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Cyrus Roshaun Young










Apollo, Poseidon, Hephaestus

Mortal Parent:

Eleanor Michelle Young





My mother, Eleanor, was born to her parents in Atlanta, Georgia. Her mother raised her to be respectable, dainty, and mild-tempered, but she was like a mountain; unmovable will, an adamantine spirit, and a relentless voice. Her voice radiated power when she sang; it carried through valleys to penetrate the soul of the listener.

When she was sixteen, walking home from school as she normally did, she was approached by one of her friends from school, a guy she trusted. That trust way betrayed, however, when he and his friends ganged of on her, and began to violate and beat on her in an alley. Luckily, a policeman spotting them as he was walking by, and they all split before anyone could rape her. The encounter, however, left her traumatized. She lost her voice for what the doctors thought would be permanent. She had to learn sign language and give up her dreams of being a singer, all because of some stupid children.

Finally, she made her way into college. It was a long road, but she was strong and was determined to give it her all. She kept a very small, female only circle of friends that would be the only people she would interact with in college. She developed a distrust of males, until one day when her friends got her to go on a date with 'this great guy' they had met. They went out to a café, which would have been a little awkward having only him talking, but it turns out he knew sign language as well. For once in a very long time, she trusted a man again. Which was strange, since she really didn't know a lot about him; only that his name was Adrian and he played a whole lot of instruments. The guy could practically put on an orchestra by himself. But he was also very charming, and sweet to her.

One night, after walking Eleanor back to her dorm, Adrian kisses her outside the door. It wasn't anything unusual, since they had kissed plenty of times before, but this time she noticed she was able to make a small, moaning sound. When she broke the kiss, and opened her mouth, she was able to speak! At the time, she had no idea how or why she could suddenly speak again, but she would figure that out soon enough. That night, Adrian and her slept together in the same bed, but the next morning, he was nowhere to be seen. She was beyond angry. She called him repeatedly, and he did not respond for weeks. When he finally did, though, he explained there was a 'family emergency', and he had to leave immediately. To make matters worse, when he returned, she found out she was pregnant. Adrian would stay with her for another nine months, keeping up his façade. When the baby, me, was finally born he revealed his true nature to Eleanor. She was more pissed than shocked, really. And when he had to leave her with the baby, she was really pissed.

In the end, though, she did her best to raise her son while also finishing school two years later. She got her bachelor's, but then promptly had to go back home to her parents. They were disappointed initially when she came back with a baby, but all that was forgotten when they actually saw him. For the next ten years, all was normal in the Young household.

I think I had a pretty normal childhood. I had issues in school, since I have ADHD and Dyslexia, like most half-bloods. I was bullied by the same kid from 1st grade, to 6th grade. His name was Jake, and he was about twice my size. (Or at least it seemed like it at the time.) One day, I was fed up with it, and punched him in the gut. He wailed like a baby, and after that he never bothered me again. Nor did any other kid, since apparently I was the new scary guy. There was one kid though that wasn't afraid to talk to me. His name was Garot, and he was a little weird, and no one would talk to him but me. Then again, he refused to talk to anyone else anyway. We were best buds, though.

When I found out other kids were harassing him, I stuck up for him. I think I did it more for myself than for him, though. He was always grateful, and often offered to help me with homework that I didn't understand. He was a real lifesaver, and the only person from school my mom would ever allow into our house.

The year I turned twelve was the year that things started to get weird. One day, when we were at lunch, a rabid dog burst in through an open side gate, and attacked me. Students and staff suddenly went crazy, running around the campus. I didn't know it then, but there were actually a lot of dogs all after me. Luckily, Garot came out of nowhere and stabbed the dog, and it disintegrated into a golden dust all over me. The rest was kind of a blur, but I remember him picking me up, and carrying me out of the school grounds. When I looked down at his legs, they weren't human in the slightest. Where his legs once was, there were two, furry goat legs. Garot was freaking out more than I was, trying to explain stuff to me, but I wasn't listening anyway. It wasn't until we arrived out my house that the reality of the situation began to hit me. Garot wasn't human, and my mother was sitting across the table from me, explaining to me stuff about my dad I had never known before. Then she jumped up, tears in her eyes, and ran to the closet under our staircase. She pulled out a fully-packed suitcase, something she had maintained for years now. Then she sent me off with Garot to go to some sort of camp.

There was a lot of crazy shit that happened on our way there. We met some weird old lady cab drivers, fought off a pack of dogs, and talked to some shady characters. We made it though, not too badly bruised. As I entered the camp, a symbol of [Insert God-Parent] appeared above my head, claiming me as his child. And that's how I got to Camp Half-Blood.


Two, celestial-bronze short swords that, when combined by the hilt, transform into a double-edged sword. When 'sheathed', the individual swords turn into bracelets, that he wears on both of his wrists.


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Just a note, you can't keep claims in claiming indefinitely just to get a cabin spot, and as Apollo has been consistently full since like 2 or 3 months ago, I doubt it'll open up any time soon. Plus the claim's not ready, you can't reserve cabin spots, just because it's here and a wip doesn't mean that if one did open up, you'd get it anyway.

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