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Name: Cody McClure

Gender: Male

God Parent: Thanatos, Zeus, Ares

Mortal Parent: Caitlin "Kitty" McClure


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Hubric in nature, He is wrapped around his own bubble but he is a green thumb. He loves plants. He knows most of the plants out there and has a soft spot for flowers. Bloodthirsty; always looking forward to a fight, cocky-- but has a kind heart. 


His mom was a full-time stripper at a bar in Baltimore, Maryland. That is where she met Thanatos. He was a customer so she delivered. She managed to persuade him to come home with her and that's when they slept together. It was a one night stand-- no strings attached, but little did she know that she would soon be carrying a demi-god. Cody grew up never knowing the love a kid should have. He goes to school in the morning and when he gets home his mother is already off to go to work. And because of that, he wanted the attention he never had in school. He became ego-centric and quite violent, always picking a fight. His mom despised him, for she had a son she was never planning to have, and what's worse-- she didn't even know the father. In his Pre-k years, he never got any acknowledgement from his mother about his achievements. Getting the lead role in a play, winning badges as a cub scout, nothing at all. She didn’t want any part in his life but being raised a Catholic, she didn’t send him to an orphanage nor abort him earlier on. She constantly blamed him for not having enough money to buy what she wants and for feeding to mouths instead of one, and that God must’ve hated her for doing such a thing. As he approached middle school, he never excelled much in any subject because he thought he had dyslexia; he couldn’t read anything without it looking like scrambled eggs. So he focused on soccer. He loved soccer and is quite athletic to be quite honest. The problem was he loved bullying people around. He argues with his fist and is quite temperamental, and that was the reason for his many detentions in middle school.

At age 13, as a junior scout, they had a camp-out in a forest for 5 days and on the third day, he heard a shriek, certain that it was of a woman's; being the "man" that he claims to be at that age, he followed the voice in an attempt to help her. But she didn't turn out the way he imagined her to be. She had these eyes that are set to kill and suddenly sprung out to attack him. Panicked, he grabbed the nearest fallen branch he could find and stabbed her as hard as he could, managing to penetrate a shoulder but did not seem to do any serious damage. And that's where the Satyr comes in with a sword. It had been following him for quite a while now. He didn't know what to believe anymore, this woman who appears to be some sort of a bird or this half-man half-goat. He saw that there is nothing to do but use what this creature gave him, and so he grabbed the sword and immediately he felt a surge of power course through him, like this sword belonged in his hand, and his body seems to know what it’s doing. After battling with the harpie, he took a glance at the other ‘monstrosity’ and began to charge the sword towards the satyr, but in a quick second, he found himself face-flat on the ground.  Not knowing what to do he stood up once again and grabbed the sword which had fallen beside him, charging. And like the first attempt, he landed on his bottom, furious that he was being humiliated like this. “Listen, I don’t want to hurt you. I know that you have some questions and I have the answers.” The satyr explained himself, about what he is, what the woman earlier was, and how he was following him. Stubborn as he is, he didn’t want to listen to any of it and began to tackle the skilled satyr. “I didn’t want to do this but—“ The satyr said when he had the demi-god flat on the floor. “Now, will you come with me or will I have to do this all day?” With a sigh, Cody agreed, but mumbled about how this will ruin his week. He followed the satyr until he saw the gates of camp half blood, not far away from where they were. IT was there the satyr told him about his father, and it was there that things finally made sense. The dyslexia, the restlessness, everything.

He spent a year training in camp when he suddenly missed the world outside, his friends, and his life there. He was the king, people were afraid of him, and as much as he doesn't want to admit it-- he missed his school. So he ran away from camp and went back home, hoping his mother would realize that he'd gone only to find out she never even knew he was gone in the first place. He went on with his life, he went to high school, keeping his real identity a secret and a part of a past he'd rather not go back to.  Through the course of these 5 years he had faced a lot of monsters, more harpies, a gargoyle, and once, he even faced a Cyclops while spelunking a cave. Which is why he always keeps a dagger with him.  When he turned 18, he was going back to the forest where it all began, celebrating his birthday with a few of his friends. He was at the backseat of the car with his girlfriend when a ‘bear’ started attacking the car, smashing the window to get to him. Everyone panicked. He took out his dagger and stabbed its arm, making it growl. It was enraged and took its arm back, giving his friends time to escape. He was left with his other friend who was driving and his girlfriend whom was too shocked to move. He screamed at her to run but before she could, the Minotaur flipped the car over, almost crushing them. It reached inside, holding Cody by the waist as the car starts to ignite. With all his might he grabbed the dagger that was stuck in the minotaurs arm and killed it, dropping him to the ground. Before he could do enthing else, the car burst into flames, killing his friend and his girlfriend. That was it then. There was nothing left for him outside. Like a stab in his heart he realized the gravity of his situation. He's not normal like the others. And because he was stubborn, he put the people important to him in danger.And now he girl he loved is dead. So-- he makes his way back to camp half blood, where he is welcomed once again by an old friend, the satyr.


Celestial bronze sword

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Please a little more to his early childhood. Where did the satyr come from? How did he and the satyr get to Camp? Having left Camp at the age when his powers would develop and his scent would grow stronger, monsters would have been attracted to him while he was in the mortal world. As such, kindly add in the monsters which he faced between the ages of 13-18. Then, why would the Minotaur kill the mortals when monsters are not interested in them? Also, why would he return to where the Minotaur attacked with only a satyr with him? Why not bring along a fellow demigod?

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I think it's already a good claim.

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