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Name: Connor Kinikos

Gender: Male

God Parent: Lyssa, Nyx, Apate

Mortal Parent: Henry Kinikos

Appearance: See pictures 

Happy Connor


Personality: From the outside, Connor is cold and harsh. He appears as a cunning and emotionless hunter, aiming for one true goal, regardless of the consequences. He's shown to be a quick learner, displaying incredible skills in tracking, fighting, and trapping. However, he only acts this way because the harsh treatment he received instinctively forces him to protect himself. But really, Connor is a cheerful and loyal friend. If you get him in a good mood, he's easily ecstatic and happy, often staying in a good mood for annoyingly extensive periods of time. 

History: Dr. Henry Kinikos, the proud owner of Saber the award winning Siberian Husky. Lyssa was disgusted by him. A human who dared deny a powerful beast like Saber its true nature by having it groomed and displaying it for show?! Never before had she felt so insulted, but seeing him pin yet another 1st place ribbon on the dog finally pushed her annoyance to its limit.

That night, she bestowed upon Saber a powerful madness, and with it, a mouth full of rabies. And so, she stretched and prepared for the show. But what happened could not have surprised her more. Not only did this "Henry" manage to keep Saber at bay, but he managed to partially calm it down. Not completely though, as Lyssa's power was still great, but enough for her to see his effect on the dog. She then decided that this mortal was an intriguing case, and wanted to meet him. She then decided to meet with him that next morning.

That morning, Henry was greeted by a tall and striking woman, with whom he was immediately infatuated with. Lyssa however, was less than interested about him in that way. She instead wanted to see his relationship with his dog. Unfortunately, she forgot to take away Saber's rabies, and her mere presence drove him into another fury. This time, Henry was bitten. Feeling pity for the mortal, she healed his wounds. Then something happened. It's unknown as to whether it was Henry's resilience or his weakness, but something drew Lyssa to him. Henry felt it too, and that night was the best night of his life. But also the worst. That was the last time Henry saw the beautiful woman, with his only reminder of her being his own dog. But something changed in him and the dog. He no longer participated in dog shows, but instead went hunting every week. He had bought a bow and plenty of arrows from a sporting goods shop, then went to hunt in public hunting grounds with is dog.. It was 9 months full of hunting endeavours before he had any contact with Lyssa again. But he wishes is would have been through better circumstances. That night, 9 months after his last dog show, a baby boy appeared on his doorstep. It came with but one small note that said "Take care of Connor. He will not always be a puppy.  -Lyssa"

Thoroughly infuriated that the love of his life would leave him with such a responsibility with only two sentences of acknowledgement, he sent him off to his sister. Henry's sister was infertile, and gladly accepted Connor into her family. So Connor was raised by his Aunt and for many years, was loved and cared for. But one fateful night, his aunt was killed in a car crash. His uncle, not really wanting a child anyway, sent Connor off to a foster home.

Connor was raised in that foster home, but he wasn't raised well. He was perpetually neglected by the foster parents and constantly bullied by the other children. None of the other children liked him, despite how much he tried to befriend them. They would bully him, but whenever he tried to get help from the adults, was ignored.  He tried his hardest to endure, and he might not have been able to were it not for the family dog Rex. It was his faithful companion, and he would take it wherever he went. Unfortunately, the foster family had lost interest in the old dog, and sent it away to be put to "sleep". That was Connor's breaking point. He ran away.

Connor ran towards the nearest big city in the area, Seattle. Here, he met an old, blind, homeless person who offered him a cup of tea. Curious, Connor obliged. As they were chatting, Connor noticed the man constantly sniff the air. After about the third sniff, the old man hopped to his feet and grabbed Connor's shoulders, exclaiming "By Pan, you are a demigod! I haven't seen on of you in years!" Confused, he inquired about what that was. The old man then proceeded to go on a long speech about Ancient Greeks and stuff, but Connor wasn't paying attention. What did have his attention was the man's odd legs. They were goat legs! Suddenly, before the goat man finished, he smelled the air and became frantic. He grabbed Connor by the shoulders and said, "By Pan why did I get distracted!? We have to run now!" Connor had about a million more questions, but he didn't have time to ask. Out of nowhere, a pack of werewolves pounced onto the scene and attacked them. They killed the satyr, and slowly approached Connor. Scared witless, he flew into a primal madness. After destroying one wolf, the leader of the pack decided to learn more about this fresh meat. He returned to human form and proceeded to talk to Connor. Constantly being smelled, Connor could hear the wolf muttering. "Hmmm is that I smell? No...... Lyssa wouldn't..... Oh she did!" The wolves began to laugh. The leader stood in front of Connor, towering his smaller figure, smiled deviously and said "Children of Lyssa have always been challenging prey. I'll give you a one hour head start. Make it count." 

Connor fled as fast as he could. He ran towards the nearest tran station, poured through his pockets for cash, but didn't have enough money for a ticket. Suddenly, a man walked up from behind him and payed for his tickets. As they entered the train, the wolves began to chase after him. But heheh were long gone. After settling down, Connor asked the man why he had done that. The man then smiled and started to explain. He was a satyr, sent from the East Coast to look for demigods to bring to a camp. It was his job to bring Connor to that safe haven. He wouldn't believe the man though, but was too tired to argue. He fell asleep, and when he woke up they had arrived in New York. The man then told Conner to follow him, and he did. They weaved through Long Island and arrived at a strawberry farm. They walked in and Connor was greeted with an amazing site. A camp hidden from the rest of the world. Suddenly, something glimmered above him. He looked up and saw a glowing symbol. He couldn't help but smile.

"Weapons: "Kill or be killed" instinct, easily handles new and foreign weaponry Ego opus conquiescamus 05:24, February 1, 2013 (UTC)


Kindly have 3 god choices. Where did Henry get the weapons to go hunting? Wouldn't the satyr be able to smell the monsters coming and thus, get away or forewarn Connor at the very least? Also, where did Connor get his savings from? Lastly, for your claim to be approved, the character must get to camp. Kindly make the necessary changes.

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