.

History: Claire's mother met her father shortly before she was out of college at the University of Oregon at a concert. They soon fell in love and had Claire not long after that. Her father then told her mother of his actual identity being Zeus and explained to Elaina of baby Claire's situation. He then departed leaving Elaina to care for Claire on her own, although not leaving her totally on her own. Before he left he made sure to leave Claire's magical shield for her use when she came into power. Elaina then used her degree to secure a job as a nurse in a nearby hospital. Claire's early years went by easier than most demigods, she met a limited amount monsters most coming later on and she only got kicked out of school in second grade when on a field trip to a museum accidentally caused a floor sign to somehow fall off of its securings and crush a building model.  

Claire was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD but she loved school even though she was kicked out of most that she attended (mostly towards her later years). Her first major encounter with a monster came in 3rd grade when she was seven. On her way home from school one day she saw a man dressed in a black trench coat and a bald head walking down the side walk towards her as she neared her house. As Claire entered her driveway she turned around to find the man stopped right at her mailbox. She couldn't believe it when she tried to look at his eyes, at one time she saw two deep brown eyes and at another she saw one large brown eye sitting in the middle of his forehead staring at her. She was able to get away somehow by running inside, she never saw the man again.

Claire's second major monster encounter was towards the end of 7th grade when she was twelve. She was attacked at her school library when one of the librarians suddenly turned into a scaly green (and might I say quite unflattering) Scythian Dracaenae. She got away when her best friend Finn (who happened to be a very aggresive satyr)confused the dracaenae enough with his reed pipes that the monster fell out of the two story window, giving them enough time to get away. The two then ditched the rest of 7th period and ran to Claire's moms house to gather Claire's stuff and to tell her mom what had happened. Elaina then expalined how Claire was a demigod and had to go to Camp Half Blood in Long Island, New York. Her mother then gave Claire her shield and Claire and Finn then headed to Camp.

Claire and Finn then caught a bus to Minneapolis, Minnesota and then caught another one to Harrisburg, Pennysilvania. Once they reached Harrisburg, they hailed a cab to take them as close to the camp as possible. As they reached the border of Camp Half Blood a hellhound attacked the pair right by Thalia's tree, they were saved when a group of campers saw the two and killed the hellhound.

Weapons: Her weapons include a Celestial Bronze sword, bow and Celestial Bronze arrows, and Celestial Bronze knife that she was issued when she got to camp. She also has a shield that her mother recieved from Claire's father to keep her safe, its first form is a blue and silver friendship bracelet that when brushed along its arrow design transforms into the shield.

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Heya, welcome to the wiki, here are some thoughts to help you get your claim up to par with everyone elses:

  • Tell which god parent in the story.
    • You'll also need to include more information about how the parents meet.
  • Please tell more about the child's early life.
  • Tell some more about the monster attack and how the Scythian Dracanae was killed.
  • Where did Claire's mother get the shield from.
  • Pigeons? Do you mean Stymphilian birds? If so, a flock of them would more than kill the demigod and Satyr.
  • Did her mother give her the knife in the story, you say that it's there in the Weapons spot but I don't see it in the history, please make sure that it is there.

These will help you in your quest to get claimed! c:   Slay ~ Avin  (talk)  20:28,5/25/2015   0  

Hello there! I'll be your nitpicky claim checker today c:

  • Could you please state specifically that her weapons are of Celestial bronze?
  • Mind elaborating a bit more on her personality? At least 3-4 sentences are needed.
  • Monsters are especially resistant to non-CB death causes. I doubt that the Scythian dracanae could be killed by falling off only two stories (plus the latter jump can be survived by mortals). Best case scenario, it would be dazed long enough for them to get away.

That's all for now.

User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding

Hey there! I'll be your claimer for today..

  • Please state in her history the time when Zeus (assuming it's him) gave her mom the shield, okay?
  • How did she get all the weapons you stated in her Weapons section—the CB sword, bow and arrows and knife? Please explain.
  • To get this better, you can please state whatever the monster was in her first monster encounter was, and that we may be sure about it or if it's appropriate, yeah?

​That's all for now, Ranger :)

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

Hi there I'll be your claimer today and I have to say good claim but before I can claim this please tell me how old she currently is as well as how she receive her weapon (I dont know if this is nitpicking but I'm sorry it just curious me >,<)

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Hallo ballo again c: I'll be your bleating claim checker tooooodaaaaaay. Baa.

  • Kindergarten is way too early for a monster attack, much less the Chimera. An encounter would be somewhat acceptable, but not that monster.
  • Could you clarify how old she is exactly? If I've done my research right, she is 12 as of currently.

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I see no wrong here soo

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