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Name: Crystalia "Crystal" Elizabeth Juanita Echos Sky Bravo Rosales

Godly Parent: Persephone

Age: 12, her birthday is the last day before Fall, (September 22nd).

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Angelito Rosales

Personality: Outgoing, motherly, bright, and like her mother, she can't resist a good piece of fruit, which tends to get her into some trouble. (Fun Fact: Crystal likes the mint plant so much, she'll straight up eat it when she's hungry).

Appearance: (Model: Marina Nery)
Crystal 2
Dark shoulder-length curly hair that has been dyed a lavender purple, clipped to the right side of her part with two barrettes with daisies that change color based on her mood. Crystal is short, with freckled olive toned skin that pales during the colder months, and has an hourglass-shaped figure. She has green eyes in the summer/spring, and grey eyes in the fall/winter, she also needs glasses in colder months, which are silver. Her usual attire is a pair of pink overalls with a pale blue button-up and matching vans.

History: Angelito Rosales was a professor of paleobotany at the University of Chicago, that was where Persephone and he met, at one of his lectures on the species of rose that had previously been fossilized from the Cretaceous period. She fell in love with his passion for plants, and remained with Angelito till the day after Crystal's birth, the first day of Fall (September 23rd), where she returned to the underworld. Fortunately enough, Spring came (March 21st) and Persephone returned to meet her daughter. Unlike most demigods, Crystal was fortunate enough to have both of her parents around for a longer amount of time, her mother was permitted by her father, Zeus-with the persuasion of her mother, Demeter-to see Crystal during the spring and summer up until her second birthday. Her father decided then, that it would be best if he remarried, so Crystal had a motherly figure throughout her life. Angelito married a woman named Maria Reinaldo, who sent Crystal to a fashion boarding school in New York to 'improve her homemaking skills' despite Crystal's wish to be a florist in California.

Crystal's first monster attack happened at the inside of her middle school's greenhouse, where she was tending to the lavender plants, she was about 11 years old in 6th grade.

It was around noon, and Crystal was tending to her favorite herbs, when all of a sudden a large, dark hellhound appeared at the other end of the greenhouse, near the begonias. The creature growled and prepared to strike, Crystal froze in fright, unaware of what to do, from there, her best friend Lilac, a water nymph was gracious enough to step in, "Crystal, you need to get out of here!" she yelled. "Lilac, I can't leave without you!" Crystal grabbed the garden hose and ran toward the Hound, like an idiot, she sprayed it. "Bad Dog!". "Crystal? What in the gods names are you doing?" "Saving your life!?" "Well, at least use your sword! Idiota!" "What sword? What are you talking about Lilac?" Crystal turned to her friend. "Use your necklace, the rose necklace your Mother gave you! Take it off the chain and twist the petals!" Lilac took the hose, sprayed the water on the floor, gathered it in her hands, creating a bubble to enclose the monster in. "What!?" "Just do it!" Crystal obeyed and took off her necklace, twist the petals, and watched at her pendant was replaced with a celestial bronze sword, "Woah". Crystal ran back to Lilac, "Now what?" "Are you serious? Go chop off that thing's head!" "I don't know how to do that! Are you crazy? Both of us will die!" Crystal looked at Lilac, fear drilling into her friend's eyes. "Then we run, are you ready?" Lilac grabbed Crystal's right hand, and they ran out of the greenhouse, slamming the door, trapping the hellhound inside. "Wait, Crystal, turn the hoses, we'll drown the monster inside, that way you won't have to fight it". Crystal nodded and ran to the water hose pump on the side of the greenhouse, turning it to it's highest setting, then she ran. Lilac and Crystal ran for their lives. Literally. "Crystal, there's a camp, for people like you and me, we have to go there, now," Lilac said, stopping to get a breath, "Do you still have the emergency cash your dad gave you?" Crystal nodded and patted the bag hanging from her shoulder, "It's in my gardening bag, like always". Lilac gave a slight smile, "Perfect, we can take a cab, that way we don't have to hike". The two called a cab and met three women, who seemed to share a singular eyeball, and tooth. "are those the-" "Fates? yeah, don't be too afraid though, you won't die," Lilac cut Crystal "Yet". The cab pulled over to the side of the road, and the three ladies shoved them out of the cab. The duo walked up and down the hill, "Welcome, to Camp Half-Blood Crystal".


Weapon: Crystal prefers not to fight, but when forced, she uses mostly defensive tactics; like creating vines to block opponents or using her necklace sword. Before coming to camp, Crystal was given a necklace in the shape of a rose, as a birthday gift from her mother, for when 'the time came', when she twists the petals of the necklace, it transforms into a teal green celestial bronze sword with delicate vines and flowers traced into the metal. 

Crystal sig
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Hi! I'm Flopfish3, a claim worker on the wiki, and I'll be taking a look at your claim to help get everything ready for roleplay. You're looking good so far! Just a couple of things:

  • Unfortunately, godly parents are not allowed to stay with their children after they are born - no exceptions.
  • If Crystal arrived at the camp when she was 11, she would have been staying at the camp for a year (if her age is 12). Unfortunately, the longest a character is allowed to have stayed at camp before being claimed is a couple of days. Please change Crystal's age, or revise the backstory to account for the extra year.
  • I appreciate the attempt with the signature! Type four ~ to automatically add it.

You're doing wonderful! Can't wait to see you around the wiki.

Flopfish3 (talk) 12:48, January 11, 2020 (UTC)

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