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Name: Daisy Delphinium

Gender: Female

God Parent: Persephone

Mortal Parent: Arthur Delphinium



Species: Flower Nymph (Life force is attached to Daisies)

Personality: Sweet, bubbly and a drama queen. She loves fashion. She often acts like a dumb blonde. She's very active and willing to lend a helping hand to her friends. She's not really active in sports and usually just stays in the stands. She loves celebrities and gossiping about them.


Arthur Delphinium was the owner of "The Flower Shoppe", a flower shop which he inherited from his mother. The business was going good and Arthur had everything he wanted. He slept with girls every night and never bothered to contact them again, he remained a care free and spoiled bachelor. His life changed one day, in 1996 when a beautiful young woman named Annie Olympia strolled into the shop. Arthur wanted her. He would do anything to get Annie into his bed. He started talking to Annie and helped her pick some flowers she wanted for her so-called "cousin's wedding". After that, Annie was so charmed by Arthur that she agreed on a date with him. That night,Arthur and Annie went out on a date and that night, slept together. The following morning, Annie told Arthur the truth, that she was Persephone, Goddess of the Spring. Arthur managed to believe her. After that Persephone disappeared.

On February 12, 1997, there was a knock on Arthur's door, he opened it to see a baby basket and inside an infant. A letter was tucked next to the baby:

Dear Arthur,

As you have known, I am Persephone, Goddess of the Spring and Flowers. This is our child, Daisy and you are given the task of raising her. When she gets to the right age, she will be taken to Camp Half Blood, a place for Half Bloods like Daisy is.



Arthur didn't want to take care of a baby so he hired a nanny to take care of the child. Daisy had dyslexia, which was diagnosed when she was three years old, yet she managed to cope with it. Her father homeschooled her starting when she was four years old. Daisy was not allowed to leave the house but she made good friends with her nanny's daughter, Janet. Unknowingly, her Nanny was the daughter of a demigod and could see through the Mist. She knew Daisy's true identity. Since Daisy was homeschooled, she was very sheltered from life outside. When she was eight years old, her father allowed her to go out of the house every week. But he was paranoid that monsters might get her. Daisy's life was normal until she was twelve years old.

Rarely,Daisy was allowed to go to the park and on August 17, she was allowed to do so. She had a good day at the park and was going home when a large dog, a hellhound (she didn't know at that time it was a hellhound) attacked her. She ran from it and screamed and ran down back to her house when she saw a silver bow shoot the monster and the monster was gone. She told her nanny about it and the nanny told Arthur and she tried to persuade him to take Daisy to Camp.

The following year, Daisy was attacked by Stymphalian Birds but again, they were driven away, just when horrible music started. Like the first incident, her nanny's mother was visiting their home. Again, Daisy told her nanny about the incident and tried to persuade her father to let her go to Camp but again he said no. He said that Daisy will be safe at home. The next year, another hellhound attacked Daisy. This time, her nanny's mother fought it openly. She told Daisy the truth and that she should go to Camp. She told Arthur about it but again, he said no.

The following year, three days after Daisy turned sixteen, another hellhound attacked and it managed to kill her. Persephone then appeared and took her to her father who tried to beg for forgiveness but to no avail. Persephone turned Daisy into a flower nymph, who's life force was attached to daisies, after her name. When Daisy woke up again,Persephone told her to go to Camp and that her nanny's mother would take her there. There are many daisies in Camp and that should sustain her life source. Just in case Daisy traveled, she was given a potted daisy.

Now, Daisy has reached Camp hoping to make new friends.

Weapons: Her powers

Cookie!.jpgI want Ice Cream!. -Kookies and Kream

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