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Character Name: Clovis Webster

God Parent: Aeolus/Zeus/Notos

Species: Demigod

Current Age: 14

Mortal parent name: Sarah Webster


Personality:Clovis is very kind and gentle to everyone he meets. He has a sly sense of humor, and jokes about every-day topics. He is a little shy, which sometimes causes him to get pushed around by other people. He has a quiet confidence about him, and is loyal to the few friends he has.

Clovis has the tendency to take other peoples comments to heart, which sometimes eat at him for days. He gets over it, but it does wound his self confidence. He strives to be a harder person. He wants to find himself.

History: Sarah Webster was a window cleaner. She made a living in the big city of New York. Every day she would hitch herself onto one of the massive skyscrapers and gradually move downwards, cleaning each window with care. She loved how clean the air was on top of one of the skyscrapers, and enjoyed the weightless feeling she had while up in the air.

The wind god, Aeolus, sensed this, and would often watch her as she went about her work. Her love for the air touched his heart.

Then one day, there was an accident, and Sarah Webster fell. Her harness was worn thin with the years of work, and she fell.

Aeolus was pained to see her fall to her death, as he had grown fond of her. He summoned the winds, and caught her, and carried her to the bottom of the building, in a secluded alley. The Mist covered it up to make it look like she landed safely in a dumpster.

Once Sarah processed that she was alive, Aeolus introduced himself, but didnt tell her who he truly was. They liked each other instantly, and began dating that night. 

This went one for a month, with Aeolus calling her and showing up often. He never fully stayed with her, and she wondered why. Was it another women? Did he truly even love her? She asked why he appeared so randomly, and where he went when he was gone. Aeolus eventually told her everything. At first, she didnt believe it, but after a while it made sense. The fact that he was a god only made her love him even more. Then one night, after a night of heavy drinking, Sarah passed out. When she awoke, she found out she was alone, with Aeolus no where to be seen. He had only left a letter, explaining everything, and including a map to camp half blood.

A few months later, she was pregnant.

Clovis Webster was born.

Clovis was brought up with little more than nothing. Somehow thought, his there was always just enough to eat. Sarah was very particular, and always made sure Clovis looked clean and presentable, despite them being so poor. His mother was always working on weekdays, but would always take the weekend of to be with Clovis. She loved her son, and thought he deserved better.

One day, when Clovis was 7,  Sarah sat her son down and tried to tell him his ancestry and what he really was. She saw how innocent he was, and couldn't bear to tell him that he was condemned to a life of fear and mystery. She new that as he got older, he would have to learn how to fight and defend himself from monsters, but she wanted to protect her only son. She ended up not telling him what he really was, and instead told him this: If there was ever a problem, he was to go into her room and open the third drawer to the left of her closet. There, he would find a map, a sealed letter, and a list of instructions. He was to follow them precisely.

Clovis blindly nodded, not fully understanding what his mother was telling him, but being as young as he was, listened all the same.

Life went on like this for quite a while. Clovis was later diagnosed with dislexia and ADHD, but he was a hard worker, and so this didn't hinder him much, along with his treatment. As he got older, he started to work after school to get a little more money, to help his mom. He did odd jobs, like mowing peoples lawns, shoveling there driveways, and other small tasks after school.

He was now 13. He was now just getting used to being a year ahead of his grade, he was now just getting used to high school life. He was getting bullied. His quiet, kind personality allowed other people to take advantage of him. It was very subtle though. It was mostly just whispering and laughing behind his back, rumors, name-calling, and exclusion. Nobody dared lay a hand on him though. He was still quite imposing.

Clovis never told his mom. Lately, she was quite stressed and hard pressed for money, and had been working extra shifts. He didn't want to worry her with any of his problems. He could handle it.

Later that year, the unthinkable happened.

He was walking home from school when he heard a horrible screaching sound behind him. He turned around and saw a horrible creature with the body of a bird and the head of an old hag. It was a Harpie. Clovis froze up as the Harpie screached again and flew with amazing speed towards him, claws outstreached. 

Unknowinly, Clovis summoned the winds and sent the harpie spiriling into a nearby tree, immediatly dissintegrating. 

Scared and confused, Clovis ran, heading for his house. After a while he ditched his backpack, as it was slowing him down. He arrived at the house, nearly barreling through the door. He found his mother there, and told her everything. She told him to go into her room and grab everything in the secret drawer, and then to meet her in the car. She said that it was time for him to go, and that she should have done this sooner.

To panicked and confused to ask what she meant, he ran to his mothers room and located the secret drawer. He grabbed everything in the drawer and ran out of the house and onto the sidewalk. He read the instructions.

He ran out into the driveway and jumped into the car. His mom had already started the car, and they set of right away. Clovis handed her the contents of the drawer, but she only took the map to the mysterious Camp. She told him to keep the envelope and the instructions. The instructions read:

"Follow the map on the back of this sheet to a place called Camp Half Blood. Give the envelope to a man called Alexander The Great. He will know what to do. DO NOT OPEN THE ENVELOPE."

They were going to Camp Half-Blood.

3 hours had passed since they started following the map. He was now in a meadow, approaching a forest. It was then that suddenly, he heard the a horrible roar fill the air.

He turned around and saw it......a hellhound..

It came barreling towards there car, at an amazing speed. His mom didnt see the monster because of the Mist. Clovis tried to warn his mother, but it was to late. The car flipped over at the impact of the monster, and skidded of to the side of the road and into a ditch.

With adreniline the only thing keeping him consious, Clovis quickly scrambled out of the car to get his bearings. He had a cut in his forehead and down his arm, nd was bruised almost everywhere else, but was otherwise fine. The car  had luckily landed rightside up, but was damaged beyond use.

With a jolt, he realised his mother had still not made it out yet. He ran to the front of the car and pried open the door. He saw her , sandwiched against the wheel and her seat, barley consious. Clovis tried to get her out, but she was stuck. He was getting desperate. He then heard his mother croak out a word "Go" she told him.

A second later, there was a huge roar. The Hellhound picked up the car, with his mother still in it, and flung it away. It hit the nearby rocks, immediatly crumpling. A few seconds later, it exploded.

With a shiver, he realized the sad reality. This freakish creature had most likely killed his mom. No, that thing most certainly did. He could feel it. That thing had killed the only person close to him, his beloved mother.

A deep rage/anger welled up inside Clovis, and through that, he felt power, power he never knew he had. The minotaur roared again and flew at Clovis. Clovis unconsciously summoned the winds and hurled it at the hellhound. It flew back and barreled into the ground, vaporizing instantly.

After this, Clovis just looked at where the hellhound had vaporized, slightly curious at what just happened. Then, a huge, uncontrollable, overwhelming wave of sadness swept through him, and he screamed with sadness and despair at the wilderness. His mother was dead.

Blinded by tears, he ran in the general direction the map told him to go. He finally collapsed in the middle of the forest, crying and screaming at the forest uncontrollably, punching trees and the ground until his fists were cut and bloody.The map blew away in the breeze, but the envelope, being somewhat heavier, stayed on the ground where he left it. Finally, exhaustion overcame him, and he fell into a depressed sleep. (He is about 10KM away from Camp Half Blood)

The next day, he awoke early in the morning. He was sad and depressed. His hands were sore and bloody, and the blood on his forehead had dried along the cuts into a messy scab.= He  was also starving, but he sat there. He couldn't find the will or the urge to move.

He went on like this till midday. He suddenly pictured his mother. She would want him to live, and reach this mysterious Camp. He knew how much she loved him, and knew how disappointed she would be if he gave up and died in the middle of the forest without living his life. He would go on living, and try to survive, but only for her.

He wandered through the forest until he came to a river, where he cleaned his bloody fists, head and arm as best as he could, he gritted his teeth through the pain as he wrapped his fist, head, and arm wounds in cloth to protect the wound from infection.

After he finished cleaning himself up, he traveled for a while up river (And closer to camp Half Blood) until he found a berry bush. He ate the berries ravenously,until he was satisfied. By now the sun was going down. He nestled himself under an overhanging tree and fell asleep, at peace to know that his mother would approve of what he was trying to achieve.

The next few days were like this, although he was being constntly attacked my hellhounds, harpies and other monsters. He was getting a little weaker with every attack, always sustaining minimum wounds that add up. His days were filled  with him tending his wounds and feeding of berry bushes. All the while he had the envelope he was to give to Alexander The Great. ( He was now 4km away from Camp Half Blood)

Then one day, as he slept near a berry bush, he got the shock of his life. He got up to something warm nuzzling his face. He groggily opened his eyes, and saw a winged horse, curiously looking down at him.

Clovis jumped to his feet and took a few steps back. The Pegasus, startled, took a few steps back, but didn't fly away.

Seeing that the animal was harmless, Clovis tried to take a few steps closer to it. It now took a huge flap of its wings and flew away. Clovis was amazed with this creature, and spent the whole day thinking about it. The wounds on his fists had now healed into faint scars and small scabs. He proceeded up the river until he found the next berry bush. He ate his fill, then settled down to sleep by a tree near the bush, hoping to have another encounter with the mysterious animal.

The next morning, when he awoke, he saw they majestic animal again. It had been nibbling the berries. Clovis slowly got and tried to approach the creature. The Pegasus turned and stared at Clovis for a long time as he slowly approached. Clovis came to the front of the creature, and reached to touch the Pegasus when it took of, up into the air once more.

Clovis was not dissapointed, as he had gotten closer to the animal this time.

He spent his day the same as he did any other, eating berries and travelling up river to the next bush. He didn't now where he was going, but it felt good to be going somewhere.

The next morning he saw the Pegasus once more, eating from the bush. Clovis got up and approached the her. This time, the Pegasus actually approached him, and cantered a little closer. He layed his hand on her, and brushed her nose and her warm hide. She whinnied, and seemed to like Clovis' touch.

She didn't fly away that day, and at night, she stayed with him, and rested by his side.

A week passed like this, and they got used to each other, now emotionally connected. He had named her Beri, because he had usually found her eating the berries that grew at the side of the river. (Now 1 Km Outside Camp Half Blood Borders)

One morning, he was awoken by Beri, urgently nudging him to wake up. He slowly got up, and immediately sensed something was wrong. The birds had stopped singing, and the forest was eerily quite. Beri cantered nervously. Then he heard a faint steady thump, as if something large and heavy was stomping through the forest. After a while, he then saw it.

A huge hellhound. 

It saw Clovis, and gave a huge roar and stamped its feet. It then charged, barreling through trees.

Beri whinnied, as if panicked, but did not leave Clovis. She lowered herself and looked Clovis directly in the eye, and Clovis immediately got the message. Beri wanted Clovis to mount her. Not doubting Beri, Clovis jumped on Beri, and they took of. 

The Hellhound pursued them on foot, barreling through everything in its path. Suddenly, it slammed into an invisible barrier and exploded into dust.

They had reached Camp Half Blood.

It was now noon, so almost all the campers had seen there entry. Beri landed in a small field, a few feet away from the the cabins. There was a group of campers already approaching them as Clovis dismounted. His Pegasus friend stayed by him protectively. Clovis saw the cabins and the people, mostly around his age, and realized this must have been the Camp he had been heading to all along.

He had to ask for Alexander The Great.

One of the campers approached him. "Can I speak to Alexander The Great?" He asked in a quiet voice. He was unnerved at all the people staring at him.

"Sure" The camper replied. "Follow me."

Clovis followed the camper, Beri following all the time beside him. They reached the Great House. The camper disappeared inside. Clovis patted Beri silently telling her to wait here. She understood and waited.

Clovis entered the Great House and saw the camper standing beside a man, who must have been Alexander The Great. Clovis walked up to him and without saying anything, handed him the old faded letter. It had now been with him in the wilderness for month, and wasn't in the best of shape.

Alexander dismissed the other camper and silently read the letter. He finished, and told Clovis to have a seat, which he did.

Alexander explained to him about Western Civilization, Greek Mythology, and the gods. He also explained a bit about mythical beasts, seeing the Pegasus outside the Great House.

Clovis at first was surprised, but after a while, it sunk in perfectly. Clovis handled it well, mush to Alexander's surprise.

Sadly, part of the letter was faded, and so Alexander was unable to tell Clovis who his godly parent was.

Clovis was saddened by this. It would have been nice to know where he fit in in this huge mysterious Greek world. Alexander said he would have to wait and hope that he was claimed, or until his powers revealed who he was.

Clovis sat there for a while, taking in everything. He than thanked Alexander and exited the Great House.

Outside, Beri whinnied at the reappearance of Clovis. Clovis smiled softly and rested a hand on her nose.

The campers offered to keep Beri in the stables, but Clovis knew Beri would never like that. She was a wild Pegasus born to be free. She would never put up with being in the stables.

Clovis silently told Beri that he would be okay living here, and that she could be free in the forest. Clovis promised to visit her at least once everyday. She nodded and flew off to the the forest.

Clovis was assigned to sleep in the Hermes Cabin. That night was uneventful, as everyone said hello to him. He fell asleep instantly, as it had been a long eventful day.

When he awoke, after breakfast, he was given a tour of the camp. He was particularly interested in the Forges, and spent most of his day there, learning how to forge different things. He loved how there were so many possibilities of creation in one sheet of metal and a hammer.

In the afternoon he was paired of with a boy from the Athena cabin, who taught him Greek, and spent the rest of the afternoon with Beri. After dinner, he joined in capture the flag as best as he could, although he wasn't of much use since the sword he had felt heavy and bulky in his hand.

the next days at Camp Half Blood were generally like this for him. He made his own weapons and armor in the forges, (Since the camp weapons were to awkward and heavy) and spent most of his extra time training with the swords and armor he made, or with Beri.

Then one day, it happened.

His 14th Birthday had now come and gone. He had now been at camp for about 1.5 weeks, and was getting use to its daily life. Be had been training riding Beri and fighting with one of the other campers when a glowing unclasped bag with air blowing out of it appeared on top of his head. It was the sign of Aeolus. A handful of the sparing campers around him stopped there training and starred. He had been finally claimed.

Preferred Weapon: Basically all the weapons and armor he forged. All are forged with Celestial Bronze.



Clovis' faithful Pegasus: Beri


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Heyya, Gis! I'll be your helper for today and these are the things I've noticed:

  • First, it would be better if you would upload the pictures you you used here in the wiki because you will still need it when creating your char page.
  • Second, can a woman be a window cleaner for skyscrapers? Lol, sorry. I'm just ignorant.
  • Third, Aeolus can't introduce himself as a god first tho. I suggest that you should make him disguise himself because what will Sarah's reaction be if she conversed with a god?
  • Fourth, what do you mean about "This went on for a month"? Does that mean that they were dating for a month? Remember that gods have personal issues and works that they need to do and that makes it impossible for Aeolus to stay with Sarah for a month.
  • Fifth, Sarah won't know she's already pregnant the night after she and Aeolus had sex. It takes weeks for the symptoms to show.
  • Sixth, generally, demigods have to have ADHD and dyslexia since it is applicable to all of them and can be diagnosed between ages 7-9.
  • Seventh, what kind of specific work did Clovis do to help her mom? Idk about others but for me, children below 13 aren't supposed to work since they need to be schooled.
  • Eight, mortals (Clovis' mom, Sarah) cannot be killed by monsters and they can't see the monster because of the Mist.
  • Ninth, Alexander the Great and other canon characters are discouraged to be used as reference here in our wiki.
  • Tenth, how can Clovis not be attacked by monsters when he just slept in the forest for a night and stayed in the forest for days? Remember that monsters are roaming around CHB, specifically around the forest.
  • Lastly, the weapons need to be CB because it's the only weapon that are used to kill monsters.

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Hi there super sorry for the lateness (thought I forgotten about you did it? sorry) Anyhow back to story this is a good claim but before I can claim it I have to ask something. Who killed the mother? a minotaur or a harpy? or is it both? please explain as you wrote both there and I was confused. Another thing the longest your char can stay on camp is 2 weeks cause camp is full of chars and if he stays longer it would be quite confusing as someone is bound to meet him soo please change that (sorry) anyhow hope to see you again :)

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Ok reading your claim I have to ask you change both the minotaur and the cyclops as both are in the medium monster (we have a list here of monsters you can pick and please be aware the special ones have a specific place ok?) still thats all the problem I see hope to see you soon :)

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