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Name: Coralina Laine

Gender: Female

Age: 14

God parent: Harmonia,Ariadne,Nike

Mortal parent: Howard Laine

Appearance: I have long brown hair and brown eyes.I am 5'3 at height and weigh 98 Ibs.Most people say I look mature for my age.I guess I do,maybe.

Personality: I'm usually very friendly,I'm only cold towards my enemies.I'm a bit shy around cute guys,but I'm crazy when I'm with my friends.I am a bit fierce in battle.I love to help others.I'm usually calm and patient.I don't like being in the centre of attention.

History: I was born in Manhattan,New York,ther's nothing much about my past life,but I'm the daughter of (goddess).My dad is Howard Laine,a famous politician,he and my mom met in Athens,Greece,he was on vacation that time.

(goddess) fell in love with him,but he didn't exactly return those feelings,as he'd broken up with his old girlfriend,because she cheated on him.Mom found out about this,and said to him that she'll give him time,and slowly,my father started to fall in love with her as well.

One thing led to another,and then I came along.I appeared at the footsteps in front of my father's door in a spakling white basket.(goddess) knocked on his door,and gave me to him,told him the truth and said she will visit soon,as she has something to attend to,and left.My dad was saddened by this,but took care of me and treasured me like any father would.He did his best to make life normal for me.

I had a good life,until the time on my 14th birthday.I found this guy fighting a much bigger guy while walking back home.I looked more closely at it,and saw that he only had one eye,and I finally realised he was a cyclops,by my Greek lessons in school.I hoped he wouldn't see me,but unfortunately,he could smell me.The boy sensed me as well,and yelled at me to run,but I just stayed there,watching the cyclops pounce at me,but then the boy through a knife in the air,"catch!" he shouted,and I finally unfroze and caught it midair.I wasn't exactly trained but I managed to stab it as soon as he was near me,and it disintegrated into a pile of ash.

The boy ran to me and asked if I was alright,I told him I was.He said to me that we had to get me to this camp called Camp Half-Blood,but I told him I have to tell my dad,and then we both rushed towards my house.I found my dad,and told him what happened,and explained that I had to go to this Camp Half-Blood.He said he knew this was coming,and that he knows Camp Half Blood,because of (goddess),but let me go,after a long,tight,tearful hug.

Since then I lived in Camp,I got claimed by (goddess) two days after my arrival.I also received a bracelet that would turn into a dagger by her as a gift.I remained in touch with my dad,but I missed him a lot.I guess I'm okay with my mom,there's no hatred between us.So,that was my story.

Weapons: A bracelet that turns into a dagger given by her godly mother (goddess)

Riri25 14:41, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

So the dad knew about camp? Is Walt a real character? So she's been at camp 3 years? Don't do something permanently stupid Just because you're temporarily upset. 15:43, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

I fixed it,No Walt's not a real character,but I might create him after I finish this character.Riri25 09:35, June 30, 2012 (UTC)

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