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Name: Coraline Adrianna Bates

God Parent: Poseidon, Palaemon, Zephyrus

Species: Demigod

Current Age: 17

Mortal Parent: Charlotte Bates of Sealand

Weapons: A celestial bronze sword which, through the mist, appears to be part of her belt, and a celestial bronze whip which appears as a bracelet through the mist.


Coraline appears to be a generally kindhearted person who makes friends easily due to her outgoing and sociable personality. She's good with words and persuasion, but also very loyal to friends and family. She's pretty possessive of those close to her, though, and can change mood in the blink of an eye - happy and bouncy one minute, angry and upset the next. She gets jealous rather easily, and views her inability to forgive and let go as her fatal flaw.


Princess Charlotte Bates of Sealand was the only daughter of Prince Michael Bates and his wife. Growing up on her grandparents' widely unrecognized principality, Sealand, which was in fact an abandoned WWII Maunsell Sea Fort thirteen kilometers from the coast of Britain, Charlotte was a natural seawoman who enjoyed sailing, waterskiing, and a host of other sea-related activities. As she was home-schooled, Charlotte's only companions as a child were her brothers, Liam and James. She would later discover that she was what is known as 'clear-sighted'.

Whilst in Harwich Port one day in late February, picking up supplies, Charlotte met a handsome young sailor who called himself Adrian Peer and, in her words, it was 'love at first sight'. They flirted for a while and every week after that when she accompanied her brothers to pick up supplies, he was there. After a month of this, they began officially dating, and a few months later Charlotte found out that she was pregnant. But Adrian had disappeared and all that remained was a letter addressed to her, explaining everything - his real identity as Poseidon, Greek God of the sea, and the whereabouts of Camp.

In mid-May of the next year, Coraline Adrianna Bates was born in a London hospital, much to the delight of her mother's family. As soon as was possible, Charlotte moved herself and her daughter back to Sealand, because surely Coraline would be safe there.

Coraline grew up not really caring about her father's absence in her life. After all, there were plenty of father-like figures in her life - her uncles, her grandfather. She was home-schooled, like her mother, and was a natural at everything to do with water and the sea, able to stay underwater for an abnormally long time. Everyone dismissed her abilities as the result of practice and watching the older residents on the water, but her mother knew and became more and more paranoid as the years passed.

Whenever the adults gave them tests to see how their schooling was going, Coraline would get the worst scores out of the other children due to her ADHD and Dyslexia. This prompted severe teasing from her cousins, which none of the adults seemed to notice, so she pretended it wasn't happening and tried her best to shut them out. The words still stung, though, and she'd spend more and more time sailing with her uncles.

When she was nine, her uncles started taking her with them to Harwich Port to pick up supplies with them. Everything was fine with the weekly trips for three years - Coraline making friends with some of the children that lived near the port and spending the time there running around with them. When she turned twelve, however, she was attacked by a fire-breathing horse whilst with one of her friends. Looking back, she thinks that this horse was completely idiotic - attacking a daughter of the sea god at a harbor? Suicide. Coraline had jumped out of the way in time when it charged, but her friend hadn't been nearly as lucky and it had taken her with it into the harbor - something she tries to forget but can't.

She was incredulous that no one thought she was being serious when she told them through tears what had happened - they all assumed that her friend had simply gone home and her story was just an elaborate imagining. When they returned to Sealand and she told her mother about the attack, Charlotte didn't seem surprised. Afterwards, however, she wasn't allowed to go off on her own while with her uncles; she might not be so lucky the next time. And there would be a next time - Poseidon had said that Coraline'd be a bigger target than most demigods, as a daughter of one of the big three.

In the five years that followed the encounter with the Fire-Breathing Horse, monster attacks were frequent - there was at least one every two months, mainly Telekhines. Fortunately, one of the residents of Sealand had revealed herself to Charlotte as a daughter of Palaemon after hearing of Coraline's 'imaginary' attack, and managed to fend off these attacks with ease, as none of the monsters were hard to kill. The other residents didn't seem to notice the repeated assaults, which Coraline still found weird. How could you not notice monster-things constantly trying to attack your home?

After five years of constantly defending Coraline, the daughter of Palaemon finally managed to convince Charlotte to let her take Coraline to Camp Half-Blood. They boarded the plane a week later, and Coraline is now at Camp and has recently been claimed by her father. She likes the nickname Coral now - fits a daughter of the sea god, doesn't it?

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