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Name:Conner Williams


God Parent:Ares, Thanatos, Hermes

Mortal Parent: Tiffany Williams

Appearance: Conner has shaggy dark blonde hair and blue eyes, he is 5'11 1/2, he is also very fit. Conner weighs 140 Lbs, and he mostly wears sporty clothes.

Personality: Conner is very outgoing, he also says whats on his mind, bad or good. He is mostly very competitive and when it comes to a competition or a fight......bad things happen to the others when he loses.

History: (Will change if not first parent)In the past Tiffany Williams struggled in life, you may not think that now since she is the head designer for Coach. She designs pursed and bags day and night. She struggles with her family because they were all about appearance and when Tiffany was 16 she ruined the whole family image.Tiffany wasn't a gorgeous teenager and her parents also hated her for that. She felt like someone on the outside looking in. I bet you are wondering what happened to Tiffany when she was 16 and why her family is so molded shut. Well I guess i'd better tell you.

It was 1996 when Tiffany's life changed....forever. Tiffany was one of those reckless, rebel bad girl types. She was very sneaky and she did things that kids shouldn't do. But that all goes back a little farther....Tiffany's family was always so strict to her as a kid she tried to make them happy she wanted to so bad, but she wasn't perfect like her sister and brother. Then when Tiffany became 14 she stopped giving a crap, she ignored her parents, stayed out late, and partied. Her sister Anna would never do those thing neither her brother James. She was away's the ood one out. Now back to the year 1996.

Tiffany was at a party, she was 16, it was cold, beer bottles all over the forest's flood, drugs all around. She was one of the ones who were doing it all. She saw a guy she had never seen before, he wasn't a part of their "crew." she wanted to go over there and confront him, but she thought he was extremely attractive. He came over to her, he told her his name, Ares. Tiffany was so out of it she told him her mane was Gertrude. He laughed and told her that her name was Tiffany. She didn't know how he knew that but she didn't care. They started kissing and that's when everything went bad.

That night she came home around 2 a.m her parents were asleep, but her siblings weren't. She new she was in huge trouble because Anna and James were beyond mad. Anna always looked at Tiffany like she was dirt. James always looked at her like she was thin air, never there, ignored, thought she was non existent. James walked right into her and went to bed like nothing was wrong. Anna on the other hand smacked her. Anna told Tiffany how she ruins everything and that she is a terrible human being. Anna also told her that she should have been never born, that she was an oopsie baby and not wanted. Tiffany has heard it all before so she went to bed and ignored Anna.

The next week she was home sick, her mother took her to the doctor after 5 days. He told her she was pregnant. Tiffany was stunned, her mother was in rage. She scolded her for weeks. Her father was never to know and never would know. When Tiffany was 5 months pregnant she ran away she took a lot...a lot of money out of her parents safe and just ran.

The next few days she was living in a hotel room 100 miles away. Tiffany bought a plane ticket and flew to Rhode Island. She bought a rather large apartment. She found a job at a store in the mall and worked all the time to get as much money as she can, while she still has money. When she went back to the doctor she found out she was having twin boys. The next few months flew by and before she new it Conner and Tyler were born. -> Conner was the smaller of the both. After a couple of years passed Tiffany really started to enjoy life, she got a new job as an assistant for a modeling agency. Conner loved his mother and his brother. He was a very energetic toddler. At work Tiffany found a new boyfriend his name was Ben. Ben was a very interesting guy, he loved all sports, he liked to read, and he was the owner of HP. He loves kids and family.

Now Tyler on the other hand her was quiet and he loved to wrestle with his brother. Tyler always felt loved, never judged, never compared. When Tyler was 5 and his mother Tiffany got married to Ben. Tyler always liked Ben and he thought Ben was awesome. After a few more years passed, Conner and Tyler were in school and were struggling. Tiffany was worried that there might be something wrong so she took them both to the doctor. The doctor did some short tests on each of the boys. He told Tiffany that they both had dyslexia and ADHD. Tiffany was stunned because no one she new in her family had that, she figured it came from their father.

When the boys were at the age of 10 Tiffany gave birth to a 3rd child, it was a girl and they named her Isabelle. Isabelle is the daughter of Ben. The boys really liked Bell as they called her. She was a cute little baby and was so quiet. Conner was very, very protective of Bell. Tyler liked her but it was like whatever.

when Conner and Tyler reached he age of 13 a monster attacked them. Tyler didn't have time to react and the monster slashed his arm. Conner took a gold sword from an antique store and hit the monster with it,  the monster turned into dust. Conner looked at the sword like it was different than gold. Conner and Tyler made a run for it. They ran into all kinds of people and then they ran into a really strange man eating a can out of a trash can. He stopped them and muttered something that sounded like demigods..two..twins? The goat asked were they got the sword and Conner said the name in the shop. The goat said it was owned by demigods that's why it was Imperial gold. Tyler wanted to keep running but Conner insisted that they stopped and talked to this guy. The dude took off his shoes and his feet were hooves. Conner was a little startled by that but he new this guy had to lead them somewhere, he didn't know how he knew, he just did.

The three of them ran for days straight. Tyler didn't know were they were going, neither did Conner. They reached Long island, and the goat ran faster and faster up the hill. The bot didn't know why until they looked behind them and there was a hell hound behind them. They crossed the borders to this 'camp' and the people at the line kill the monster. The twins were so relived....

Weapons:Long Imperial gold sword with an arrowhead tip

Name:Tyler Williams


God Parent:Ares, Thanatos, Hermes

Mortal Parent:Tiffany Williams

Appearance:Short dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, 5'10, 134 Lbs

Personality:Tyler is more of a quiet person compared to Conner. But he also likes to fight and pick fights. Tyler keeps to himself unlike Conner but he isn't ani-social.

History: See Connors

Weapons:CB Sword

What makes you different, makes you dangerous -HaileyElizabeth 21:08, December 27, 2012 (UTC)


He didn't throw the sword he hit the monster with It a couple times the satyr is on a street eating can out a trash can and yes Bach said they can be twin and I'd rp them both she said just to make it like this What makes you different, makes you dangerous -HaileyElizabeth 22:52, December 27, 2012 (UTC)

How did Connor manage to throw a gold sword? And was it imperial gold, because otherwise it wouldn't harm the monster. Is Isabelle a demigod too? What was the satyr doing there? Also, you're going to have both characters, right?

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Why was the sword in the shop?

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby


What makes you different, makes you dangerous -HaileyElizabeth 04:06, December 28, 2012 (UTC)

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