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Character name: Corrina "Coral" Kinder

Character Gender: Female

God Parent: Melinoe

Current Age: 17

Mortal Parent: Marcus Kinder

Appearance: Picture- Two Ghost Bunnies (The stuffed dolls) except they are used by the ghosts as conduits so they can assist Corrina in her combat. They leave her on her own with normal day to day living though because they know she is a very independent girl.

Personality: A very independent girl Corrina refuses to give in to her disability. She is optimistic most of the time and animated with the spirits around her. But she also has a dark side of depression that blooms from time to time and makes her curse the world for making her unable to see the people around her. She has two really friendly ghosts that think of her as a baby sister and try to take care of her in battle. But they respect her boundaries and leaver her to figure out the rest of her day to day life, except when she goes to really new and unfamiliar places.


Parents Meet: Marcus Kinder was a man who found solace in death. Not just the death of others but his own personal death each time he went astral projecting. He had discovered the skill when he was young and leaving his body felt amazing and freeing. This was how he met the woman who would change his life forever. During a trip out of his body he ventured into a cemetery full of ghosts and met another woman who seemed to be enjoying the company of so many spirits. Marcus knew it was dangerous to be so many spirits because they could easily incapacitate him and take his body for good but he was worried for the girl and followed her deeper into the ghostly area. When they reached a Mosoleum in the middle of the cemetery she turned on him asking what he was doing following her. Her body wasnt his to take. And that was when he alerted her to the fact that he too was a traveler. She was overjoyed to find someone else with the skill and asked him to meet her there the next evening. They continued meeting in this manner sharing stories of trips into this realm between and also experiences with the undead in the natural world. Finally Marcus worked up the nerve to ask the girl to meet him in the natural world by that mosoleum. She agreed to meet him the next night with their physical bodies. Marcus waited and waited and finally she showed. She was just as beautiful in the flesh as in the astral and he said as such. Her light cheeks were graced by a blush and he smiled at her. They sat through most of the night sharing more stories. And they continued like this meeting in the midway when they couldnt meet in the flesh. They seemed to be falling in love, or so Marcus thought when he asked her to share a bed with him. She agreed and they made love in the cemetery and again when he got her back to his home. When he awoke however she was gone.

Several months passed and Marcus never once saw her. Not in the natural world of the in between. He wept for the first couple days and then he gave up. He knew it would be no use and too heavy emotions made astral projecting difficult. Then one day he saw someone he had never expected to see again. The woman he had fallen for was waiting for him at the mosoleum. She told him to come see her there in the natural world, she had something for him. And so he returned to his body and rushed there. But the woman was gone and all that remained was a basket. He approached it and inside lay a tiny little baby with white, blind, eyes. The child did not cry but rather slept. In the basket pinned to her tiny red blanket was a note. It explained that the woman was actually Melinoe and this was their demigod child. She would be in need of serious caring for because she had been born blind in both eyes. He told her she may become a skilled astral projector too and would more than likely see the spirits of the dead in the natural world too. Or rather hear them. And he picked up the tiny child from her basket. She looked at him with unseeing eyes and began to cry. He tried his hardest to console the child and finally she recognized he was not a threat and her tears were replaced with soft baby noises. Inside the basket was a small box containing an anklet that looked like a sword on one end and a hooked sickle on the other. He assumed a parting gift for their child and put it on her, and it seemed to almost instantly form to her leg more firmly. Marcus was not afraid however because he had heard stories of these beings and had every intention to love this little girl just the same.

Early Childhood:

Age 2-4:

The most important experience during this time was when Corrina learned to walk. It left her with many bruises but soon she had the layout of her home memorized and could play inside easily without bumping into too many things.

Age 5-8

Corrina was now in school and she had lots of difficulty because she could not see the notes on the board and had to be read anything and everything aloud. Despite these struggles she earned excellent scores on her tests, especially in science and math. She was picked on because of her blind eyes and she would often get angry with the girls who teased her. And for some reason things would happen to those girls. unbenounced to her there were two ghosts following her. When she had begun visiting the cemetery where her parents had met these ghosts had spotted her and remembered the lovely couple. They had known Melinoe and knew that she was her daughter. Thinking of her like a little sister they had begun following her. She couldn't hear them at the time but when she turned 8 their voices finally broke through the barrier. She was alarmed at first when they began to speak to her but she also knew exactly what they were. Her dad had warned her the year prior that she might hear things that others couldnt. It was happening as he had said. They talked to her about the bullies and she got angry that they had done it for her. But they told her they thought of her like a little sister and she felt less angry. They promised to watch over her should any other bullies come along. She had no idea she would need them to save her life later but she agreed anyways. The ghosts would play with her at home. Their favorite thing to do was possess her toy bunnies. They were adorably creepy or so her dad said and when they played her father would often watch in fascination. They even went with her to school sometimes although they always waited outside. She didn't know it was because something had picked up on her scent but she was still happy to know they were nearby because she loved the company of her ghosts when they werent trying to help her.


Corrina was now in middleschool and was having difficulties keeping her bunnies from trying to come in to the school with her. She didnt know it was because her scent was growing stronger and her first adversary was getting more and more close so she became very angry that they were trying to invade more of her life. But she conceeded and kept their favorite toys inside her backpack and they followed her around in ghost form. They could still talk to her and so she listened to them in class, having reached a good grade set through school without studying much because she was often read the same lecture twice. Finally as she neared the age of twelve the ghosts refused to leave her side. Unbenounced to her two Harpies and a HellHound had tracked her demigod scent to the school. She was still underdeveloped and the ghosts did their best to mask her. But before long they knew who she was and after her 13th birthday things got really bad.

13-15: A few weeks after Corrina's 13th birthday they came. They were in a cemetery playing, her and her ghosts inside their stuffed bunnies, when the two harpies came from the sky. One of her bunnies lept up as Corrina threw her arms over her head as the ghosts told her too and it seemed to cover her body with a thin ecto-shield that sent the harpies rebounding off. Corrina yelled and tried to run but tripped over an unseen root and was soon laying there anklet exposed . The ghost that stood in front of her told her to take ahold of said accessory and sure enough as it had said it turned into what felt like a cilinder in one hand a chain in the other. Her friend described the weapon in her hand and she almost dropped it until her other friend called out to her "6 o'clock" And sure enough the hellhound was coming from behind them. Swinging blindly with the blade she felt it bite into something that gave way like a cloud of dust. She had hit the hellhound in the side of its head and ended it by cutting the top half of its head off.

The two harpies circled overhead watching and then they dove again. The little bunny who had remained nearby repeated the barrier covering her from the harpies which harmlessly rebounded into the sky. The other bunny, who now had a vantage point from a good distance away told her to throw the sickle at 4 o'clock so she did feeling the chain slide through her hand. She suddenly felt a heavy weight as the sickle managed to catch one of the harpies wings. On direction she pulled roughly and the harpie was coming earthwards as a hole was ripped in its wing. The Sickle came flying back and using the intel from her bunnies she managed to barely catch it and drop it back down to hang from her wrist when the harpie nearly hit her. Swinging at just the right moment she sheared the harpie in half and it fell around her in dust. That left one harpy and as it came for a third and final dive Corrina swung up with her Sickle and ripped it in half mid dive. The anklet reverted once the fight was over and her and the ghost celebrated the victory.

They had made an excellent group and would continue to do so over the next few years as they fought several more small groups of enemies. 2 and 3 enemies at a time and between the two bunnies they could easily guide her movements to narrow victory, involving lots of barriers from the bunny who stood by her. But anything 4 or more and the bunny who provided intel became confused and disoriented. It couldnt keep up with so much movement and often got lost. But they still managed to narrowly win fights though when there were more than 3 Corrina gained many new scratches and wounds. The ghost bunnies knew better than to try and help her during her daily life however. They had recieved more than one scolding from her on the subject.


Corrina was astral projecting again. She had developed the skill soon after her first fight and now took regular strolls through the in between when she met a girl. She told her about a camp for demigods, which Corina now knew she was because her father had chose not to keep the secret.  Corrina told the girl she could not make it on her own. She hated to admit she needed help but she could not see. And so the girl told her that in a year she would come for her. And sure enough, after having survived a few more close calls with monsters, a woman came for Corrina. She explained the situation to her father and he gave the woman his permission to take his daughter. After arriving at camp Corrina was dazed and disoriented because it was a new place she couldnt see. Her bunnies tried to help but she shooed them away choosing to struggle alone.

Possessions/Weapons: A  CB Short Sword with a chain trailing off the end that has a wicked spike attached for grappling enemies. Because of her lack of sight she uses this hook to grab ahold of enemies so she can track their movement when her ghost bunnies fail to give her good intel on multiple enemies. Can be used as a giant sickle as well that she can swing around for wide sweeping attacks.

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