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Name: Connie Hockson


God Parent:1. Zeus, 2. Zephyrus, 3. Notus

Mortal Parent: Natalie Hockson

Current Age: 16

Appearance: Connie has wavy, long black hair. She has striking ice blue eyes. She is 5'6, and she likes to wear ripped jeans and a t-shirt. She also wears black mascara and eyeliner most of the time. She is right-handed. She is Caucasian.

Personality: Connie has a very steely outer personality, but if you get to know her, she is actually very nice. She also has a great sense of humor. She does have a very bad temper, if you do one thing to offend her, she will go off like a bomb. She has quick wits, and is very good at quickly analyzing a situation. She doesn't break the rule very much, although if she feels she needs to, she will.

History: Natalie Hockson was walking onto an airplane to fly to New York for a work meeting, because she is a lawyer. She was in business class. In the seat next to her was a man in a pinstriped suit, and he was holding a giant bronze cylinder that flickered with electricity. She wasn't fazed by this, she was a clear sighter mortal, and she had seen much, much stranger things. Then he started muttering to himself, about Olympus and how hard keeping an oath was, and someone named Percy Jackson. Then he noticed Natalie staring at him. He said hi. He noticed that she was looking at the bronze cylinder like she could see what it was. He asked, "Do you know who I am?" She replied, "Well, judging by the sparking bronze cylinders that you can touch without getting shocked, you're not mortal. And I know my Greek mythology very well(after she realized she was clear-sighted, Natalie had studied Greek Mythology in college). My guess is, you're a god?" "That's right," he said, "I am not mortal. I am a god. But can you guess which one?" "I'd say you're Zeus, lord of the sky," Natalie said. Zeus was impressed. He didn't meet many clear sighted mortals, and especially not such...attractive ones. Zeus decided he liked her...a lot. He said, "Yes. I am Zeus. And I would like to show you my hometown: New York. Would you like to come on a tour with me?" "Of course!" Natalie responded. After that, they went on more dates, and were together for about four months before Natalie got pregnant. Then Zeus left her. She understood that he had to go, though. After all, he was a god. He gave her one parting gift: a short Celestial bronze sword. Zeus said to give it to their child, to protect her. Then he was gone. Connie, their baby girl, was born on June 26.

Connie and her mother bonded very closely from the moment Connie could talk. She loved her mother very much. They went on many trips across the country during the course of Connie's time at home. She went on her first airplane at the age of four. At the age of five, in Pre K, Connie was diagnosed with both ADHD and dyslexia. Connie and her mother live in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Connie was a good student, paying attention as best she could with her ADHD, but she still was made fun of by the other kids for being dumb because she couldn't read well. Connie started hiding her feelings from the other kids. Connie started first grade at age 7, but had no monster troubles that year. She didn't have any issues in second grade, either. But at the end of her third grade year, at nine years old, her first monster attacked her. They had gone on a field trip to the museum right across the street from her house, when all of a sudden, her art teacher pulled her aside. Then the teacher started transforming into a winged-chicken-lady (a harpy, she later learned) with wicked claws. She ran across the street, screaming, and she reached home. Her mother heard her, and came out with a bronze sword that she sliced through the harpy. (Zeus had given Natalie a few basic pointers on sword fighting, to protect herself and their child. Along with this, he had also taught her about the world of demigods, and Camp Half-Blood). Natalie then hugged Connie, and told her it would be okay. She gave the sword to her daughter. Connie would not be going to that school next year. The next day, her mother explained to Connie what she really was, and that her father was Zeus, in an effort to help Connie learn how to use her powers. She even told Connie about Camp Half-Blood, but Connie refused to go. (And continued to, year after year)

Connie decided to name the sword Convection, because of something she learned in science. She used her quick wits, her instincts, her growing powers, and her special sword to defeat the monsters during the next few years. For example, in fourth grade, Connie met a Scythian dracaena. She let the instincts that, until then, she didn't know she had, take over. Before long, the dracaena had disintegrated. In fifth she met two telekhines, during swim class. They were very fast in the water, so Connie got out of the pool. The telekhines followed blindly, not realizing what they were doing. Connie led them to the locker room, where she got her sword, and cut them apart. In sixth, she met two fire-breathing horses. These were tough. She ran over to a tree and the horses followed her, then she used wind to slam the horses into the tree. Then she sliced them with her sword. In seventh she met a flock of Stymphalian birds. She ran and grabbed her iPod and blasted some music through her Beats speaker, disorienting them, and while they were disoriented, she electrocuted them. Since they were machines, the electricity short-circuited them. In eighth she met a giant scorpion. This one was scary. She might not have a phobia of spiders, but that didn't mean she had to like them. Connie shuddered, but she got it together after a few seconds. She lured it to a small space, where she cornered it. Connie electrocuted it, then slashed it with her blade. In ninth she met three more fire breathing horses, to which she did the same thing as the first. But then, in tenth, Connie met the biggest, blackest dog she had ever seen, and it had giant claws. She freaked out. She had no idea what to do. She used her (now pretty strong) power over the wind, and her sword, but she just made it angry. She finally managed to distract it with a bolt of electricity, and while it wasn't looking, she slashed through its back right leg. She repeated this with all the legs, so the monster could no longer walk. After a few minutes, it disintegrated. She went home, terrified, and told her mother what had happened. Her mom said, "Connie, I know you don't want to, but now ow you must go to camp, and no complaining. Go pack." Connie packed her stuff, and a few minutes later, they set off in the car.

A few hours later, they arrived at Camp Half-Blood. Her mother walked her to the top of the hill, next to the giant pine at the summit. The view down onto the camp was beautiful. There were Ancient Greek buildings, but they were new! There were satyrs, and what she assumed were other demigods. Connie descended into the valley, and began her new life. She was introduced to the camp director, Alexander the Great. And at the campfire, she was officially claimed by Zeus and settled into the cabin.

Weapons: A short Celestial bronze sword named Convection

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  • Okay, first off, a dagger is a great secondary, not a primary weapon.
  • Clear sighted mortals are rare, and we prefer having the parent be a normal human being, unless otherwise noted.
    • Also, just because she is clear sighted doesn't mean she would know it was Zeus right away. Build that up.
  • I HIGHLY doubt a god is allowed to take a mortal to Olympus.
  • As for the child, Connie, elaborate on some of the monster attacks and how she acted during them.
  • If you would please sign the claim at the bottom as well, that would be very helpful.

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  • Please expand on the appearance so that they are 3 to 4 sentences with good lengths.
  • Being clear sighted doesn't make you know of greek gods and that a person is immortal. If there's no demigods in your household you wouldn't encounter many, if not none, monsters. Mortals do not regularly have knowledge on greek gods, who they are, and that the Greek mythology is not just a myth. So please change that.
  • Harpies are capable of flying quickly, it will me more than capable of catching up to her before she can run home.
    • Natalie having no experience in fighting or using weapons should not be able to kill the harpy.
  • Children of Zeus do not have the ability to blast a gust of wind. The closest is calling upon the wind to speed up their movement or slow someone else's movement, but it does not have any offensive capabilities. So she will not be able to use the wind as an offensive option in any of the monster encounters.
    • Even if you change it to a lightning bolt or another power, an untrained most likely won't be able to use her powers.
  • Even with a Celestial Bronze sword, with no training in using it, Connie will not be able to nor know how to wield it.
  • I doubt that blasting music from her iPod will be even close to loud enough to disorient the stymphalian birds.
  • If Connie tried climbing up the hellhound's leg, it wouldn't just let her. With its size, the hellhound can easily just fling her away.
  • I highly doubt that with all these monster encounters Natalie did bot bring Connie to camp earlier, she should know it's extremely dangerous. For Connie's safety, Natalie probably will try to get Connie to get a few years earlier.
  • Please specify in the history and the weapon section that the sword is made of Celestial Bronze (not bronze) as it is the only type of metal fatal to monsters and are generally used by demigods.

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  • Please either expand on her appearance so that it is 3-4 sentences long, or add a photo for reference.
  • Where did her mother get the dagger?
  • How did her mother know how to fight mythical monsters?
    • You mention her mother gave her a dagger, so please list it as one of her weapons.
  • Telekhines power is reduced by half when they are out of water, so it is very unlikely they would try an attack in that state.
  • Loud noise does not kill Stymphalian birds, it only disorients them.

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As Kevin has previously mentioned, Natalie should not be able to kill the monster with no training, let alone know how to wield the sword. Even though you mention that Natalie was clear-sighted, you should probably mention how she seems to know so much about demigods. There are still issues in previous comments that you have not fixed. I would suggest re-reading them and fixing them :)

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  • She ran and grabbed her iPod and blasted some music through her Beats speaker, and immediately killed them. - loud noises do not kill Symphalian birds, it only disorients them.
  • Because she is a child of the big three, and because she has been having attacks for a few years, the difficult or number of monsters she fights must increase.
  • In the last paragraph, Natalie explains to Connie about camp, but you've previously mentioned that Natalie told her after her fist monster attack. When did Connie first find out about camp?

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As she is a child of the big three, her monster attacks would increase either in number or difficulty over the years.

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